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  1. Yup me too. After what the left has done to trump for 4 years anything this clown does will be ridiculed to the maximum. He deserves everything and then some. Still 2 years left. Break a leg!
  2. The best part is when he tries to get up he sits on his ass again . He would have never had been able to get up without help. What a world wide embarrassment these supposedly 81 million voted for. Trump was soooo much better there is no comparison at all. I know I had more money under trump. Democrats day is coming..
  3. WATCH: Biden hits head while exiting Marine One hours after getting ‘sandbagged’ at Air Force ceremony https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-hits-head-exiting-marine-one-sandbagged-air-force-ceremony
  4. Awww such a sensitive slug.. GFY Im glad Trump says what he says. I bet you got all teary eyed when he said Mexico sends us murderers and rapists.. boo hoo.. that trump is so mean ..
  5. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Get the fuck outta the way and let the adults run the show old fuck.
  6. You and a few other Midwest maggots are on here 24/7. Doesn’t matter when I come in here your here. Midwest lowlife with nothing to do but be online like a fucking broad. Don’t comment on the subject matter ever just keep throwing shit. Douche bag of the highest order. I got better things to do..
  7. Wow you’re so clever. More speculation from another site idiot. This p,ace is full of you types. Good times.
  8. Poor Cunt2cunt all hurt because a thread was started about Joey falling on his ass in front of the world. I bet you cried about this too. I thought it was funny.
  9. I’m not here to make friends. I’m not here 24/7 like you. I stop here once in awhile for a laugh at you TDS fucks. If Trump becomes the nominee and returns as president I suspect lots of suicides in the making. Good.
  10. No. The left stole Biden’s supposed election. Because of TDS. Youll never convince me otherwise.
  11. I’m good at reading ppl too. Cunt2cunt is a lunatic TDS fuck. That’s a fact. She ain’t the only one here either.
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