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  1. Same here. there are several trucking companies in the industrial park I drive through begging for people. Trucks parked with no drivers. I was told it was tight before but many people retired at the start of COVID. Not a glamorous job for young people but free training and good money.
  2. A huge part of this problem is trucking. Those containers need to get trucked out before more can be piled up.
  3. Which government is controlling this? Or did all the major world leaders get together and agree on this?
  4. Mainecat, you are truly obsessed.
  5. My Lab tested positive for it years ago. As long as he doesn't have an issue, they don't recommend doing anything. Then my question was, then why even test?
  6. There is no doubt that my Boomer parents ate better than I did growing up. They had a full time homemakers that made home cooked meals. I ate more processed foods for sure as my mother worked. My wife and I have always tried cooking better foods for my kids, but they are almost out of the roost. They eats shit tons of fruit. I never ate any fruit growing up. My experience with Lyme disease seems to have brought out the fact that I have gluten sensitivity (causes greater inflammation) and it is better for me to not eat it, only rarely. Fuck it sucks to age.......lol
  7. We don't live in fear. She has been alone on that road since she was a little girl. We both grew up in Northern Maine. I have seen very few bears in the wild, and the ones I have were startled and ran away. If I told her she wasn't allowed to leave the camp yard without me, she would throw a rock at my head....Besides, I was in southern Maine at home working.
  8. Hold all politicians to the same standard regardless of the party.
  9. Congrats! My biggest accomplishment in life are my 2 children. My gentle Lab was a huge help when my wife was walking my baby daughter alone on the camp road. He held off an aggressive Shepard until the other dog's owner heard the commotion and came out. Kept himself between the stroller and the other dog until my wife could get further down the road and then ran back to her.
  10. Search for the entire video. There is a group of 30 to 40 originally driving through traffic the wrong way. It was on ongoing issue. Not about being in the park like this leads you to believe. Either way, these cops are assholes.
  11. I don't think any buyer of either of those SUVs buy them for their speed. If they do, they are tards.
  12. I gave up on Dodge and GM trucks and bought a Tundra. Other than a bland interior, it is a great truck.
  13. For what it is worth, when I used to ride, i sometimes wore a bandana across my face when it was really cold or or I was getting hit with a lot of bugs. Not saying this is the same as what you saw.
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