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  1. Hardcore democrat approved.
  2. This is the quality of discussion we get from the latest round of Romper Room Rejects. This thread is basically made unreadable by the ankle biters who can't argue without being a cunt.
  3. “In other words, Chinese iPhone users can’t do or say anything without the CCP knowing about it. Dissent can be quashed before it even starts. The Chinese people can be kept under the CCP’s thumb. And Apple is helping. . . . Here’s a theory: They’re not the good guys anymore, if they ever were. They hate free speech, anywhere it threatens to flourish.” https://jimtreacher.substack.com/p/is-apple-helping-the-ccp-stifle-dissent
  4. Coal has been on the way out since the proliferation of natural gas, which was of course conveniently left out of the article.
  5. Taken together, electrical output by renewables was just 1.45% higher than a year ago, and because electrical generation by all sources increased, renewables’ share in September was nearly unchanged from a year earlier – 19.18% vs. 19.14%.
  6. A felonious thief of women's fucking clothes. What a judge of character you are... meanwhile, EVERYONE else had him pegged as a pile of shit. The best owned is a self owned...
  7. I just found my payments on my account... nothing for this year, but twice in 6 months last year.... I will send you this years... after you let loose with the elusive Gold Member price.....
  8. Remember back when Nazis were shunned? Great times...
  9. And I'll ask again... how much is this Gold Membership? I also have delusions of grandeur...
  10. I won't have anything to do with PayPal. I won't even look to see when I last paid. You need to get another mechanism to get paid... if you want to PM me an addy I will send a check, but PayPal can suck my ass.
  11. Romper fucking Room. Own it.
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