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  2. Northwest Iowa is a disaster. Several towns around have areas being evacuated because of flooding
  3. Only leftist assholes are able to protest?
  4. Today
  5. Heat waves in the summer = KlYMuhT CHAiNJ!! Antifreeze & washer fluid consumption are all we need to know 🤣
  6. You obviously know nothing about European healthcare.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Europe, lol, speak of staying stupid. Free is now free. YUUUUUUGE increase.
  9. Canada is the same, so is the UK, so is Europe etc etc etc. Stay stupid.
  10. Yep, you failed. Unrelated post to the question. He asked about Canada. You are Canadian this should be easy....but you are obviously too stupid to understand anything
  11. Another one who too stupid. There's no $$$$ in a health population. Another IQTest.
  12. These fucking people are not only unhinged they are straight up trash.
  13. He has a golden opportunity to do so, but has always failed. Of course you are too slow to understand anything but faith either so no surprise you are on his jock like the little bitch you are.
  14. Translation. Lloyd is too dumb to explain what his flock told him....but you are wrong and he is right because he has faith.
  15. You are almost as dumb as Lloyd. No one wants to interview you
  16. Lol. You guys are sad. It's a 4 cyl at highway and over 500hp tt V8 in town. Perhaps drive spirited once and you will get it.
  17. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/heat-wave-continues-east-midwest-expands-west-rcna158426 More ownage of the climate change deniers.
  18. I blame old people (boomers), poor people and illegals. Hospitals lose money on all these people and over charge the rest that have normal health insurance which raises all those people rates.
  19. I guess you missed the point because you are ToSlow? REBEL news source get it now?
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