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  2. Picked me up a stupidly nice Jag Z today. The garage is heating up now!
  3. Well I've been looking most of this season to find one, I started out thinking either a Jag liquid, a cougar, or a Jag special or Jag Z. After looking and looking and thinking, I rules out the liquid sleds and the between the Jag special or Z's I narrowed it down to the 94Z is what I really wanted. I've missed out on a couple nice cougars and a couple jags but today I jumped on this 94Z. The guy was selling it for his grandpa who bought it new and rode it from his farm, it's never really been trailered and it is in super good survivor state, like excellent! Here's the initial pics from get
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  5. Here ya go you C2C ya fuckin poser. All that track and soooo little snow. Put those scratchers down and let er eat!!
  6. I am not responding to that shit show on social media - what happend was frank blew a belt , the finish line flagger had his flag up but was in his normal post, and was not directing traffic on the face (like he should have been) which way to go , people jumped on the yellow (you had to commit to the jump early and if you didn't see the flagger it was too late) and that caused the pileup Norum jumped on the yellow on the second time by the finish line. They reviewed it post race and penalized him for it. Normally it would be a DQ but there was more to it is my understanding.
  7. It's thin but 10x better than the Yukon. We are riding the ditch back to Hugo's. Forrest Roads from there to Kane Lake.
  8. I can't imagine the Peqwayann trail being anything but a rutted mess of icy garbage with low snow right now.
  9. Ha yeah Yukon is brutal. Came from Hugo's, at Pequaywan now. Trails are spring like crap.
  10. Apparently Norum was bumped from 3rd to 6th for a "post-race infraction". No one has said what this was. So Lincoln got 3rd last night.
  11. not one single Cat in the F3 final... https://www.facebook.com/FloRacing.tv/videos/1641449596054428/
  12. For anyone wondering what happened with the pileup in the final. Pelletier blew a belt and Kamm lawn darted into him. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3823468794387678&id=246489852085608&sfnsn=mo
  13. Saturday I rode the north shore trail starting from the Laine road up to Silver bay, it wasn't great but ok if you don't mind a few clicks now and then. The moose walk trails were groomed and decent. Jumped back on the north shore trial and took that up to the Trestle Inn. From the Trestle I took the tomahawk to the knotty pine, it was groomed but had thin spots. From the knotty I made a bad decision and took the Yukon to the Brimson trail. When I got to Hugo's my old ass was beat.
  14. wintery but a warm 32° in Barre Town this morning.
  15. Hugo's again. Beer before 11:00 AM.
  16. I know what our deficit is and You asked the question and I answered, compared to the USA we haven't added no where near what they have. Donny's is almost 4 times higher per capita. And we paid people to stay at home, they didn't The covid deficit is temporary Covid CERB was 100% agreed to by all MP's - this isn't a Trudeau deficit like you would love to belive, it's a Canadian COVID relief deficit.... CPC for the last year has been saying "more money for ......." "Trudeau deficit out of control" "more money for ......" " we CPC have made Trudeau get more money out
  17. I think spectators (consumers) can actually relate to the F3/Mira/SX/USXC sleds - unlike the Champ Sleds which as pointed out in the article are the snowmobile equivalent of Formula 1 cars. We have a good roundy-round ice oval here in town, and if we still don't have ridable snow when the show comes to town, I'll go watch and have a few beverages. https://www.wausau525.com/schedule
  18. Final round last night looked like a clusterf... What was the big wreck all about? We were at a friends house and couldn't see much on a phone.
  19. I think this might work well. It's a small venue race with a smaller track for fan viewing plus, oval track racing is fun to watch. XC just isn't going to ever get any fan traction due to it's characteristics. Hell, I'll for sure head to the ovals for some fun...but I'm not standing out on some fucking windblown frozen lake to see a minute or two of sleds pass by every 15 or 20. Most won't. The fun there is racing or being on a team. If I ain't either of those....I'll pass.
  20. curiosity @Zambroski Regardless, some race teams are already tearing into existing 600-class snocross-based race machines from Arctic Cat, Polaris and Ski-Doo to prepare. The switch to a Formula III-based World Championship may currently be 19 months away, but the Formula III class will begin running at tracks across the Snowbelt starting this coming December, so teams are rushing to get their plans sorted out. Meanwhile, those three snowmobile manufacturers have already pledged to support the class with contingency dollars for racers to chase. https://snowgoer.com/news/behind-the-rules
  21. A good weekend for Doo and Poo. Cat needs to get ramped up. Green seems short on color representation in the pack. Shit canning it last year hurt...and Team Cat lost some good riders because of it. Still....another race weekend in the books!
  22. Dude, it's cool you are taking the reigns on these threads. Well done!
  23. Next round is in Deadwood, SD in two weeks. It's a super small and tight track. The holeshot will be key. What will make it even more challenging for the tuners is the short starting line. I'll take Lincoln Lemieux as the overall weekend winner. I think Ishoel gets a bad hole shot and can't get through the pack. Hopefully there is two viable lines so the faster sleds can get through without getting caught in the roost. Schedule: https://snocross.com/wp-content/uploads/2020-2021_Event_Schedule_03_DEADWOOD_96PPI.pdf Livestream: https://snocross.com/livestream/
  24. ckf

    Vermont Weather Thread

    We got about 3" so far in IP with flurries and light snow still falling on and off.
  25. Doomxz600


    How about a Woodford thread since the weather is finally changing. Anyone local with a report.
  26. It sure is… I am hoping and praying for Dylan Roes to find his grove on his new Cat and pull of some podium placements. Not sure if he had mechanical issues this weekend??? I know he lost his Grandma on Friday night so I don’t know the impact it was having on him? Looking forward to the 29th... I am enjoying the forum talk at the same time, it’s more interesting watching with others who enjoy it, my wife is not a Snowcross spectator. peace, Happy Sunday.
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