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  2. https://jalopnik.com/ford-wants-to-suck-more-people-into-84-month-loans-1847839621 We just keep feeding debters into the giant debt machine.
  3. Judge bars United from putting unvaccinated workers on leave Via AP news wire Thu, October 14, 2021, 3:02 AM United Airlines Vaccinations (Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)
  4. I'm sure he is young and in great shape?? If he spends as much time on the computer as you he's probably over weight too.
  5. The new Ovi commercial is good though...
  6. Always loved Styx but really never realized how good Todd is on the drums Here is some great stuff, just love the beats WOW
  7. Sorry about your pain. Hope it gets better.
  8. Joe needs to stay in his own wheelhouse. The rules state: "When a knockdown occurs, the downed boxer's opponent shall go to the furthest neutral corner and remain there while the count is being made. "The referee may stop counting if the opponent fails to go to the neutral corner, and resume the count where he/she left off when the opponent reports to or returns to the neutral corner."
  9. https://news.yahoo.com/deontay-wilder-finally-pays-tribute-190015752.html
  10. Yup, the CBC also had a segment where they used a mannequin in a hospital bed to report this fake news story.
  11. Holy shit. I 100% agree with you. Both of them, worthless, making millions off lies their audience gobbles up.
  12. Yup. Media driven irrational fear
  13. So let's walk through this since I can tell you're getting frustrated with facts. If traffic dropped, say at any time in 2020, anywhere from 10%-50%, in any state, does that automatically mean delivery drivers stopped driving and delivering? Did you not see that UPS, FedEx and USPS drivers were deemed essential workers? Wouldn't that mean they still had to go drive their vehicles? Now, let's move to the subject of non-essential workers. Literally millions of people transitioned from travelling to their workplace, to working from home. The technology demand was insane trying to meet the de
  14. He was a fucking idiot. The true counterpart to Maddow, preaching to idiots that have the mentality of a second grader as he connects all the dots for them.
  15. An slEd might work for me most of the time. Doubtful a Taiga is my cup of tea as far as an enjoyable sled, but still applaud their efforts. My favorite evening loop is 70 miles round trip and most of it is twisty and in the woods. My favorite weekend run is about 180 miles. Both are an enjoyable physical workout and I'll typically put on 2k a year doing those type of runs. I do have the option of riding numerous cornfield and rail bed loops if I want to ride wfo and rack up miles. I'd rather watch paint dry. There's plenty of mileage braggarts on the forums and in this thr
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  17. Hey, at least the sent two tips for the glue, enough to get your booster next time.
  18. I woke up about an hour and a half after assembly...face down with my pants around my ankles. Not sure what that was about?!?!?! Also, pretty sure somebody vaccinated me while I was unconscious. WTF @ArcticCat?????
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