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  1. Please tell me you're not in Ontario. I'm a very big fan of Shell Gold as it has no ethanol.
  2. Where's that counfounded bridge?
  3. Got this ol' girl fired up yesterday after a 12 year slumber.
  4. Was there not an announcement for students that volunteer over the summer will get $? Might have to try and tap in to that to find a crew for brushing trails.
  5. Here's where I put my custom numbers, but that may not work with your decals.
  6. 1995xcr600

    2020 Permits

    Got my permits; still waiting on email......
  7. 1995xcr600

    2020 Permits

    No email yet for me, but I did get my Supertrax and Go Snowmobiling magazines.
  8. 1995xcr600


    You don't figure the young players can handle the behind-the-back-no-look-drop-pass? <Sens fan here...>
  9. 1995xcr600

    2020 Permits

    I did check there multiple times and it is clear.
  10. 1995xcr600

    2020 Permits

    Did everyone get an email confirmation for their order? I can see the charge hit my CC, but I didn't get an email like I did last year.
  11. Called me just after 6AM with this one....
  12. New, never used. No longer available from Polaris. Asking 250
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