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  1. Love the Polaris colors.
  2. whats that other looser dem...whats her name now? Tulsi?
  3. I’m a jackass not a donkey you fuckin moron. Get your animals straight for Cripes sake.
  4. The arms dealer has been all rung out here under interrogation. He’s useless to any of his old customers. While I don’t think the ball player should be advertised as a hero by the media but shouldn’t be left in a Russian prison for many years because she had a vape pen in her carry on.
  5. As an American he should come home. Born in Canada he held US, British and Irish citizenships.He also had 80k in us cash when arrested.
  6. He’s no Saint. He was court-martialed from the military.
  7. She knelt down at a ball game. The fuckin horrors.
  8. You apologists make me fuckin sick.
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