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  1. Wrong. You we’re being a asshole cause you didn’t like what I was saying. Waaahhhaaa… Go Trump.
  2. You got a pm? Lucky you. I did too once .. fucking weirdo
  3. Exactly the dude is a fucking republican hating asshole of the highest order. The typical asshole that helped get us where we are in this country. And then blames trump and the right for everything. Left a website too cause it’s too “ right” for him.. boohoo
  4. Fuck off. No surprise you stick up for a pos like this. He got what was coming to him. Carrier criminal drug addict. Tfb if you don’t like it.. you don’t like it cause he was a poor poor black fellow.. perhaps they should stop doing the shit they do and they would be left alone.
  5. Yeah he’s a piece of shit and anyone who sticks up for the drug addict pos that got taken out. It was well deserved. Fuckin 13% pffffttt
  6. Your banded. No one wants you. you’re not worthy. Take your liberal bs and stick it squarely up your ass.
  7. Sounds like a dreamy area, cool.
  8. https://www.foxnews.com/us/renewable-energy-dependence-michigan-rolling-blackouts
  9. This is completely unsustainable for the majority of citizens. Anyone that thinks otherwise is a goddamn fool. It’s already begun to collapse and by the end of summer we will be in even more world of hurt all thanks to the left. Fucking anti American bigots of the highest order on full display. But they think no one sees it.
  10. Oops..didn’t know.. https://www.foxnews.com/us/michigan-school-passed-anti-racism-resolution-suspends-teacher-worksheet-comparing-obama-monkeys
  11. none of this under Trump. President Biden stated that the U.S. will send the military to defend Taiwan if the People's Republic of China were to invade the island nation. "Very quickly, you didn't want to get involved in the Ukraine conflict militarily for obvious reasons. Are you willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan if it comes to that?" a reporter asked the president during a news conference in Japan. "Yes," Biden replied. https://www.foxnews.com/world/us-troops-defend-taiwan-china-invades-biden
  12. https://topcoatproducts.com/?gc_id=13292723214&h_ad_id=554124820954&gclid=Cj0KCQjw-JyUBhCuARIsANUqQ_JJ-55S8CQboGd5WU99SGYx92xv7nTjCm2o-BcCk87m_ShXhOYz1sEaArTIEALw_wcB
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