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    • So a 500cc liquid sled has no more risk then say a AC 9000?  Or sidewinder? You hanging with Fail this weekend?
    • Don't worry... they can be rehabilitated and change their ways. All it takes is a hug from Trudope and a friendly ear to listen to their woes.   That's why EI coverage used to be up to a year but now is only 35 weeks... that is unless you want time off for maternity or paternity.   We don't need to back anyone.... this is India's business and none of ours. Who (world leader) around the world demonstrated support for or against Quebec separation during that heyday.
    • Fail seems to know everything about the situation and claims she is likely not collecting welfare.... I wonder what source of income she has if not welfare. She's 80 years old and living in TCHC. She can't be sitting on a nest egg, at least not a declared nest egg large enough to provide the luxury of a 3 month vacation and living in TCHC. “We took steps to address the problem as soon as we learned about it from the tenant, and have since completed an assessment of the work needed to remove the mould and hired a vendor to do the repairs,” TCHC said in a statement. “Repair work will start on Friday and take about a week. We are meeting with the tenant [Thursday] morning to arrange for temporary accommodation.” Not sure what more anyone could expect from TCHC than they are already doing. Sksman... you probably nailed it. To keep your benefits.... Usually a maximum of 182 days, or about six months during a 12-month period for Canadians. Those days can be amassed during one trip or they could be the sum of several trips. People from countries other than Canada are allowed to stay a maximum of 90 days
    • Why is her vacation limited to just under 3months? Oh yeah.  To keep her health benefits here.