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  2. Since I'm self employed, I now have to write a letter for my self saying I am an essential worker so fuck off. Hmmm, I think I just wrote the letter.
  3. THE OWLS NEST is forsale again https://www.realtor.ca/real-estate/22958872/1395-owls-nest-rd-alban
  4. A Niagara area mayor is facing a potentially hefty fine and jail time, after attending an anti-lockdown rally in St. Catharines last weekend. Another event is planned for downtown Niagara Falls on Saturday, and is being promoted as “tons of fun for the kids.” Adam Atkinson reports.
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  7. An Open Letter to the organizers, speakers, and anyone planning on coming to the protest this Saturday at Meridian Place: You are putting lives at risk by illegally gathering. Not just your own lives, but the lives of nurses, doctors, paramedics, police officers, and everyone else in our community. We're writing to urge you to think about these people, and reconsider how you choose to protest. In Barrie, our COVID cases have tripled in one week. The number of people arriving at RVH who are gasping for a breath due to severe COVID-19, is growing every day. These are our neighb
  8. more delays of vaccines Madarna this time
  9. Tru-Anon....perfect descriptor for fail and the rest of Trudeau's mouth breathing apologists....
  10. over 4700 cases yesterday. More Doug lockdowns coming as numbers could climb to 18000 a day by May. Entire families being hospitalize is a cool way to spend some time together. Best thing to do at this point is just open up and forget this stupid fake virus, it was made to get at Trump and he is gone so lets move on.
  11. I agree. Big difference , though, when from private business rules and gov’t laws. :thumbs Big one , obviously, is businesses won’t be paranoid about baby sitting patrons on mask wearing. Sounds petty but it’s not.
  12. About time although I’m sure most places will still require it to enter.
  13. I’d say at 7am right now in swnh monadnock region a solid 2-3” on the open areas grass and 1-2” in the woods. They claim it will snow until early Saturday morning so hell maybe they weren’t making the amounts up.
  14. Yes ! https://m.facebook.com/wmur9/photos/a.79879943716/10158568728723717/?type=3
  15. Agree with the 2 comments above. What @Bontz said about the dealer is spot on.
  16. Last week
  17. What the hell that is up from 4-8!!!! I’m in the 12-18 zone I think I better go hook the blower back up to the tractor wonderful.
  18. Agree with @mnstang - asking for advice on a sled purchase, you're gonna get a LOT of different answers. Whether it's 2-stroke or 4-stroke limits your brand choices. Trail riding vs. off trail and/or mountain riding changes things. Good dealer nearby that you trust? That last question is probably the most important, especially if you're going to depend on them to help if things go wrong.
  19. Truth about Doug Ford shutdowns are tough. funny the worse Provinces are Conservative run, just an observation Let me know of a business that Trudeau shutdown - I will wait.
  20. NO the feds have not shutdown any businesses, Doug Ford shut them down as it is up to him not the PM... Province closes businesses and federal picks up the tab - so you are okay with this debt seems you are not sure how to react so you go both ways
  21. Well they are the cause of them shutting down. Open it all up. Lockdowns don't work.
  22. notice we have moved from total debt to ratio of debt over GDP. this is the new way since debt is accumulated yearly by all Party's Should the Federal government let businesses die under shutdowns? just wondering
  23. more PAY TO READ catch headline You really had no idea what this was about did you? other than the catch headline? The committee heard the exercise in February involved five Chinese military observers ranging in rank from sergeant to major-general, and Sajjan suggested he was responsible for cancelling the exercise after the two Michaels were arrested. Sajjan went on to accuse Stephen Harper's Conservative government of having initially approved the Chinese military's involvement, and that he didn't know about the exercise until it was brought to his attention.
  24. Well if the Minister Of Defense is pulling a Sargent Scholtz "I know nothing".
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