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  2. He’s not really a buddy I barely know him just a guy from town I talk with every now and then with a mutual love of snowmobiling. He is in the pro class this year and has done the expedition race I’ll take his word over yours. Your link also doesn’t state no experience necessary for the pro class anywhere so like I said I’ll believe the guy in the race. He’s raced all of em……
  3. So an iPad scares you? I don't have one, less even an iPhone, but seriously? That bothers you? Fuck you are dumb! It's called information, and how ever, or what ever you need to use to get it out. She is not Joe fucking Biden on a teleprompter, so just give it a rest, you fucktard!
  4. Moving in to turn Minneapolis RED.
  5. That to bad. Would like to seem him at least win one more race or some good runs. Just an FYI there is a Nascar official that stays with each of the top 5 cars as soon as it comes off the track to the time it's complete through inspection.
  6. About the wall and Mexico paying for it Trump admits he lied to MAGA on building a border wall and getting Mexico to pay for it: "There was no legal mechanism. How do you go to a country and say 'I’m building a wall. Hand us a lot of money.'" https://x.com/rachelbitecofer/status/1708618563056267700?s=46&t=qtfBE6Hx9UNW86ETpTlGNQ
  7. OMG- that is an understatement. She didn't exactly instill much confidence that anyone knew what they were doing in TRF. This year was much much better.
  8. ”We brought in seven players for a series of psychological and physical tests. One of them was Trevor Linden. He called me the night before and said, ’Hi, Mr. Burke, it’s Trevor Linden. My dad said I should call you because I can’t come on Saturday.’ I said, ’Well, Trevor, none of the players call me Mr. Burke. Call me Burkie. And, why can’t you come?’ ’My dad said I had to call you to say I couldn’t come.’ I said, ’I know, I get that part. I heard that twice – your dad made you call me and you can’t come. This is the this time now, why can’t you come?’ Minnesota had the first pick overa
  9. Can you imagine the uproar if he had won and they took it away…😳
  10. Harvick's runner up place taken away after DQ. Windshield fasteners not in place. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/nascar-disqualifies-kevin-harvicks-car-234459036.html
  11. Hikers hanging out on Table Rock in Dixville Notch, NH.
  12. The components of EV batteries are way too valuable. They are recycled. batteries are produced with mined materials.
  13. I’m just wondering what affects sunken lithium batteries would have at Pearl Harbor? 😂
  14. Today
  15. No kidding, talk about beating a …….
  16. I think it used to be you couldn't have a pair of rookies race together. I thought there was something too about having to run the expedition class before you could send it in the big class too.
  17. Enough with the Taylor Swift bullshit…holy fuck.
  18. Just hit him with a 'do something about it' and watch the fun...
  19. Bad news for Snowrider on 2nd caption The GOAT on fire ! MAGA 24 !
  20. Well it looks like Trump is readily available in Iowa ......and kicking ass
  21. The power went to his head like Bart Simpson.
  22. He was fought tooth and nail the entire time....just because he was Trump, to get the wall built. A fraction of that money could have been spent on finishing the wall.....but no, we auctioned off the rest of the materials that were unused for pennies on the dollar. Good job Biden....canceling the Keystone was another brilliant move.
  23. 5 minutes to reach a quarter million views.
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