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  1. The Vietnamese bought most of the delapated multi family neighborhood homes in Lowell, MA and rehabbed them. They brought their families over eventually. We had a Cambodian husband and wife working for us and they both had 3 jobs. Full time with us and 2 part time jobs. Their proudest day was when they became US citizens. Fuckin immigrants.
  2. There’s a root cause of it and my reason for it. The neighborhood I grew up in had about 30 families all parents living together in those homes. Today maybe 5 in the homes are married and the rest of them containing single parents whose spouses live elsewhere taking up scarce living spaces causing the housing shortage.
  3. When your 30 years old and your paying someone to spray for mosquitoes your pretty much a namby pamby LOOZER.
  4. To pass out hamburgers and hot dogs. It was just a peaceful Christian celebration.
  5. Townhomes and condos are for lazy young people. Monthly dues run 350.00 a month and up. Buy a fixer upper and cut your own lawn and save paying your gym dues.
  6. Our first home was at 17.75%. Everyone said that would be the norm.
  7. Maybe not today @7% but down the road when the rate drops back to 3% it will. The tax advantages are great too. lol yup. kids today. My home growing up had 3, 9x12 bedrooms, 4 boys in one room and 2 sisters in the other. one oscillating fan screwed to the ceiling. No AC, steam radiator in the hall. luxurious …lol then again we didn’t live in our bedroom.
  8. How about today’s millennial family unit? Husband/wife or girlfriend/ boyfriend procreate. They don’t stay together under the same roof or at all. Dad moves out and splits custody of their 2 kids. Now dd needs a 2 bedroom and mom does to. Ya see why there is not a housing shortage but a family unit problem?
  9. Don’t forget he closed the border then too.
  10. Drive up coffees every day. 3.50 x 5 = 1000.00 a year not to mention the gas $ wasted in line. Make coffee at home. Buy a multi family and live in it for a few years.
  11. Yet the millennials still complain about the need for affordable housing.
  12. I also forgot they drive new leased Audis or Beemers. Butthurt? No the butt hurt is on the laziest generational fucks the Millennials for complaining they can’t afford a home. Get a second job, make financial sacrifices, buy a home that needs work.
  13. Did you factor in inflation and MAGA outrage?
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