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  1. I don't believe that's a Cat. Clutch appears to be a TRA, and the shape of the A-arm and rear scissor arm would also suggest a Ski-Doo? Pipe extends into the nose vs Cat laydown engines that cross side-to-side over the engine.
  2. LMAO. Dude totally lost all credibility when he complained (seriously) about having a sore neck looking back for his buddies.
  3. I agree with many here I'm not sure I see the viability. I have an R-XC and it's an awesome sled...everything is there to be fun, aggressive, durable, and ultra capable. The power from the c-tec2 600 and it's characteristics are top notch for the displacement, but I certainly wouldn't want less. So where to save money? I suppose I could live with a basic gauge, but I like the functionality and I'd maybe save a couple hundred? Unpainted tunnel could work to save a little but not much (and a painted tunnel is superior both in looks and snow shedding too). The closest to what you're talkin
  4. This is the definition of a statistical outlier, being even more rare than an unvaccinated healthy 21 year old dying from COVID (which of course the left wing media would have you believe is routinely happening). The media is obsessed with finding exceptions to the rule to appease each political faction's suspicions and fears. The only thing that sells better than sex is fear. FWIW, I don't support vaccine mandates, so don't flame me lol
  5. I think I read that the Mach will have a normal cable throttle due to complaints?
  6. I definitely agree beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That said, every brand has had styling misfires imo. I find the twin spar Cats laughably ugly for example... don't know how those ever got styling approval. AC twin spar, Polaris Fusion, Ski-Doo Rev Gen 1 and 4, Yamaha Phazer and Nytro. But for every one of those ugly ones the OEMs all have styling home runs as well.
  7. Woof. The Gen4s in general are just not pretty sleds...the 4 stroke versions are even worse.
  8. I don't mind the dark gray personally. Not a fan of the light gray (the 2018 ctec 800 sleds for example). The number of guys triggered by the gray cracks me up...That said I think if Cat had more color options this wouldn't be an issue.
  9. I've always run Stud Boy PowerPoints and have had great luck. I typically stick to the aluminum backers but have also used their Super lite pro series.
  10. Intersection of trail 591 and 593 near Hilliards (South of Grand Rapids). Taken mid February 2021.
  11. Out for a bluebird ride in west Michigan with my fiance and niece.
  12. Premium

    Ultimax Belt

    Tried Ultimax for the first time this season on my 17 Turbo and I'm very impressed. About 700-800 miles on it now. Hard to be sure (butt dyno), but it feels like it pulls harder/grips better. My OEM belts last about 2k on the dot, so at half the cost the Ultimax only needs to make it 1000 miles to be the better choice all around.
  13. Except she's not that good with numbers...most notably she conflates case fatality rate with infection fatality rate. Case rate is a poor indicator of actual infection prevalence, especially in the case of COVID-19 due to the high number of asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic individuals. Even the CDC recognizes actual total infections are potentially up to 10x the reported case count. A recent study in published in Nature estimates that 103 million Americans already had COVID-19 by the end of 2020. So, with 103 million infections and 400,000 estimated deaths (2020) in the US due to COV
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