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  1. Yes. I know too many people that have had it. In one case it was years of suffering. A coworker has it now and he is miserable.
  2. They certainly have been making a lot of changes since that storm.
  3. No more Trump. While I voted for him, I now realize he is not longer any good for this country. Nor is Biden. Neither will get my vote. I am hoping for a better Republican option.
  4. When I shipped out I had someone go through my mail so everything was always paid. I know a least a hundred people that do it.
  5. I grew up in Northern Maine. We got a shit load of snow, and I never heard of winter tires. The family car was a 2 wheel drive boat. When I moved to Rhode Island for a while, all the guys at work were putting winter tires on, and they hardly get any weather.... That was honestly the first time I heard about snow tires and thought I was lying. I have decent all season tires on all of our vehicles and don't see the need for them personally unless you are regularly on unmaintained roads or hilly/mountain areas. I carry tire chains that I have never used though because I have to take an
  6. Why would he want to compare wealth but not share with us what he did to amass it?...............
  7. I really think very slim. But a guy I went to school with died from it at the age of 48. He thought the same. I also had a friend die of the flu 10 years ago who was in his thirties. I would have never thought that. Shit happens, but in this case I thought it was the best decision for me. Might not prove to be true in the future, but I don't see much downside. So all the world leaders got together to create a system for digital IDs and a social credit system? I don't buy it, but I wouldn't say impossible. Again, for each their own.
  8. I don't have all the answers, but for the 2 biggest hospitals in Maine, The unvaxed patients are between 80-90% in the COVID units as of the end of last week. I chose to get vaccinated for that reason, and really don't care if other people do it not. That is their choice.
  9. I use oil lamps at camp. No power or cellular service.
  10. The Cold is going around my daughter's college campus, but I haven't heard much about the flu.
  11. What was his career? He was just implying he was a cop?
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