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  1. You'll love it. I have 2 and they are the most dependable fun cars to drive. Change the oil, new brakes and tires ready to go.
  2. I have a great story. Moving 2 sleds in an enclosed trailer. I forgot to raise the front jack. Just started the trip and went over a bridge that spanned over a highway. As soon as I hit the bridge the trailer popped off the ball. The trailer crossed the road and stopped just short of a car that contained 1 woman driver and 2 children in the back seat. 1 sled broke the tie downs and went right though the front of the trailer, ran up the ladies hood and the front ski bounced off her windshield. God was with me that day. The trailer didn't roll off the bridge onto the expressway, the sled didn't
  3. John, I think a reminder post a few times a year will help generate membership donations. I know many appreciate your efforts and keeping the site going. Arnie
  4. Just joined. Been reading the blogs here for years. Great forum. I don't post often but enjoy the banter. Let us know if you are running the red. The service you provide for all these knuckleheads is well worth a few bucks, much less than seeing a psychologist.
  5. I agree the tongue looks very long. Anyway to weld it back on and reinforce it. I remember havign some welding work done on an aluminum snowmobile trailer. Worked fine once it was done.
  6. New York State, bank of America, Chase, M&T. perhaps it's a state mandate
  7. accepting cash is a pain at the bank. If you want to deposit $1K + you have to fill out paperwork verifying where it came from. It's their form of checking for money laundering.
  8. Shut down US 1 to Key West today. Can only get down if you live there , work there or are delivering goods. Pretty strong moves to protect the island.
  9. Upstate is 300 miles away from NYC. Public transportation is still running in NYC
  10. Disgusting, some people are real idiots. I hope she gets charged
  11. I live in upstate New York. we've been on non-essential business closures since last Friday. We're basically Stay at Home since Monday We have 750,000 residents, 142 confirmed cases, 32 hospitalized, 3 deaths. It doesn't sound like a lot of infections. My SIL is a surgeon and said the SARS epidemic in Toronto was more serious. Not that this is not serious, just his perspective. I think if we all practice social distancing and are smart about taking care of ourselves we will get by this pandemic quicker.
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