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  1. 2007 F8, buddy and I spring checked 2 from the same dealer on the same day. Put 1200 perfect miles on mine and then the last trip of the season it wouldn't start in the trailer when unloading? Finally got it running rode all day no problems. Next day woke up to a foot of fresh snow. Started right up and about 2 miles down trail quits running played with plug connections and got it running. Did this 2 more times during the ride and then the third time I couldn't get it running? Hooked up tow strap and figured I'd give it one more pull and it started! Got it to dealer they replaced ECU but it wa
  2. For sale 2006 Freestyle 300. I bought it new in 2007, it has been an excellent kids sled. Has reverse does not have electric start or speedometer. I have new slides, carbides and some oil included. PM an offer. Thanks
  3. Can you get to the trail by land? We'll have kids with us and like to stick to if you don't know don't go rule?
  4. Anyone know of any cabins (houses) to rent in the Gravenhurst area? Usually take the family to Deerhurst but wanted to try something different? Would need a decent size one for about 8 people. Thanks
  5. Laborer


    Sudbury conditions were great! Like black star said start a little north and all is good. We started out of moonlight and the first 8 klicks were rough, after that 9 and 10's!
  6. Laborer


    Ok thanks, going to try the wolf loop tomorrow and up to shinning tree Friday. We are starting out of moonlight hotel.
  7. Laborer


    OFSC map has been showing Sudbury green the last few days and this morning everything is yellow? I know it's just a guide but does anyone know why it turned yelllow? Heading up in a few hours!
  8. Very clean 2009 Arctic Cat F8 sno pro. Black and orange with 6,800 miles. Comes with windshield and trunk bag, always trailered in enclosed trailer. Very good sled, just making room for another 4-stroke. Asking 3,500.00, Northeast Ohio location. Thanks
  9. You are missing something? You should be able to print your club membership and mail it in with your application and a copy of your Pennsylvania drivers license.
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