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    Go ahead and ban me I could give 2 fucks Your place sucks
  2. Pete

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    Case in point.. Asshole #1 shows up
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    Posting someone’s name Shut the place down.. half a dozen assholes here 24/7 that make this site unbearable. I wouldn’t miss it.
  4. Dems Party of pedos Party of killing babies. What a llegacy
  5. He did a hell of a lot better than this current clown. You’re so far gone with TDS there is no hope.. Youve lost it completely. Good. Trump flushes out the best
  6. Democrats are the party of killing babies. Have been for decades. Accept it or STFU
  7. We should stay the fuck out. Let them fight their own battles. If this was trump you’d be having a heart attack. The Dems ( you) love war. If trump was in we wouldn’t be in this situation
  8. Ok Joe. Did you walk to school with cardboard soles while fighting Indians too?
  9. 100 Grand bar. Charlston chew. Reeses. Some of my favorites but can’t eat much due to my horrific diabetes.
  10. Very cool. I love the old sleds. Even the name is cool. That looks like a starrett last word indicator.
  11. Simply stunning you dictate that to 74 million ppl. Good job Hillary TDS fuck
  12. Sure sure Stevie.. Your TDS is a special case. There must be a clinic interested in your condition. DEFCON 1
  13. We were warned he would start World War Three. Instead we had peace for four years. No new wars. No new invasions. In fact, on his orders the caliphate of ISIS was destroyed, and I had the honor to travel to Singapore to witness a peace summit between our president and the head of state of the Hermit Kingdom, North Korea. And then his son-in-law brokered a peace in the Middle East, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the re-birth of the modern state of Israel in 1948. All this despite the president inheriting a world in which Russia had taken Crim
  14. Fun times. These should be finished next week after silver soldering.
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