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  1. Why still support TikTok? An arm of the most despicable fascist government on earth. Just fucked up.
  2. Liberals are smarter. Always have been.
  3. I just read where Elon is borrowing against Tesla to keep twitter afloat.
  4. The federal and state guidelines have piled up during the last 6 years. Especially during Covid. While us in the trenches were working face to face with people, the muffin heads at the state were coming up with even more restrictive policies from their offices via Zoom. There’s really zero respect that anyone working in mental health receives. New graduates need to be prepared for that. Either they get a tough skin or they don’t last. The criminalization of mental health is an entirely different issue that’s real. The spiraling of crime is in part due this new approach. Despite all of that, it
  5. We already know where the Dems get their money. The class wants to now know about the GOP.
  6. They won’t be able to make em fast enough.
  7. I’m not complaining. If the union’s fund gets propped up I’m all for it.
  8. What’s worse is trump went behind the Afghanistan government’s back and cut the deal with the Taliban. Then he tells the Taliban if they don’t agree with the terms he’ll start the war all over again. Thank fucking god the demented president got us out of there.
  9. No they don’t. That’s ridiculous. But they will be shuttering stores on high crime areas
  10. Meh…he had 7 years left. Would’ve probably got out in 3-4. Non issue to me. He wasn’t convicted of selling to arms to “bad” people either.
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