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  1. The Next 10 years is going to mild compared to what comes after.
  2. Good deal Trump should’ve done this https://maritime-executive.com/article/u-s-navy-bases-are-ejecting-foreign-nationals-2-3-times-a-week
  3. Oh really? That’s not kooky at all. In return NATO would cut off trade to China through the Malacca Straight where 60-70% of their goods come through these wars games have been already been played
  4. It was green too. 429 Thunder Jet motor with a whopping 205hp.
  5. “73 Gran Torino and still the “74 GPX 433 with fuel injection and GYT stinger pipes and cylinders.
  6. My 84yo brother in law purchased a KIA EV in January. He gets 280 miles of range. Loves it. He can make it from central Wisconsin to the lake home and back on one charge. Sharp little rig.
  7. The GMC has a very refined interior. The Silverado or WT, not so much.
  8. I’ve seen an enormous amount of complaints about the cyber truck’s quality control. It’s pretty dismal.
  9. 50 people showed up....not including the rappers with murder warrants. That's .0000000000005% of the population in the Bronx. A win for the site's retard.
  10. Because of regenerative braking, it’s virtually unheard of to instal brake rotors or pads on an EV. I read these stories all the time in the media and mostly it’s flawed information.
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