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  1. They are watching Russia getting weaker and weaker. Perfect for a picking.
  2. Notice how when there is no civil response it goes off topic and becomes personal?
  3. Dumb is voting for Trump multiple times.
  4. After my brother in law was stabbed. DeMoulas market sent out notices to not physically stop a thief. The 200.00 of crap they have is worth way less than an employees life. This was in 1978.
  5. 2 moronic replies. Not surprised.
  6. Hey Veterans.... Donald Trump snarled about seeing a severely wounded veteran sing at an event held during his presidency at a military base. The former president attended the welcome ceremony for Gen. Mark Milley as he assumed the role of chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in late 2019, and Milley had chosen U.S. Army Capt. Luis Avila to sing “God Bless America," according to a lengthy profile of published in The Atlantic. "Avila, who had completed five combat tours, had lost a leg in an IED attack in Afghanistan, and had suffered two heart attacks, t
  7. Good luck with that thought….lmao
  8. I am Antifascist X 1000 Fascism, a far-right ultra-nationalistic ideology best known for its use by the Italian Fascists and the Nazis, became prominent beginning in the 1910s. Organization against fascism began around 1920. Fascism became the state ideology of Italy in 1922 and of Germany in 1933, spurring a large increase in anti-fascist action, including German resistance to Nazism and the Italian resistance movement. Anti-fascism was a major aspect of the Spanish Civil War, which foreshadowed World War II. Open a fuckin history book.
  9. Fascists abound here…..probably don’t vote anyways.
  10. Trump lost the last election. He has done nothing to gain votes just lose them since then. He’s all done.
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