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  1. When I shipped out I had someone go through my mail so everything was always paid. I know a least a hundred people that do it.
  2. I grew up in Northern Maine. We got a shit load of snow, and I never heard of winter tires. The family car was a 2 wheel drive boat. When I moved to Rhode Island for a while, all the guys at work were putting winter tires on, and they hardly get any weather.... That was honestly the first time I heard about snow tires and thought I was lying. I have decent all season tires on all of our vehicles and don't see the need for them personally unless you are regularly on unmaintained roads or hilly/mountain areas. I carry tire chains that I have never used though because I have to take an
  3. Why would he want to compare wealth but not share with us what he did to amass it?...............
  4. I really think very slim. But a guy I went to school with died from it at the age of 48. He thought the same. I also had a friend die of the flu 10 years ago who was in his thirties. I would have never thought that. Shit happens, but in this case I thought it was the best decision for me. Might not prove to be true in the future, but I don't see much downside. So all the world leaders got together to create a system for digital IDs and a social credit system? I don't buy it, but I wouldn't say impossible. Again, for each their own.
  5. I don't have all the answers, but for the 2 biggest hospitals in Maine, The unvaxed patients are between 80-90% in the COVID units as of the end of last week. I chose to get vaccinated for that reason, and really don't care if other people do it not. That is their choice.
  6. I use oil lamps at camp. No power or cellular service.
  7. The Cold is going around my daughter's college campus, but I haven't heard much about the flu.
  8. What was his career? He was just implying he was a cop?
  9. You could be broke and still live the way you do. If you have money, enjoy it! you only get one shot at this life. Make sure you have enough to live out your days and spend the rest on living the good life.
  10. The is most certainly a shortage of truck drivers and one of the REASONS is pay. Other reasons are lifestyle, health affects, and time away from home.
  11. Maine Maritime. Worked fore AMSEA on preposition government contract ships in the pacific and Seaboats on their tugs along the east coast, gulf and Caribbean. That was a fun job. That was mid to late 90s before mobile phones and good connections to home. We got batch emails once a day that other people could open and read...
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