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  1. I dunno.... that first GB touchdown drive occurred after the clock had hit zero on a huge throw by Love. Considering that, the Lions defense basically held them to one touchdown, denied a 2 pt conversion, got a sack, and an interception in the second half. I'd credit GB for finding ways to get some points on the board.
  2. The subscriber pages have articles going back to 1988.
  3. https://www.startribune.com/john-thompson-survived-his-farm-accident-30-years-ago-surviving-his-fame-has-proven-harder/600177362/ Sounds like he has good use of his arms but his hands are limited.... and struggled both physically and mentally on and off over the years. Best wishes for recovery to Travis Muller and his family.
  4. I have the digital subscription so there may be earlier access than the print? I should also add that the article Caddisfly is referencing is considered the October issue according to my digital access dashboard on snowgoer.com
  5. The Polaris used in the issue was the 650 so that's not surprising against 600s. The 650 gives big bores a run up to 70. The crew cited the stock skis as the item holding the Catalyst back from great handling, a sentiment I've shared on Cats forever. Really their only true gripe was engine noise which they said was exceptionally loud. They described the Catalyst as light agile and balanced with an ideal riding position reminiscent of the sno pro 500.... "All snowmobiles should be this fun!" Sounds like a winner to me. They also gave it Sled of the Year honors in the November iss
  6. That's interesting. I didn't realize these engines were configured that way. Given the fact that they're mounted in parallel to the ski due to direct drive, and the engine already directly beneath the rider, you wouldn't think there's a positional advantage like there is in a sled.
  7. A couple things developed on the snocross track now found on the Catalyst off the top of my head: Ratio steering (Cat) Slide-action skidframe (Cat) Widely spaced a-arms & tall spindles (Cat) Rider forward ergos (Doo)
  8. Interesting too that in the interview, Phil Jhant emphasized dealer needs especially and expanding presence. That flies in the face the Textron slash-and-burn strategy that we have seen thus far. How do you grow without presence and representation? Hopefully he can make progress there.
  9. At 8:15, Andy is literally talking freely about having to "choke" out a critical, remote location data acquisition session from the bean counters at Textron Specialized Vehicles lol. Had they not gotten that session the whole project would've been pushed back another year. He then talks about the Cat engineers refusing to stop working during COVID. It's clear here the passion is still there in TRF, despite the Textron muzzle.
  10. *Waiting for the Textron loyalists to swiftly refute your claims via exceptional keyboard denial-ism
  11. Leftovers are typically not a big deal at all if you sell a ton of sleds in season, which Polaris does. Excess inventory absolutely helped the demise of Cat during the Procross years because they weren't selling them in season, to your point.
  12. As much as it absolutely devastates me to find corroborating evidence of our favorite pathological liar's claims, my preferred dealer has 18 MY 2023 Polaris sleds in stock. This is a large volume multi-brand dealer fwiw. 850 (7), Boost (4), 650 (2), V4 (4), 550 (1) https://www.nelsonsspeedshop.com/
  13. The 08-11 sno pro was 100% rider forward and much more so than the 2012+ Procross.
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