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  1. I sense the hidden hand of George Soros as being behind this.
  2. Better than that single, one trick pony thing of yours.
  3. There's several individuals like Tim Kennedy who are trying to arrange flights for Americans to get out of Israel. He looking for private flights and boats to assist. Trump, with his vast financial resources and connections in America and Israel could easily pull some strings. But he doesn't. Instead he sits and plays a huge victim so guys like you will cry for him.
  4. Apparently all his wonderful philanthropy couldn't overcome the guilt of being a pioneer in corporate piracy and all the damage it caused to countless people.
  5. False. Russia is far from surrounded. They have 5000 nuclear warheads. No one is going to intentionally fuck with them. During the last few decades Russia enjoyed a trade relationship with the west and freedom of travel. Their economy began to flourish and there was no military incursions on to their country. By contrast, they have continued to annex one nation after another. I totally reject the idea that the west pushed them into invading Ukraine. That’s simply bullshit
  6. Isn’t it amazing how Dobbs was fired and all election fraud talk ended at Fox after the filing of Dominion Voting System lawsuit? I’m sure that you can figure it out.
  7. Another weak ass Canadian that’s addicted to Twitter with a faggot for a leader.
  8. Every European I’ve ever met that has been to the US would like to move here. I sense no hate whatsoever. I think that you have some kind of inferiority complex. Either that or you haven’t met many Europeans. If you want to know where the hate is, look at Russia.
  9. Nukes in Cuba isn’t even a good comparison to this. Please come up with something better. And remind readers of who was president when Georgia fell to Russian aggression. By the way, Russian subs are parked a lot closer to the US than Cuba.
  10. You live there. It has everything to do with you. Especially when you try and stick your weak beak into the business of the most powerful nation in the world. Just be grateful that we consider you and your country on our side.
  11. Your country has absolutely no way to defend itself. Want to see a cuck, go look in the fucking mirror. Canada is the laughing stock of the west. Just pathetic
  12. Trump banned Epstein from MA just a few months before he was indicted. Trump was just trying to save his ass. He knew what Epstein was about long before that. My god. What a bunch of political shills this place is filled.
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