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  1. Dennis Rodman. Buddies with "Rocket man". One less war to worry about.
  2. Missed the house! We'll see what happens when it heads our way in a couple of days.
  3. Can some of you please take Trump or Biden out snowmobiling and show them that there is life outside of politics at their age?
  4. Would like to see a 700/750 as well. That's a happy power range for many. Offer something that the other OEMs don't. Be unique.
  5. I would assume AC does. Everyone is a retard in his eyes. Generally try to ride with people who have a similar riding skill level. Keeps the frustration down. Be on time, be prepared, full tank of gas and have cash. Nothing else matters.
  6. Maybe something that no other OEMs have? For some the 600cc is too anemic and the 800+cc is too much. Decent fuel economy and power. How about a 2S in the 135-145hp range(F7) that is currently occupied by the 4S out there? Work their way up to the 850+cc. Maybe mid-season reveal. Nah, that would be thinking outside of the box. They don't do that anymore.
  7. Good insights. Thank you! Fortunately we have a great group of guys and there is good camaraderie with the volunteers, new and seasoned. We do have good relationships with some of our local businesses. They will help us out with tree removal that is out of our comfort zone, provide gravel and equipment, etc pro bono. Plus some of our followers on our FB/club page will just take on trail work on their own close to their home/cottage. We also have a very good relationship with the local ATV and OF4WD clubs as some of our trails are shared. The cost of bridge
  8. Was in Costco today and followed too many silver/grey/no haired folks pushing carts at well below the posted speed limit. Also the "stay in the right lane unless passing" rule was constantly violated. Fun to watch from a distance but not so much when you get boxed in for an extended period of time and there is no escape!
  9. Hmm, looked in the mirror and didn't see one. So the answer is no! I don't bleed blue, red, orange.... I'm one of those pesky swing voters that make up 25% of the electorate. We are the ones that determine which way the country goes. You're not helping your blue team! Try harder!
  10. Both are horrible. Just like our friends to the south. Not one adult in the room. Sad. Will be fun come election time. So much baggage in PP's closet will be coming out. Liberals will have a field day. Memes will be endless! All of Trudeau "accomplishments" the past 8 years will be PP's bread and butter. More memes. Will be nasty but will provide good fodder for the CE forum. Mad Max may make a comeback with these two quality individuals running!
  11. Hmm. Didn't know Maui had so many spruce and pine trees there but it's been over 30 years since I was there last. Will have to take notes when I go again.
  12. I run the FB page for our club. I post everything we do with lots of pictures and a good write up about what was involved and acknowledge all the volunteers by their first name. It gets good reviews and we have 850+ followers and it does help getting new volunteers out. We have 5-6 core volunteers(executive) that are out on all/most work days and then we have about 20-30 other regular volunteers that come out a couple or a few times a year. However, the biggest issue for many clubs is it's hard to get volunteers to step up to the executive positions and without those positions being fill
  13. Doug We get good snow here pretty much every year so that is not a real issue for us. P51mstg We are always recruiting but nobody wants to get too involved, ie executive board. We get decent turnouts, average 7-10 people but different faces each time, on volunteer call outs but it's hard to get anybody to commit to the amount of hours needed to operate the day to day activities of the club. Hard to be "aggressive" for volunteer positions that involve a strong time commitment and the responsibility that comes with it Open to suggestions tho!
  14. Would rather see Health Canada/Ontario MoH/OHIP put funds towards needles etc for diabetics. Probably a better ROI. Good chance the people using the safe injection sites aren't paying much in taxes. Better chance a diabetic is a productive member of society. If the government is offering free needles for recreational drugs, they should be offering free needles for life saving drugs. It's not right in my opinion. Have a good friend who pays over $1000 a month for his diabetic wife's needs. Both self employed.
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