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  1. Good money in mental health. America is a fucking gold mine.
  2. Sometimes there’s a point, and it needs to be made loud and clear.
  3. Those were awesome years. The best.
  4. Of course. The point being that there’s no free lunch when it comes to energy production. The difference being that some forms of energy production is renewable and some isn’t
  5. I'd rather have tons of spent nuclear reactor material with a 100,000 year half like filling up the desert.
  6. It's but a matter of time when lithium batteries of both type becomes economically desirable.
  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/mike-lindell-mypillow-trump-reinstatement-b1924336.html
  8. trumpets are on a whole nother level of crazy.
  9. that's cause blacks don't matter to whites. doesn't sell ads,
  10. the Clinton years were my most successful years ecomonically. budget surplus too. the country was booming. ahhhh, the good ole days.
  11. this rips off the trump butthurt. it's oozing.
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