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  1. There had been some dud's in the playoffs but this weekends game made up for it. Holy shit was that fun to watch. NFL needs to re-examine the OT especially in the playoffs. That's simply too much of an advantage based off a coin toss.
  2. Packers are on the verge of a 3+ year rebuilding process.
  3. They do add a mild bit of enjoyment on runs like that.
  4. Honestly you just can't make this shit up. The left has lost their collective minds. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/01/14/democrats-use-dreaded-filibuster-to-block-ted-cruz-bill-sanctioning-russias-pipeline/ Democrats used the Senate filibuster, which they are busy trying to eliminate, to block a bill by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Thursday that would have sanctioned companies associated with Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The bill had 55 votes. The filibuster requires 60 votes to end debate and move to a final vote, which meant that despite the 55-44 margin, and the vo
  5. About 80 round trip if you take the shortest route. With all the little channels and cuts its pretty easy to make it 100+. I would think its froze good. Couple really cold nights coming this week as well. I've boated the Pepin/Lake City area a couple times from Dubuque. Don't want to get caught on that in a storm. Can you ride up the St. Croix? That river is incredible on the boats.
  6. Helped a few sane democrats stop absolutely horrible legislation and Senate rules changes from being passed. Sometimes the best work is simply stopping a delusional party from getting an agenda thru that would be terrible for the country.
  7. I get that. Only time on this ride I get a bit nervous is crossing the main channel. It will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.
  8. Even the liberal MSM is calling the press conference a disaster but MC thinks it was great. https://www.foxnews.com/media/joe-biden-competent-effective-nbc-chuck-todd
  9. I absolutely voted for Trump twice. Policy wise he was the best POTUS we've had in a long, long time.
  10. Started in East Dubuque and ran the backwaters of the Mississippi all the way down to an awesome bar/restaurant (Offshore) in Bellevue. Then up the Galena river to historic town of Galena. Simply can't explain how good of riding those backchannels are. Perfect place for the boosted Turbo's to stretch their legs. Nothing like lifting the ski's at 90+. Another week of cold weather so that riding should be good for some time.
  11. Trump has accomplished what he needed to. I hope he continues to work from the sidelines but with his ego its unlikely. We go thru a significant market crash and fall into a recession the GOP is likely to get a supermajority in both houses capable of overriding Presidential veto's. Pence will run but he couldn't get elected county dog catcher much less win the GOP nomination. Trump isn't the only one with a big ego there will be 15-20 plus Republicans throw their hat in the race come 2024.
  12. Priceless.....like you bashing capitalism then reaping the benefits of it? Fuck almighty dude hop down from your high horse.
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