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  1. Your too easy. But hey keep following me around lil puppy dog.
  2. You guys check your moron tree. Your moron spawn from 1918.
  3. Some things never change….
  4. So your not. It figures.
  5. So roll the dice and if you survive without the vaccine and not die you might have enough antibodies to fight off the next round? you guys do realize what’s in the vaccine right?
  6. The same for you and the Canuck following me around. Your point Suzy Q?
  7. The lack of new drivers is due to the driverless tech being spewed. Why start a career in a industry that’s on its way out?
  8. We have a winner folks!
  9. Your unvaccinated…..what’s your point?
  10. You know like he said and he went there. So I said like many times. 12 year old girls here.
  11. Can ships cross the TEXAS border now?
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