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  1. I just might. And that's the house we bought.
  2. It did make the national news, and still joked about at the Boise Tanker Base. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/07/24/cyclists-toilet-stop-blamed-for-wildfire/30613585/
  3. My favorite was the bicyclist that took a shit riding the trails, and instead of burying it he lit the toilet paper on fire, burned up all the foothills west of Boise.
  4. We were looking for a small home easy walking distance to the kids, I have to admit I was a little shocked what homes went for in that area but we're also keeping the house up north, I enjoy fishing and snowmobiling too much to live full time in the cities.
  5. Actually it was a very well maintained 100 year old home, it had 5 offers the first day it was shown and sold for over what it listed for.
  6. We've been shopping for a second home in Minneapolis, looking at prices made me think of this post, here's one example.. Date Event & Source Price Appreciation Sep 15, 2023 Sold NorthStar #6411906 $420,000 — Aug 14, 2023 Pending NorthStar #6411906 — Aug 7, 2023 Listed (
  7. I found the stock exhaust in the shed if you want to put it stock.
  8. I think it is, they're saying he's overvalued the property but he hasn't, he just played the tax code to severely cut his taxes that in a way that fit the way he used the property. Is it still worth considerably more than 20 million, hell yes. Is it fraud that the prosecutors know that yet still say it's only worth 20 million, Hell yes.
  9. And there is an issue with that? I'm always arguing with our tax assessor, he thinks property should be taxed the equivalent of Minneapolis, My Taxes went up 70% this year alone, people are getting taxed to death and are tired of it, so what I see with Mar-a Largo, they are saving millions in taxes as long as they want the property in the family then when they sell it the difference will be a huge tax right off and the neighbors will love him if it's turned into a reserve.
  10. In all, the properties in the town of Palm Beach generated tax bills totaling about $977,227, according to the latest tax rolls. Those have a total market value of $54.64 million, with the taxable value slightly lower, according to records. The tax-roll value assigned to Mar-a-Lago was not figured on what the land and buildings are worth in the traditional sense, according to the Palm Beach County Property's appraiser's office. Instead, the values are figured using a formula called an “income approach,” which capitalizes the net operating income that the private club reports to the
  11. Have you been to the NE corner of the Panhandle, I'm surprised he was able to sell it at all? A much different market tha South Florida.
  12. It's kinda odd, every financial statement I've filled out has been along with a loan officer and any under or over value was discussed and the agreed on value was put on the statement. It's like people have no understanding of submitting financial statements.
  13. Have you seen said financial records or are you just relying on what the media tells you? How come the Financial institutions affected aren't complaining about fraud and only government entities, isn't that a gross overstep?
  14. When it's dismissed, you'll have to dig deep before you hear about it.
  15. From what I've read, that's what they wanted to do from the start, a Jury trial would have slowed the process, I'll buy the beers if this isn't quickly dismissed in appeal.
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