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  1. How about the fact that solar panels take more energy to produce than the amount of energy they can provide throughout their life cycle.
  2. But when you’re done with the sled you can also sell the tuned ecu. Hurricane knows how to make more power than anyone but hyper sports.
  3. Yup, the CBC also had a segment where they used a mannequin in a hospital bed to report this fake news story.
  4. Crazy how the cases and hospitalizations were higher summer of 2021 with vaccines and masks vs summer 2020 with no masks and no vax. Certainly something to think about
  5. Hopefully this works. I would pay alot for this. I think I live in the poison ivy capital of the world.
  6. Sure, thats because outside of LTC Homes in ontario, Covid isnt a thing. The hospitals were never busy at any point in time. I know many more people that have had problems or death after the vax than anyone from covid.
  7. What do the Japanese know that we dont know? Why did the chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association recommend that all doctors in Japan treat all covid with Ivermectin?
  8. The same amount. 97% of covid deaths in Canada were people in long term care homes. Its sad for sure, but unfortunately long term care homes are the end of the road for people. You don't go to a LTC so you can get better and rejoin society.
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