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  2. what's more fun factor than the end of your crankshaft randomly falling off? wait, I know... center crank bearing failure!
  3. LOL! You're stepping on your dick. What about all those wealthy business owners who were thriving during covid and took the 900 billion in forgiven PPP welfare money? How about some specific examples, I highly doubt you personally see "so many" young people with their hands out. If you're going to cry, make sure cry about the really big mooches.
  4. How many of them voted for Biden? Never seen so many young ppl with their hand out. The left is a disgrace
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  6. It's a rush when things get a little crazy. This bayed bear was during training season so we can't shoot them. Had to grab the dogs by the collar and pull them away from the bear. Gets intense when you're 2ft from those teeth
  7. What seems to be slipping everyones mind here is the 650 Polaris was designed to run on 87 octane pump gas plus it still hauls ass and also is a miser on fuel. After 2 year of ownership (granted it's my wife's sled) the only negative thing I can say about it is it's not a 850.
  8. If a robot can do better then a human why try to stifle better?
  9. Shouldn't you get back to whining about out of state license plates?
  10. Yeah but look at the fit and finish
  11. I don't think many 600 buyers get them for drag racing.
  12. Ok now that's a style of hunting I've never experienced I heard a story from an oldtimer at deer camp years ago where he dropped a dog shooting at a big buck and still chuckle thinking about it. Funny fucker he is.
  13. Go on a hunt with hounds. It'll be the most fun you've ever had hunting. After hound hunting i can't sit in a stand anymore, not even for deer. Gets too boring for me
  14. In the near term it's not really advanced AI weapons that is concern, although it will become one, it is the huge and immediate economic impact that will be felt by millions of workers that are suddenly replaced by AI systems. One simple example are paralegals and those that write and transcribe legal documents all day. Tedious work but it pays well and it was stated that something like 300,000 paralegals could be out of a job in an instant. Literally millions of office staff that receive calls and provide phone based support to customers could easily be replaced by the technology and the l
  15. You are not a smart person, but so easy to rev up. I so enjoy pissing you off. Even the POS Doo at a 600 beats the 650 that Polaris needs to compete in the 600 class. Totally embarrassing! Explain why Poo cant compete with a 600 again? Oh wait, you cant. But I will not call you names. You are a good person down deep. BTW? Who really fucking cares about 1/4 mile. I have not lined up a sled to race in 20 plus years myself. Much more fun riding and seeing the scenery and hanging with friends having a beer on the since of he trail now and then. Keep up the good try's, calling me names. I could car
  16. Well, I have been saying this for the last few elections. I see out of state vehicles always around election time. And there are a couple of hardcore Wisconsin liberal pieces of work on this forum, but they never seem to give any opinion on it.
  17. Yes, I agree with his concern. And also, you and I are in agreement. What a glorious day.
  18. You are the absolute worst fucking thing there is for the cat brand and your head must still be soft from that high speed wreck on the ice. Where on this chart did cat's 600 win anything or even come close to winning anything out of the crate in the great covid dirt race of 2021.... I'll give you a hint. There would need to be some yellow on there someplace if it did. The Poo 650 smoked everything in the 600 class except for one lucky Doo ET and MPH.
  19. Gotta love identity politics.
  20. Arkansas says hold my beer…..
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