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  2. You think you’d be right at least once in the 8 years of Trump rattling around in your empty head
  3. There was a crew of locals who were in West Yellowstone the past 5 days and the pictures they've sent throughout their time there looks fantastic! Sounds like they put a pile of miles on and other than one day where visibility was shit due to a storm, they had great conditions. The pic from yesterday (200+ mile day and 25 of it was on that):
  4. Nice , Wyoming is getting pretty good amount of snow too
  5. Nobody seen that coming from MC aka Mr Originality
  6. You lob one nuke at the west and we won’t have to worry about global warming / climate change or whatever ever again
  7. Are you humping my leg again? There's no way you were born male, no way. This is a real quality thread here Miss Behar.
  8. At this point the real question should be can Biden order himself to go to a nursing home full time?
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