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  1. I have been eyeballing one of these for myself.
  2. Ok. You first. So what is your contribution to the topic? Do you disagree inflation is that much?
  3. I know what some of our power plants PAID for gas this week and it definitely wasn't zero or less than. I am not finding a lot of specific information on this. I think there is a very localized issue as maybe the producers want to get rid of the gas to quickly shift focus to the more lucrative oil. Take a quick loss for bigger profits. Natural gas in the country is still far from free.
  4. No I don't. What are you trying to "do"? Please explain. I have definitely cut back on my discretionary spending as I am saving up to turn my camp into my retirement house.
  5. https://www.eia.gov/naturalgas/weekly/ Doesn't look negative to me. I must be missing something.
  6. Both Biden and Trump are responsible for this inflation.
  7. or asthma......Remember, Biden and Trump both had 5 deferments each. Then Trump had heel spurs and the college athlete Biden has asthma. The both deserve our Disrespect for that.
  8. Not at all. Healthy food is expensive. $100 a week just on fruit. I have an 18 year old son that eats half of our groceries himself..... A family size box of cereal last 2 days. 3 dozen eggs a week. We pack all our work lunches. Home cooked family meals 6 nights a week. I don't buy a lot of steak, but my moose meat and venison is almost depleted. I live in Maine so lobster is not much more expensive than sandwich meat. (not that I eat it more than a few times in the summer) I buy what I can in bulk at Sam's Club. The grocery bill is up around $75 a week on average the past few years.
  9. I am talking about my own personal experience for my household that I am not responsible for and not per person. We spend at least $400 - 500 per week on groceries. That is my biggest monthly expense. I also forgot the annual increases to my property tax which averages an increase of 400 - 600 per year, mainly due to the school budget. I spend a fair amount of gas from driving 3 hours each to the lake house, especially during snowmobile season because I am towing. i don't include that, because that is all on me. Anything recreational has skyrocketed. Ticket prices, etc..
  10. I doubt I am at $12000 per year, but could be close to it. #100 a month extra for auto insurance. (that pisses me off...) Electric rates. Groceries. Going out to eat or for drinks has increased at lot...I'll guess 20% and more some places. The price of almost all goods. The price of purchasing or maintaining and auto has gone through the roof. Helping my kids with college. OK, I retract my first statement...I am over 12K a year.
  11. Great question. It seems the definition has changed over the years. I had to google and not even sure if that is correct. When it surpasses 500 tons of displacement or greater than 197 feet long. There are ships that certainly will fit on other ships now....
  12. Sounds like we need to gets into the tug business.
  13. I haven't worked on ships in 25 years, but what I spoke of was my personal experience on ships internationally, and on tugs and barges in this country, including Baltimore. We did not have anchors ready to drop when maneuvering. Not that it isn't a bad idea though. Either it is a newer requirement since I was a Merchant Marine, or it is a best practice you are doing.
  14. Sometimes it is a lot harder to drop the anchor without power. Often there is a riding pawl that locks the chain in. In that case it needs to be brought in a touch to release, or with more difficulty and dangerous, needing to be pried out. I found out I have a college classmate that is in charge of the NTSB investigation of this. It won't take long to figure out what happened. There are event recorders in the engine room as well as the bridge. The bridge likely has voice recorders also. Terrible accident.
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