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  1. Badge of honor coming from another pred......... 'kindred spirit' of Fagrider....
  2. How to say 'pompous, sanctimonious douchebag' in one post.
  3. Have a good day John.... apparently it's over your head.
  4. Do yourself a favor....... a lunatic is running the asylum....
  5. No disrespect intended, but there is your problem right there. I've mentioned that aspect of it quite a few times. The irony is not lost on those who have been here a while...
  6. Your the reason comedy sucks. Appropriate, I guess....
  7. I thought this was a schedule for the membership here.... My bad.
  8. It's typical liberal philosophy..... Please, don't be surprised...
  9. And if you were black you would still need your BIL to keep you off welfare....
  10. Don't fight a war by killing people.... brilliant right?
  11. Fuck Hamas, fuck Palentinians and the socialist/Marxists fuck who support them... "Gays for Palentine!" Fuckers would either shoot them in the head or be the lying hypocrites they are and go out behind a camel and blow each other. Harvard and the rest of the college system should be next.
  12. Like you apparently are now... :justsayin: Now you gone and done it... So a pussy on top of everything else... What does a door lock sound like? "Clique" And the door is completely locked now....
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