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    • https://www.therebel.media/  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< HAS ZERO POSTS ON ECONOMY OR JOBS OR RECORD PROFITS  - why is that IRV?    LNC JODY POOR STEPHEN ANDREW IS GOOD  SUNGLASSES    
    • Canada Inflation Rate Slows to 2% in June Canada Holds Interest Rate at 1.75% Canada Jobless Rate Rises to 5.5% in June Canada Trade Balance Swings to Surplus in May Canada Inflation Rate Rises to 7-Month High in May Canada Jobless Rate Falls to Lowest Since 1976 Canada Trade Gap Smallest in 6 Months Canada GDP Growth Remains Steady at 0.1% in Q1 Canada Current Account Deficit Widest Since 2016 Canada Leaves Monetary Policy Unchanged Canada Inflation Rate at 4-Month High of 2% Canada Jobless Rate Falls to 5.7% Canada Trade Deficit Narrows in March Canada Holds Interest Rate at 1.75% Canada Trade Gap Narrows in February Canada Inflation Rate Hits 3-Month High of 1.9% Canada Jobless Rate Steady at 5.8% Canada Trade Deficit Narrows Less than Expected in January Canada Annual Inflation Rate Rises to 1.5% in February Canada Jobless Rate Steady at 4-Month High of 5.8%
    • We’ve got good news and we’ve got bad news. First, the good news: Corporate Canada’s profits have hit a 27-year high, according to a new report by CIBC World Markets. Bay Street has never been happier
    • worst government ever he Canadian economy added 27,700 jobs in May, enough to push the jobless rate down to 5.4 per cent — its lowest level since 1976. Statistics Canada reported Friday the jobless rate dropped three ticks mainly because there were almost 50,000 fewer people looking for work. That, coupled with the jobs gain, was enough to push the rate to a more than 40-year low.
    • ????? Trudeau spoke out against Quebec's law   as he should - THE RIGHT is in agreeance  with their law -  I assume you are too as a new ONEWAY Maybe HE should pull rank like our ONtario leader does -      What does Bombardier have to do with Nafta    is Trudeau responsible for every job and every company in the country?  If so his numbers are amazing......   Pretty sure we  are all against the support for Bombardier   -  Remember the millions and millions Harper gave GM    that worked out well    ONEWAY POST not ready, ,nice hair     
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