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  1. Couldn’t get the link to work but found the trailer….
  2. I know I’m fishing. 80% comes in through legal ports on entry but the right wing cement heads think it’s coming in through Mexico.
  3. How about the huge amounts of fentanyl those illegals bring in?
  4. The election was stolen but the laptop wasn’t……..got it.
  5. But accessing files stolen from a personal laptop is OK?
  6. If they are illegal how do you know there here? Cause theses not 1 million in holding. Keep it up you look like an idiot. How about the fentanyl lies?
  7. Are you fuckin ass clowns gonna ruin every thread here?
  8. I see your on top of things…….Jesus man that’s yesterdays news.
  9. Nice bite. Why not post the entire interaction? https://www.businessinsider.com/ted-cruz-closing-mexico-border-trump-wall-2019-4
  10. GOP Tax Cuts Are Driving US Debt Ratio Higher: Analysis Although they are struggling to come up with a budget proposal of their own, Republicans are unified behind the idea that the federal deficit is the product of excess spending and therefore a problem to be solved by slashing government programs. Democrats, on the other hand, lay much of the blame for persistent budget shortfalls on the tax cuts that Republicans tend to push through every time they gain control in Washington. On Monday the liberal think tank Center for American Progress released an analysis laying out
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