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  1. And some think Twitter can become a Trillion dollar company. I don't think there is anything to worry about Twitter or Elon's finances.
  2. Just watched a report on Rivian and how badly they are missing production goals and purging money by the billions each quarter.
  3. He also sold dangerous weapons to dangerous people. He shouldn't have been on the trading block and made to serve out his sentence.
  4. Curious as to why Putin thought him important enough to do this.
  5. So what are you saying we aren't to trust govt employee's, the DOJ or the media. Main guy in the video was no longer a govt employee. In any case its BS she got preferential treatment over others.
  6. Agree that she shouldn't been first choice in a trade but its not just about what he still can do but what he's done. If we are to believe that guy at all on the 60 minutes report he should have faced the death penalty. You don't let those guys go for anyone.
  7. Well someone thought he was a pretty bad dude back in 2010. If you believe this story its unfuckingbeleivable that we traded him for someone caught with some CBD oil. 60 minutes did a segment on him. If what is covered here is even remotely true this trade is almost treasonous. 1:00 Mark. "Viktor Bout in my eyes is one of the most dangerous men on the face of the earth."
  8. I got a crazy amount of coyotes on my farm. Only a few hunters and they kill their share but tough to keep up with them. I got incredible video of them yipping right below my tree stand.
  9. Doesn't mean their vote can't be bought and I think you would be surprised what party most union truck drivers are.
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