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  1. I don’t hate anyone. Keep it out of this thread Junior.
  2. Japanese steak house marinade.
  3. When you get personal I’ve succeeded in triggering who you really are….just a puny little snot nosed low class follower.
  4. Grilled Jap marinated pork tenderloin, Swiss chard and mashed. Homemade toffee for later.
  5. Voters see the Republicans taking America down the toilet.
  6. Steve comes to the morons rescue and posts some lines with numbers in it. Good job Steve your Trump buds will be impressed.
  7. Oil tumbles more than 9%, breaks below $100 as recession fears mount Source: CNBC Oil prices tumbled Tuesday with the U.S. benchmark falling below $100 as recession fears grow, sparking fears that an economic slowdown will cut demand for petroleum products. West Texas Intermediate crude, the U.S. oil benchmark, slid 9%, or $9.83, to trade at $98.60 per barrel. The contract last traded under $100 on May 11. International benchmark Brent crude shed 9.9%, or $11.46, to trade at $102.04 per barrel Tuesday. Ritterbusch and Associates attributed the move to “tightness in global oil balan
  8. Setting the country back is what the republicans and the SC do best. Voters see this.
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