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    • Hell give them a script then ad lib it.   Oh man the look on their faces.     "Nancy I've decided right here, right now to concede to your demands for the govt workers.   I will give you a 3 week continual resolution in order for you to negotiate in good faith like you promised.   Will you give your answer right now to the American people please so they know we will do our best to get this resolved."     Camera's all pan to her for an immediate response.     
    • LOL Yeah...he's got a good punching face for sure.  But the hats should have had nothing to do with it.  Like I stated yesterday, The Dems have made the hat their own nightmare and now, they are triggered when others aren't scared of it too.  Why does your nightmare have to scare me?  It doesn't. That's probably about right in the pic.   I went to public schools and universities for a reason.  My daughter will too.  Education isn't exclusively achieved from tests from books.
    • Oh, I'm with you.  Reach across and down....show willingness to negotiate. But, they've already said "NO WAY!' So...where does it go on TV?  Nowhere good for the Dems.  I'd be real surprised if they'd even go on tv with him again unless they could get him to agree to a script.  Hopefully he wouldn't.  Like I said, this is a loser for the Dems.  Problem, they don't know how to even retreat, much less win. If they fight him tooth and nail giving the SOTU...it's telling to everyone..and they go on "Auto-lose".
    • Isnt it like super strange that someone tries to tell you what you are thinking or feeling?? Its like soooooooo frigging odd..
    • I think it went viral because Joey Logano Jr's face looked so damn punchable  in the edited video. The MAGA hats definitely helped though. Also this is how I imagine the inside of Catholic School:
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