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  1. Just finished it actually. Great episode for Cat fans.
  2. Country cat has the front arm AC5S available for around $320 or the Fox QS3 R 1.5 for $810. Wonder where those Ohlins will come in price-wise.
  3. You have the 129 correct? Let me know what you find out. I ordered the ATAC, but would def consider putting a better front arm shock on vs the standard shock. It really bugs me that cat didn't at least put an AC5S up there even if it doesn't get modulated by the ATAC system.
  4. Here's an excellent podcast on the topic. https://open.spotify.com/episode/6L4OmDbxaPJKGPXHIm6Rft?si=db2VZgHuRi2pWNVW1TUNQw
  5. Come on now guys, brave the heat, earn your keep! Took today off due to obligations, but here's yesterday's solo Zone 2 road bike ride in 86 degree heat and 80% humidity. If you aren't familiar with the benefits of Zone 2 heartrate training I highly recommend it. Essentially, it is the foundation of both aerobic athleticism and long-term health and longevity. My zone 2 road rides have taken my mountain biking stamina to the next level.
  6. Got one of these coming. Hoping to receive it in October in order to put some personal touches on and check it over.
  7. Funny how slick and wonky the riding can get with a bit of moisture involved. Almost slid off a bridge and into a river once after underestimating the recent rainfall's effect on the man-made wood features.
  8. I just listened to the Cory Davis one. Was interesting to hear about the strategies employed during the iron dog, including how to get the sleds to live during 100 mile stretches of no snow. Hopefully Spencer can get Ryan Simons on the podcast soon.
  9. Was able to get out and do some riding in Marquette, MI this weekend. Marquette has an incredible mountain bike scene and trail network if anyone ever gets a chance to ride that area, I highly recommend it. Great snowmobiling too.
  10. If JD is buying the whole TSV division, I gotta imagine they'll still do a better job with Cat than Textron has. Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but the sudden appearance of sled apparel on the JD website at least suggests they may be willing to invest in snowmobiles.
  11. As a kid we had a 93 Polaris SL 750 that was a constant headache. After that we went to Yamaha for PWC and never looked back.
  12. The apparel screenshots were interesting, although maybe they've always had some kind of apparel referencing their old sleds
  13. According to the Snowest FB page, they have also been digging into this rumor.
  14. At this point any company would do a better job than Textron. Hope it's true.
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