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  1. Intersection of trail 591 and 593 near Hilliards (South of Grand Rapids). Taken mid February 2021.
  2. Out for a bluebird ride in west Michigan with my fiance and niece.
  3. Premium

    Ultimax Belt

    Tried Ultimax for the first time this season on my 17 Turbo and I'm very impressed. About 700-800 miles on it now. Hard to be sure (butt dyno), but it feels like it pulls harder/grips better. My OEM belts last about 2k on the dot, so at half the cost the Ultimax only needs to make it 1000 miles to be the better choice all around.
  4. Except she's not that good with numbers...most notably she conflates case fatality rate with infection fatality rate. Case rate is a poor indicator of actual infection prevalence, especially in the case of COVID-19 due to the high number of asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic individuals. Even the CDC recognizes actual total infections are potentially up to 10x the reported case count. A recent study in published in Nature estimates that 103 million Americans already had COVID-19 by the end of 2020. So, with 103 million infections and 400,000 estimated deaths (2020) in the US due to COV
  5. I'm 10 hours away and thought about going...some of you all live in the same state and barely consider it!? I'm triggered
  6. Textron probably gave Kloety a race budget the size of my niece's allowance. SMH.
  7. Wes leaving Cat will be a huge blow to their USXC team. Cat is a shell of their former greatness.
  8. Even had the fiance on board til she saw the price! Definitely a beautiful piece of Cat history though.
  9. That tricolor logo is also one of my absolute favorites. Do you know if it has a specific name? I've searched around trying to find the image vector so I could make my own stuff out of it since there really aren't many items featuring it.
  10. I've started buying parts already. I typically start going through everything in September and take my time. Being meticulous and knowing everything is done right is a great way spend the fall and what would otherwise be an anxious wait for the first rideable snow. Most attention will be spent on the Turbo this year since it's it now at the 4k mark.
  11. Premium

    Turbo tards

    998 here as well
  12. The twin spar was a real WTF moment that alienated a lot of Cat riders. On the heels of the lightest, fastest, and sexiest sleds on snow, the Firecat, they did a complete 180 and made the heaviest, slowest, and ugliest units out there (yes, I know they were comfy). Guys began jumping ship to the far lighter and better looking XPs and IQs of the time. An agonizing 4 years later we got the Procross, a unit that ironically was released far too early and way too cheap. It wasn't until the 14s hit the snow that it was finally the great sled it should always have been. I can't help but thin
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