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    • Maybe they will open up beside the pot miracle cure clinics.

    •  I just finished purchasing a 2008 Chevy Malibu LT with a 2.4 ltr engine for $4,200 dollars.
      It came with a safety and an E test which good for the rest of the year I believe?
      It has 140,000 kms on it and all records show it was well maintained mechanically. IE: oil changes, etc.
      It was driven by a 58 yr old woman.
      It is almost fully loaded with the exception of a sun roof.
      Leather heated seats, remote start, lots of airbags, CD player, adjustable gas and brake pedals, etc.
      It has brand new tires, brakes and exhaust.

      The only downside is a small patch of rust bubbles on the rear passenger quarter.
      Nothing has broken through there yet but it is only a matter of time.
      I will likely wait until next spring before deciding to repair it as I want to make sure it turns out to be a good car first and my son is happy with?
      It will be rustproof sprayed within the next 2 months. 

      Just curious what your thoughts are on them? I have heard the 2.4 is a good engine?
      Is there anything that anyone knows that I should be aware of?
      It will receive an oil/filter change when I get it home but I am curious if I should do any other fluid changes, like the trans, while I am at it? 

      Any info anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.
        Thanks to all those who were looking/keeping an eye open for me. I appreciate it.  (P.S. Poncho, FS and alcohol usually isn't a good mix. Just saying)
    • long winded 02sled style piece that basically says a person is addicted to getting high - I wonder when the AA POT clinics will open   
    • Fake news?   http://www.cbc.ca/news/opinion/cannabis-addiction-1.4789187
    • Just wondering I haven't seen him since 2016
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