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  1. Ontario could likely stop paying the states to take it off our hands....
  2. @BlackstarThat Rush beer is pretty not too bad. Rye and ginger tonight for me.
  3. With my Axys I've been pulling the plugs and using a long nozzle to get through the ports on the cylinder down into the base to spray fogging oil. I do both sides, put the plugs back in and run for a couple seconds, then shut it down. This is after putting stabilized non ethanol fuel in the tank and running it for a while to get it through the system.
  4. Retiring to FLA isn't news; can it be a Current Event? Sure there's more of them this past year, but that can't be a surprise.
  5. Older 509 Altitude carbon fiber here. Amazingly light, but I did block off the mouth vent for trail riding, and I do have various Klim balaclavas. I love the light sensitive goggles.
  6. Organize? I'm amazed if they make it back to the toolbox at all....
  7. This is exactly what I thought of when I read the headline.
  8. How are they going to tax it if we make it at home?
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