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  1. Guy from Texas just said she should go back to guarding Doritos!
  2. Glad you are doing well!
  3. I dialed it back on my 07. I remember going in from the top. I believe I used a long regular screwdriver and long needle nose pliers. Like every one else said, probly just leave it alone?
  4. A friend has one of these. It works very well especially when cooking for a large number. I personally like the old fashion way of grilling, outside with a drink and cigar away from everyone!
  5. Asked my dad too borrow money for an expensive race bicycle. Told me, "go piss up a rope" translates to no!
  6. My GPS from my snowmobile in North Bay around ten years ago.
  7. Irish Setters Elk Tracker 1000g with gortex. Mine are 12 seasons old and no issues.
  8. This maybe the funniest thing I've read on here! Totally the way I was brought up. haha
  9. He was talking to Brandon!
  10. Looks like Captain Kangaroo is a surfer now!
  11. We took my 85 year old dad's car keys away when he was more alert then that!
  12. To funny, I went high school with this guy!
  13. Kerri Shrug? I think that was here name. 1996 Olympics that was one mentally strong Olympian! Didn't give up! People are not that strong anymore.
  14. Pretty sure he knocked the first ones wig off!
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