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  1. Recreational. Fuck having the govt have one more thing about me... I see signs at med shops for $100 ounces, but I think that stuff is weak at best. $30 will get you an 1/8 of indoor 25% thc. I' m sure prices vary... I've got better for less, and less for more.
  2. Was in a shop today. Walk in, she grabbed it, handed it to me while I handed her $30, kept walking right out the other door. Not 10 seconds... when I was in Ariz it was a 20 minute ordeal with ID scans and private rooms...
  3. Just out of curiosity.... or what? You will tell him... again?
  4. Twenty something bucks for Spectrum package. We don't live for the tv so it suffices. Gave up football years ago. Actually get it for free.. when I called to cancel it, they doubled my internet speed and kept my streaming, but dropped the price to below what the internet alone was.
  5. Each member gets 5 minutes to question? What is missing?
  6. I have a respect for a fascists who is loyal to his country over what Biden has done to ours....
  7. I hope that Menendez mounts a defense of "they gave that to my wife, not to me," so that the DOJ is forced to educate the public that the law of extortion (bribery) makes it explicit that the bribe does not have to be directly given to the politician being bribed, but can also be given to a family member for the crime to have occurred.
  8. A metric shit ton of people will face the fact life was better under Trump. They see their kids being torn up in the name of a dem wet dream. They see their money going less and less every month. They are tired of millions of dollars going to make Ukraine water safe while Americans can't drink their own. They are tired of millions of illegals making their taxes go through the roof while thier services suffer. They are tired of even the little things, like a sitting senator who can't be bothered to shower or put on a fucking jacket. I don't make predictions. But ga
  9. Much like a lot of other groups, religious or not, who perpetually vote against their own well being...
  10. Well, that's what you do when you have multiple data sets and you want to find where the middle ground of them sets. Being ahead in the most polls can be manipulated by simply paying more people to do the polling... certain people, if you get my point. It makes no difference to me... use what ever metric makes you feel good... just trying to expand your general fund of knowledge on the subject... EDIT: Added a letter to correct a misspelling to keep the Nazi's happy...
  11. Actually, no. Being the considerate guy I am, I did the math for ya... But that's fine...
  12. What does any of that have to do with the statement you made that Biden was ahead in the pools at this point? Additionally, what does it have to do with what I said? Anyway, I am not calling you a liar, I am simply giving you facts that will help you better make a viable argument in the futre, should you desire to use them...
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