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  1. The last time my wife and I were at a pro snocross race together was prob 6-8 years ago. We got to the race last night and the first thing she said was "Oh my God I forgot how much crazier this is in person versus TV. These guys are sending it!"
  2. No my nephew is competing in the state wrestling finals today...with this nasty weather I'm not too disappointed to be inside. I'll just have to stream the race on my phone.
  3. Benham looked great out there until his crash. We were right at the bottom of the whoops where he had his off....scary to see in person. From what I could tell he overshot a whoop and went skis-first into the next mogul causing an endo. He looked frustrated after the crash which I assume was because he was riding so well and this was the end of the night for him (maybe weekend?). That whoop section was knarly and we saw a ton of guys get crossed up and nearly crash and/or take out the flag guy positioned at that spot. *Also, no Catalyst on site that I'm aware of
  4. Now the "ugly fake ski-doo photoshop" bests every sled in every way, even the procross which was already perfect in every way
  5. I don't think the belt drive will necessarily be enough to pull people from other brands, but assuming the durability is there it does offer some distinct advantages for those like myself that like to tinker. If I buy a future big bore Catalyst I will definitely purchase a secondary track and gear combo...swapping "on-the-fly" for conditions or trip destination will be effortless in comparison to a chaincase setup.
  6. I saw that! Very high praise from Snowtech, who not long ago was telling people to buy Yamaha over Cat
  7. I absolutely agree. That said, there have been major ergonomic advancements over the last two decades that have defined the sport. Cat was late to the party every time. I'm unlucky enough to have a Catalyst 6+ hrs away at any given moment, so I obviously don't have any seat time....so hearing comparisons to the 08-11 sno pro is huge for me, since I do have seat time on that chassis and love it (many of us complained the procross was too relaxed vs the sno pro right off the bat). To your point- the Procross has a lot of things that sound good on paper; a plethora of race wins, strong cha
  8. The actual production popcan running boards helped that number too
  9. ^^This!!!^^ And I'm 5'8"
  10. I think that was probably the most level headed (if a bit pessimistic) review I've seen yet. I definitely liked hearing that the ergonomics and feel of the sled are like a narrower/roomier 08-11 sno pro. He specifically mentions that it doesn't really change the game as Polaris and Doo already have machines that put you much more forward. This lends substantial credibility to the argument that Cat has simply caught up to the competition. Will the belt drive and composite boards be enough to carve out a legacy? If you're not a Cat die-hard, what draws you to this machine? Hopef
  11. That is great insight and sounds very promising. Thanks for the info!
  12. I'd be happy with getting 2-3 seasons on a final drive belt, personally. It doesn't need to last forever. I typically replace my chains at that point anyway (around 6k miles). Plus you save on case fluid and all the other hassle associated with a sealed and lubed chain system.
  13. He literally never says it will last the life of the sled let alone infinite life. Again, you contribute basically nothing but false information.
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