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  1. I don't know how deep you want to dig into it, but since classes started on August 23rd they've had 4 staff test positive with Covid and no students, in fact for the whole month of August only one student has tested positive for covid, for a school that size it's nothing. and that's only testing positive not hospitalizations.
  2. I don't see the flu vaccine on the list, aren't they similar, respiratory viruses? There have been several cases where people have had severe reactions to the covid vaccine and people are hung out to dry without the manufactures held responsible, If they mandate it, someone needs to be held responsible for these adverse reactions.
  3. Correct, and if you just google the story you'll find the press is trying to link it to Desantis not allowing mask mandates in school, so if school hasn't started how is not mandating masks responsible for their deaths, I had this conversation with an uber liberal when I mentioned it was interesting Biden mandated vaccines right after the peak of this wave, and wondered if it was so he could say after his mandate covid cases went way down, when it already started trending that way.
  4. And as it states they contracted Covid and died before the school year started, but I was trying to find the article that also stated they've had no further serious cases since the school year started. It would also be interesting to know if they had other health issues and how all 13 that contracted Covid became infected before the school year even started, it had to be at least a month before they would have even been working.
  5. They've really cleaned up the news, I had been trying to find the original NPR article, where they reported all were African American and unvaccinated. They also stated all had contracted Covid and died before school started on August 23rd, this is the closest to the original NPR article that I could find. https://www.kcbx.org/post/least-13-miami-dade-school-workers-have-died-covid-19-less-month#stream/0 quote An uncertain start to the school year Carvalho said that among the 13 deaths, the majority of people contracted COVID-19 and died before the beginning of the s
  6. I don't see Covid on the list, if they're going to mandate the vaccine, they need to accept the consequences of adverse reactions and remove the liability restrictions.
  7. To meet even 20% is a near impossibly, They know it, but are too embedded in pushing it for a year, hence why the mandates are going away, Hell even Uber Liberal Minnesota decided they didn't need them for the State Fair. Making kids wear them in school isn't a safety concern, it's about control. So no fabric masks don't work and are actually more dangerous when worn improperly, that's why NIOSH will not only fine me for providing them as a PPE but will also criminally charge me.
  8. As someone that has had to study and follow NIOSH guidelines my whole life, Masks are worthless against the virus, now even liberal virologists are saying masks are at best 20-30% effective if worn correctly. With a little studying you'll find out worn correctly is not wearing the same mask for more than 20 minutes, changing immediately if contaminated, and replacing after every chance of contamination, and that's to get maybe 20% protection, after that it starts to be a deficit.
  9. It appears the big Coverup might be getting exposed. https://www.yahoo.com/news/revealed-scientists-dismissed-wuhan-lab-140928767.html
  10. It's going to be interesting, as soon as they start terminating, if they actually do, a friend I work with is ready to file if he does get terminated and if his unemployment is refused he's planning on litigating it. Expect a lot of that happening, he's already past the deadline to comply but hasn't been let go.
  11. So when you have no answer. 🤔 When my Dad had his stroke, I had lot's of time visiting with Nurses doing home health care and nurses that were pulled from the hospital to fill the shortages, they all liked the home health care because of the more personal care, same with those that move to working at nursing homes, out of curiosity what was your position at the 2 hospitals you claimed to work at?
  12. You're cherry picking the Nursing positions, one of the reasons nurses are going to Home Health is they have more control over their hours.
  13. Working in Home health care was an increase in Pay and benefits, along with better hours.
  14. So over 10% are willing to leave their job if they're required to get the shot. I don't doubt there is no mass exodus but in such a stressed environment they can't afford to lose any nurses.
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