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  2. I could name several...but it's a old guy music. Any Joe Cocker cover Hearts stairway to heaven Aretha Franklin Respect Clapton I shot the sheriff I could go on for days before that rendition of sympathy for the devil.
  3. Welcome to the Republican Party young one, we are going to take half of that 50$ and give it to to the police and military to protect you from the terrorists we created and the gays our Jebus told you to fear.
  4. How does it effect you? You planning on getting married to a gay person? This is a non issue brought up by a liberal on this forum and would not get any attention with normal people of the world. Do you know what % of Americans want to do this vs the liberal dems that keep trying to bring it up? They are just reaching for shit that they can use to cause a divide as the pandemic and the economy is bringing people together .
  5. Or when you try and get off the mind control pills Spin's industry pushes so hard.
  6. CPC party is fucked up Can't release info on Brown as the investigation is on going. If it is on going why did you have a vote to get rid of Brown before the investigation is finished? That is how we do things in the party of Alberta does anyone have an issue with this? ONEWAYs may speak freely
  7. Deep Purple Made In Japan is one of the best live albums I’ve ever heard.🤣
  8. What’s the matter…Racer can’t speak for himself and her “speech”was a direct affront to The Constitution…apparently you play partisan games with that as well.🤷🏻
  9. I remember my grandpa shaking his fist at the TV as the Iraq invasion unfolded in 2003. All he could say was “this isn’t what I fought for”. He was disgusted with the perpetual war for profit that the US had turned to. That was a real eye opener for me.
  10. absolutely incredible cover Disturbed Sound of Silence would be the only one i can off the toip of my head say might be better cover
  11. AARP must be jerking him around....maybe Medicare He's usually not that grumpy
  12. so tough Stones- Sympathy for the Devil Zeppelin- Hey Hey what can i do Metallica- Fade to Black
  13. Yeah a deleted diesel is still best for towing electric can make some PAH but the range is garbo I’d say there’s a good reason that the Tesla semi is still a dream
  14. 1. ted nugent - STRAGLEHOLD 2. deep purple - highway star. 3. golden earing - radar love.
  15. I'm the same. So many great Skynyrd songs it is hard to pick the other 2 behind Simple Man. Street Survivors is a great album, and likely their best before the plane accident. Curtis Loew comes to mind as well as another, right up there, great tune. Other than Simple Man, there are many excellent songs so it is way too hard to pick the next 2 but I do love Stairway to Heaven live at Madison Square Gardens choosing one just off the top of my head.
  16. Awww, and another cry for attention
  17. Washington state has this one right. More states need to follow. https://www.thecentersquare.com/washington/washington-police-grapple-with-effects-of-restrictive-vehicle-pursuit-law/article_f08d3276-e1ea-11ec-8a24-0389a8eff429.amp.html
  18. Yeah....never had chills and never even spiked a fever. Weird shit how it affects people differently. The pneumonia was the worst part....once I started requiring a nebulizer to breath better and not too sure I was gonna make it, I was kinda regretting not getting the vaccine....but then again, there is no real evidence and assurance that that would have made things any better.
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  20. Careful what you wish for. I guarantee this isn't the last issue that will get tied up in partisan politics. These rulings may not seem a big deal to a lot of us, but down the road. . . . ? They are setting a precedence on the interpretation and change process. It will not be long before they are deciding on issues that are close to home.
  21. Because it’s not real. People post what they want others to see and believe about them.
  22. I could have had the same issue, but I attributed it to the ungodly chills I was having. Not jabbed either, but never gave it a second thought, even through the worst of it...
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