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  1. Assuming the rumors of a new sled are true, I wonder if it will be a mid season release vs. a Haydays reveal. If they are already delivering 2023s to dealers I doubt they would release a new sled that's available to buy at the end of summer and risk pissing off all the spring order buyers. Although they could release it in race trim at Haydays and use the race season to prove its worth and drum up excitement for 2023.5 or 2024
  2. "Back up to date" doesn't sound promising. I used to take pride in riding Cats because the brand blazed its own trail and actually innovated. Waiting 12 years for a new chassis that merely matches current offerings from other OEMs is a death warrant in my eyes. Good riddance.
  3. I forgot how awkward those sleds look
  4. Surprise surprise. I'm definitely curious (as I know you are) about the actual sales numbers of these units since the Textron acquisition and also how many units got allotted for pre-order of each type.
  5. That is interesting. My 15 R-XC definitely had significant wear by 3k miles and that was my first Procross. I was already aware of the issue at that time and knew to look for it. Not sure if I had heard grumblings on HCS at the time or if it was from friends with pre-2015s.
  6. Ever worked on your own machine? Ever put real miles on in a season? Ever believe anything besides what your "perfect" omnipotent dealer spoon feeds you? It is a well documented fact that the inner race of the bearing housed in the Hayes brake where it fits over the driveshaft will grind off the circumference of the driveshaft over time. This has been an issue since day one. You really are absolutely clueless. Here's a link to an aftermarket part trying to address the exact issue. https://precisionefi.com/products/driveshaft-saver
  7. Suppose us Procross owners better stock up on driveshafts since the sleds are nearly unchanged, the price has skyrocketed, and you may not get one until the following summer. What a joke.
  8. So to summarize, Textron's "Arctic Cat": -Fails to introduce new product -continues to hock aged product at ever increasing prices -fails to deliver aged product on time despite a near total lack of innovation -continues to alienate dealers and athletes alike -repeatedly disregards buyer/rider experience in favor of the bottom line -continuously outmatched in marketing impact -the list goes on.... It's amazing actually, I never thought I'd have disdain for a company of this magnitude outside of legitimate atrocities to human life. For me at least, I'm no
  9. I would agree. If I could compare I would say the the Polaris is perfect neutral, the Cat too far back, and the Doo too far forward. There are some aspects I like about the Doo, like the open toe holds and the seat being the narrowest (though this may not be ideal for long rides and I've only had short stints on the G4). In our group at least, the modern Doos have had far less issues than the Polaris sleds. I could definitely go Doo if the price was right but I just have a really hard time with their aesthetics when spending this kind of money.
  10. Add me to this list. Currently Polaris has the best sled for my riding style. Ergonomics and flickability are excellent. I'd look harder at the Doo if I didn't find them so ugly.
  11. "2024 Chassis" Bold prediction... I hope you're right .... IF they actually have something, who's to say it won't be put off another year or 10 because of tHe SuPpLy ChAiN or maybe because Heidi's friend's gerbil sneezed that morning. Then, whether the product is actually worth the wait is the next and most perplexing part to worry about.
  12. This is what scares me the most. As a younger guy I worry I will witness a long slow decline of a once great brand because blindly loyal boomers are perfectly content buying mediocre products as long as it says Arctic Cat on the side...what that name used to stand for be damned. Of course they'll eventually be gone and out of the sport but I'll still be here watching Textron suck the remaining life out of Cat while they squander the last iota of relevance in the snowmobile industry.
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