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  1. Nobody was all in on Russian collusion like @Snoslinger
  2. I knew some kids from Del Rio when I was in school in Big Spring.
  3. Honestly I think the vast, vast majority of American's who have not been vaccinated are not "antivaxxers." For the most part people don't care if you are jabbed but simply chose not to themselves are not antivaxxers. People who do not agree with vaccine mandates are not antivaxxers.
  4. Depends on your health status. There is still much we don't know about these vaccines and the original full approval was not to come until 2025 when we had a better idea of the long term effects. The mRNA vaccines are not without some risks and there are plenty of respected people in the medical fields raising valid concerns.
  5. No question the J and J is closer to an actual vaccine than the mRNA versions. It is using a weakened virus to create an immune response.....its just not the actual COVID causing virus but a similar coronavirus.
  6. I think its important to note that the COVID vaccines are not eligible thru the VICP or at least anything I could find on it. I'm not sure who funds the VICP but one would assume the pharma's pay something at least.
  7. 1. You said "always" and that is inaccurate. The law wasn't passed until 1986. 2. You can sue after you go thru VICP. The VICP is a form of a lawsuit where you can receive compensation. Point is they don't have COMPLETE immunity. Yes they have significant immunity but not 100% from some liability. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/family-to-receive-15m-plus-in-first-ever-vaccine-autism-court-award/
  8. Not sure why you keep claiming that they always have had zero liability. That is simply not true its just handled in a different manner. There is a process for some and it starts by going thru the NVICP which was created in the 1980's. The real reason why many pharma companies don't want to get into vaccines is cost. Simply put they are not that profitable. The link to Autism has simply not be proven yet albeit when you look at the data its very likely. https://www.hrsa.gov/vaccine-compensation/index.html https://plandemicalerts.com/2021/09/20/faq-can-i-sue-pharmace
  9. https://www.newsweek.com/israel-world-leader-vaccine-booster-shots-hit-surge-covid-cases-1629310 https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2021/09/15/covid-cases-explode-in-heavily-pfizer-vaccinated-israel/ Israel has 84% of its population aged 12 and up vaccinated. Two days ago on Tuesday September 14, 2021, the Times of Israel reported that “the current wave of coronavirus infections is surpassing anything seen in previous outbreaks.” Health Ministry data “showed that 10,000 new covid cases were diagnosed in a single day.” And climbing. Instead of the predicted steady drop in outbrea
  10. Nice start but lets be real 320 is a far cry from mass expulsion.
  11. Well that's great but my post was not about Russia.
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