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  1. He was an entertaining "loon" who will be missed, that's for sure.
  2. Nice looking sled; I'd be bidding if I wasn't so far away.
  3. where did you get those rail holders?
  4. Skid dismantled, cleaned, bearings replaced, things painted and reassembled. Just need new shocks.
  5. For fire starter? Oh wait, you drive a Cat.... LOLZ
  6. Yes it is noisy, but not much more than another MX helmet I've worn. The goggles let too much air through for my liking so I've blocked some of the vents off with painters tape. I've also removed the breath box, and blocked off the mouth opening with a thin piece of plastic (margarine tub) and wear a Klim Arctic balaclava.
  7. I currently have an older setup: 509 Altitude carbon and Sinister goggles with the photocromatic lenses, which works well for me. I just can't go without tinted lenses. Before these goggles I had a set of the Scott 89xi with the similar tinting lenses.
  8. If I was in the market (and an American) I'd check this out.
  9. Picked up a wedge driveshaft and a rear skid out of an 88 Indy 400 to do a rubber track swap into my 77 TX 440.
  10. I currently run Qualipieces Trailbizzers with the One Rig Design no-drill mounts. I still have to figure out something that keeps them "up", they don't want to stay hooked on the rail with the hose I had on there for protection.
  11. I've had these and they worked well. Better for slider lube than cooling in my opinion, at least on my 17 Polaris Switchcback Pro S.
  12. Yup, we have an 80 Centurion with Aaen pipes on it and the sound is the national anthem of sledding.
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