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  1. Asked my dad too borrow money for an expensive race bicycle. Told me, "go piss up a rope" translates to no!
  2. My GPS from my snowmobile in North Bay around ten years ago.
  3. Irish Setters Elk Tracker 1000g with gortex. Mine are 12 seasons old and no issues.
  4. This maybe the funniest thing I've read on here! Totally the way I was brought up. haha
  5. He was talking to Brandon!
  6. Looks like Captain Kangaroo is a surfer now!
  7. We took my 85 year old dad's car keys away when he was more alert then that!
  8. To funny, I went high school with this guy!
  9. Kerri Shrug? I think that was here name. 1996 Olympics that was one mentally strong Olympian! Didn't give up! People are not that strong anymore.
  10. Pretty sure he knocked the first ones wig off!
  11. Flower Power was the beer that hooked me on the IPA trend about 14 years ago!
  12. 3700.00 Gucci shower curtain
  13. 2007 F8, buddy and I spring checked 2 from the same dealer on the same day. Put 1200 perfect miles on mine and then the last trip of the season it wouldn't start in the trailer when unloading? Finally got it running rode all day no problems. Next day woke up to a foot of fresh snow. Started right up and about 2 miles down trail quits running played with plug connections and got it running. Did this 2 more times during the ride and then the third time I couldn't get it running? Hooked up tow strap and figured I'd give it one more pull and it started! Got it to dealer they replaced ECU but it wa
  14. Or is it her right eye that needs alignment!
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