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  2. Cat will have a new trail chassis, new gauge pkg, refined ergos, rear skid changes but in limited pre order only qtys.
  3. Last summer one of the left wing advocacy groups had a traveling billboard around DC calling for the retirement of Breyer while the Dems are in control. Don't get mad at me these are your people.
  4. I hear cat was doing the 2023 photo shoot last week. So they have built a few 2023
  5. That just reminded me, I saw on faceplant, a half ton truck full of snow, for sale, for 50 bucks. Covid is sure turning some brains to mush.
  6. Have a nice warm 🍷 of pussy juice tonight.
  7. Yeah that’s it….lol Whats Palin doing these days?
  8. A kid like that I would either home school or send to a private school with no masking. Local news media here had an article about the explosion in enrollment at the local Catholic school. No reasons, no interviews, it just happened for no reason. But that's about all you can expect from a journalist these days.
  9. Just give Texas to Mexico and get it over with.
  10. Today
  11. Jamaican Hillary wants da powa mon
  12. Like the 600 Enduro... Heard any rumors in the pits for next year seeing how many European BRP riders there are?
  13. Actually Doug, all they have to do is get most of it to your dealer, they get invoiced and sit on it not getting their money from you until it's saleable. At this point most manu's are so far behind they can't get products to their dealers to invoice them. Check with your guy and verify it, but have heard of some dealers grumbling.
  14. It's a typo, and a funny one According to my doctor, no?
  15. Why don't we just give her an early retirement and call it a day?
  16. My 12 yo daughter who is a straight A student, almost straight A+ got sent to the Principal office and was given lunch detention this year for the first time ever. Want to know what for ? Not wearing her mask properly over her nose. When I called and bitched they told me "well she was warned multiple times and its the school policy". Its fucking insanity with these Schools and teachers.
  17. Look at how smart you are. Unreal. My room in Ottawa is booked starting tomorrow.. Are you going to attend?
  18. It’s fuckin child abuse. They even have to wear them in gym class here
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