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  1. When referring to the steel I was thinking of the other OEMs use of a cast aluminum bulkhead in an effort to save weight. I agree steel does have unique advantages, so to match or beat the competition on dry weight while employing steel in critical areas is definitely a plus. A buddy of mine with an Assault broke a motor mount which apparently attached to a tab on the cast Al bulkhead...whole sled had to be taken apart. Fortunately for him it was still under warranty. I'm also curious about the belt drive...wish they had more technical info for us on this "deep dive"
  2. Really no new info here. Cat website has poorly phrased anecdotes and ACi is still the premiere source of Cat related content. Was hoping to get some engine and belt drive details as well as some more specific rear skid info. Confirmation of 10% weight loss is great but still vague. Impressive they dropped that much while going with a steel bulkhead
  3. Yeah I hate that too. Polaris was doing something similar with suspension travel specs on their SxS....they were listing "wheel travel" even though the actual suspension travel was less.
  4. I like the sound of that! When everything officially launches I'd like to see dry weight on the website again.
  5. So do you think Cat will give us a dry weight on this thing tomorrow??
  6. One dealer, which is run by one of the most committed Cat guys out there with Cat heritage, does not in any way represent the reality elsewhere. Now I'm starting to understand your incredulity that Textron has made serious missteps.
  7. Never seen a single Blast on the trail personally. This is where the online order only model backfires; is a newcomer really just going to drop $8700 on a sled they can't even see? Man, back when dealers were everywhere and you could see one in person this might've worked. My area has 2 major multi-brand dealers servicing the municipal area; one dropped Cat completely and the other is now dealer-to-driveway only. So the potential customer has no choice but to "ride a spec sheet" and what they'll find is: Cheap clutches, cheap shocks, cheap headlight, cheap gauge, cheap switchgear....ironi
  8. For sure. I tried to find a different lens mid season last year and everything was back ordered. Found a smoke one randomly back in July and I'm thinking I'll like it much more.
  9. I agree yellow is versatile and I like them for goggles. Given that with the Mission has a clear shield, for the flip down lens I wanted something that cut down on the bright light better while still providing contrast on flat light days, so I picked up the smoke lens.
  10. Have you considered swapping the tinted lens? I wasn't a fan of the yellow it came with. Thursday I picked up a new CKX balaclava that's better suited to the helmet style. Between the chin curtain and the rubber breath divider there's no need for fabric over your nose or mouth.
  11. Whoa whoa whoa, pump the brakes there chief.... you mean to tell me, that Textron mishandled a company they acquired!? Proposterous!
  12. TDS that's actually hilarious It is actually possible that Textron has improved Cat's bottom line AND completely botched its handling of the brand, its perception, and its presence. It is actually possible to want to see Cat do well AND criticize its parent company. I've said before the game has changed. All brands are now divisions of billion dollar parent companies. How these companies handle these sled brands matters.
  13. Well let's see: Hype for the 60th?? You must be joking. The heat from the Cat faithful was fierce enough to actually motivate Textron (after the fact) to produce some 60th memorabilia. Dropping the Cat name on the dirt side immediately (wow, that's arrogance) When that failed they rebranded the ATV line as Tracker (smart business move to be fair). Doesn't mean anything for Cat tho Hocked their aviation pedigree to the masses, but none of their corporate transplants know a damn thing about snowmobiles Eviscerated the dealer network. I looked recently, there used to be
  14. You forgot slapping TEXTRON SNOW on the side
  15. No promises on future rants but for now I digress
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