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  2. Was on eBay over the weekend, found an item, sent a message asking how it was shipped and explained about or terrible USPS service here. Few hours later I asked if they price matched, never heard anything back from them. Waited a few days, still no answer. Went on this morning figured I'd but in anyway. Clicked on "buy it now" seller blocked me, wont accept offers or bids!! Never had this happen before. All I was doing was looking for some info about a product. Part is kind of scarce right now and they had the best price after Dennis Kirk. Oh well guess I'll wait....
  3. Id be screwed.. I always think I'm better pouring without a funnel than I am ahahah. my snopro has an opening twice that size and I still spill. I read though the "issues to look out for" on hcs when I really have nothing else to read. I get a kick out of the people that come to defend the brand with trinkets of info that are not really all that helpful... I'm assuming its what y'all call ambassadors. read one just now.. buddy suggests to get a motor cycle strap for the seat when boondocking ahaha then proceeds to ask how its handling off trail.. any other band people would b
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  5. That is messed up! Wow... mental Health crisis is far deeper than we think and for a long time, not just during this pandemic! Awefull
  6. Thanks Bro... I am going to make tomorrow a shop day and see if there is any wiggle room for the plate to help relax the cable, they are shorter than I hoped… they are 12” but the ends have no give to have a good relationship with the rail, if anyone goes with SLP (straight line performance) I would try the 15”… they say that length is for long track, but It’s really tight to hang on rails as you can see our troubles. The brand Team and Broski run look like a better fit. I will be back with any improvements I can figure out. Cube🧤
  7. Yep with jetting down one size and removing the silencer I'll have to remember to check how it's running this weekend. I was wondering how much weight I'd drop with the plastic skis and if I can find some front float shocks 😂 Mostly back together tonight
  8. Blackstar

    Well that sucks

    Join the protest boys and get a ride in. Details Event by Matt Oreilly North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit Saturday at 10 AM EST -20–-14°C Mostly Sunny Price: Free Public · Anyone on or off Facebook As every
  9. I'm on the border French River, no snow and running water makes for no trails either way.. I haven't been up yet this year... Stick to the lake this year
  10. on the bright side, neither of us bought brand new sleds that won't get ridden much this winter. sure, toys cost $ to own, maintain, repair and enjoy, but if my wife saw $13K of new toy sitting on the trailer right now she'd think I'm more crazy than she already realizes I am. feel bad for those guys, but snowmobiling has become like gambling, win some - lose some. on another note, XC skiing and snow shoeing also suck this winter.
  11. Yeh that sucks. Crazy. ccwhite is correct.Supposedly vinyl cleaner like 303 works fine. I spill a-lot too, but with funnels, not station nozzle’s, so my mess woukd be just at home. I have lots of 303 at home because I have lots of marine vinyl in boats. Lol
  12. I don't know if that's the same guy that I saw post on FB ... but geezus H?!?! How can a seat end up like that with a gas spill that's ALL TOO COMMON?? FFS I really am happy that I sold mine. Maybe I'll wise up enough to NOT snowcheck and wait until the season hits next year & see how things look ... that'd be the smart approach. Although I'll be the first to admint I ain't smart a lot of times.
  13. I have those same scratchers and I didn't trust them staying up no matter what kind of hinky bracket I could make. I used a heavy duty zip tie on each side to zip it to the rail. 300 miles on so far this shitty snow year and I haven't had to snip them loose yet.
  14. Looks like a piece of garbage.
  15. are those jiz stains? you just need to get the special cleaner and it comes right out.. its not a problem... but the fit and finish.. after you stuff rubber between the panels..
  16. falling off? unusual 'stains' unmatched durability and quality control, straight from Rosseau again shame this is a low slow year... good call selling yours @Bontz, maybe it's time for us Cat & Poo riders to start considering BRP
  17. anyone see donald jr.(doug) trying to get biden to send him some covid meds.fucking blubbering idiot the us has a way more people that need it.yet he thinks his fucking blubbering is going anywhere.his ego is as bad as his fucking leader.not sure who should replace him but
  18. Midwest Dyno in Joliet, IL, made a few triples from the 550 Kawasaki Interceptor motors.
  19. Back and forth lake in Pittsburg.
  20. Looking closer using this picture, I maybe able to put more lean to the rear on the plate to keep the holes on the plate alone, just not sure how the cable is going to meet the plate that far back? Keep you posted
  21. Cwhite138... you are exactly right on the cable bend changing it’s ability to go straight back… the area you have pointed out is exactly where I placed the bracket first, the metal I have there was pre-drilled scrap, and when I mounted it using that screw you circled the other hole was right at the tip of the rails, so I moved it forward to get more rail thickness to mount two bolts. I really appreciate all the interest from you all to get this right... I can go back to that position, to do so I have to cut off the bottom hole section of the plate and drill another hole closer to the top
  22. I think my trail sled needs a rebuild. I’ve been trying to deny it for a few years now but it seems inevitable that it’s going to have to be done. I can’t replace it for what it’s worth to me so I’ll probably start jerking the engine out this weekend. It is but literally no one but someone with throwaway money will build one. I think it’s cool that he built it though. I think his daughter will end up the better rider out of the two.
  23. pretty sure @Doug tinkers with them. buddy of mine wants his Axys Assault shocks tweaked and is going to add Raptor springs
  24. gotcha', hence the question as I've never had one of those apart
  25. had I not grenaded one of my sleds, I would have sold at least one. but... I've seen people asking $6K+ for $4K junk, regularly. the 660 is sort've cool though, 379lbs?
  26. every time Tim Hortons is mentioned, I remember this
  27. I see shit posted but I can’t believe it’s selling. Even trailers. I really should have sold all my shit this year.
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