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    • I'm sure the shiny pony drove to T.O in an electric vehicle to cut down on his carbon footprint while drinking from his paper box plastic, er paper plastic box thing
    • I'm not saying it isn't possible, just saying it is unlikely based on the design of the engine, that, imo, has no place to accumulate oil up there if there was a leak. That was just a quick vid to show the location of the plugs on the 2.4L. I blew out everything, cleaned up top good before I even thought of removing the coils and plugs. The amount of crud/leaves/pine needles, etc, up there was shocking actually. It was easy to tell the previous owner lived in the country. His plugs looked good when I removed them. The new ones did nothing to cure this problem, unfortunately, as the car stumbled then stalled about 200 yrds down the street right after I changed them.
    • Valve / cam cover gasket seals the spark plug tubes, gasket starts to go bad, oil accumulates in the holes and shorts out the coil(s). Video above is nice n all but falls short of telling you the most important part to blow clean, plug hole after you remove the coil / before plug comes out.
    • I thought you didn't go      
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