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  1. Interesting. Granted, I'm only 180lbs, but I can ride plenty hard and setting three on the turbo feels like the shocks are locked out I honestly think they're stiffer than my R-XC at full 24 clicks
  2. Which would make sense to me on an R-XC, but on a regular ZR trail sled I'd argue it's overkill.
  3. Seems like there's a lot of consensus between media and riders that setting 3 on the QS3/iQS is basically useless and way too firm. I'd agree with that too. I'd like to see Cat address that on the production models for 2025. I mean the guys says he's coming off 2 new Polaris'
  4. How's the 858 feel!? Been seeing some rave reviews on the social medias.
  5. Certainly seems that way. To that point though, I'm not in the loop on the latest rules....how is it that Polaris can field their 600 XCR without it being available to consumers? Maybe I'm mistaken, but on their website only the 650 is available.
  6. Damn, Cat goes 1-2 in snocross!? What is this??
  7. Also would like to know. It sounds like my 2015 R-XC caliper may have different dimensions than the other R-XC sleds? If that's the case I'd imagine I'm stuck with what I got. I vaguely remember buying a different set of pads and finding they didn't fit my caliper. I'll have to dig into my spare parts.
  8. https://wahlracing.com/product/hayes-x-32-brake-caliper-assy/ This it?
  9. In the 2016 ACi R-XC press release : • Brake Pads friction material has changed back to T-124 for increased pad life That suggests the pads were just wearing too quickly. Like I said, the stopping power is excellent. But no noise and not much feel
  10. https://www.arcticinsider.com/cross-country-racer-unveiled-2015-arctic-cat-zr-6000r-xc/ From the ArcticInsider write-up back in Sept 2014 • Race Proven Brake Caliper and Pads for improved wear and increased stopping power: -Same Brake Caliper as 2014 XC Race Sled -Larger bridge bolts for increased stiffness -Low-pressure seals for less resistance when the brake lever is pulled -Offset friction material on brake pads for more even wear under high pressure – New brake pad friction material has increased braking power at elevated brake temperatures
  11. Yep. Towed a buddy once that broke a chain, not even thinking about the fact he no longer had brakes due to his jackshaft mounted caliper. Next thing I know he's passing me on a downhill grade Fortunately no fallout except for some bent handlebars.
  12. Yeah that's close. Still not as audible as the Wilwoods imo, although it's hard to tell through a video. So at least the Hayes are capable of producing it. On the Polaris sleds the brake system is mounted on the jackshaft like the Wilwoods used to be on the Cats....I wonder how that contributes to feel and sound. Not sure what's so special about the 2015 R-XC. Maybe Krom has some insight. The stopping power of my R-XC is significantly better than my turbo, that's for sure. But neither provide much feedback. Often the R-XC feels like an on/off switch.
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