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  1. I love my Milwaukee battery string trimmer and pole saw. Not sure how I would replace my riding lawn mower with electric.
  2. South Portland Maine has proposed a ban on using a gas mower, string trimmers etc. Apparently, it will not apply to commercial mowers. Unbelievable....
  3. What is up with all the frequent gay references in this place....
  4. Yup. Ariat clothes has been popular for decades with the Texans. I work with a lot of them, being a Texas based company and own some FR shirts.
  5. I have seen a lot of the Furries around me for sure. I haven't heard anything about litter boxes.
  6. My daughter is in her 4th and last year of nursing school. This semester her class was supposed to do a clinical rotation with mental health services. The were not able to, because the mental health facilities and hospital wings are short staffed and can't waste time with students. That had to have a 'remote' clinical. Bull shit educational experience.. If students can't get exposed to that type of healthcare or nursing, it is less likely one will pursue that oath. Catch 22.
  7. My wife and I used to have combined finances but we now have separate. When my wife stopped working to take care of kids, it became an issue of her asking if she could buy XXXXX, because I paid the bills, and she didn't know the schedule. She didn't know what we had for free cash and when. When she went back to work, she opened her own checking. Problem solved! We have combined savings. We each have our own checking. I pay most of the bills. She pays some. She pays for most of the kid stuff and college, gifts, vacation, etc. She bought my last sled. We have never argue
  8. For my family it is: school taxes, electrical rates, food, auto insurance
  9. I just received 3 quotes. 55K 44k 33.5 k Pricing is just for solar with no battery backup or any extras. Before incentives. The pricing went up with the inflation reduction act......
  10. Boomers are great where I work. The biggest issues I have are the younger guys..but overall everyone is ok.
  11. Just admit the press is dishonest with their agenda against Trump. What happened to honesty, and verifying sources before publishing?
  12. Yes. I know too many people that have had it. In one case it was years of suffering. A coworker has it now and he is miserable.
  13. They certainly have been making a lot of changes since that storm.
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