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  2. FBI and DHS were often telling Twitter who to silence over political speak
  3. Gotta burger from bar harbor to go….
  4. If you want studs go with a Ripsaw 1.25" track with 1.450 studs. The 1.6 is not a great track.
  5. I don’t remember myself cheering rioting, looting, etc like knob rider.
  6. You sound kinda mad guy. I would have thought a rather benign question about your age/background wouldn't have been a big deal, but you're apparently too insecure to answer.
  7. There’s nothing wrong with the Edge front end. It’s made for providing amazing stability at high speed. That means riding it fast. Obviously you have no concept about going fast.
  8. The Democrats held 51 % of the senate for three days, Wow!! did that change over night.
  9. How about you two try posting something remotely interesting or funny?
  10. What about your stunning hypocrisy?
  11. Unfortunately I don’t see them being too successful at $14,000 each. They must be hoping the military guy who buys the $800 wrenches and $1000 toilet seats is still in charge of procurement.
  12. Stop being a bitch Sean, it makes you look very insecure and pathetic.
  13. Yes, liberals seem to be oblivious to their hypocrisy
  14. Today I bought and new Electric EGO Snowblower for my wife and son. When I go up north they would call me up all pissed off that could not get the 8hp two stage Simplicity snowblower started and it has electric start! So I said fuck it today, I hope this will fix the issue and I get no more calls. Does mean I have gone green now? as I'm pulling my four place trailer up north with my gas guzzling truck?!?! FYI I'm keeping the Simplicity.
  15. So pathetic that you are always trying to find out what people are and what they do. Insecure prick....but way fucking off.
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