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  1. I know you just like being an Idiot, but as I've stated before, I do have my vaccines that have helped me get jobs with foreign governments that require them, but with the outbreak at our company 5 of the people with the worse symptoms are all vaccinated, 4 of the others sick are unvaccinated and the rest with cold like symptoms are all unvaccinated. Are you still wearing your face decorations?
  2. Where the Hell did you pay $100 a box, I got 3 boxes for $40, My company training in New Mexico starting Thursday got cancelled do to a Covid outbreak, it sounds like 50/50 wether someone has cold like symptoms or really sick. As for why did I buy tests, I have a grandson that just turned one and it makes his mom more comfortable when we visit if we'll test before we drive down there, (They live in MSP). It's their first child so even though they haven't asked us to, it just makes them more comfortable.
  3. Of course FOX likes him, he gives nonstop Dumbass entertainment. 😂😂😂
  4. Taylor Bunke for the Pro win. 2 in a row
  5. Aaron Christensen wins Pro Open again in Iowa.
  6. I've been watching a conversation among doctors, I didn't read the above document, but the documents I've read where they talk about being highly efficacious were for the original strain of Covid and as others have said there are long term problems showing up with diminishing peoples immune system.
  7. I've said since the beginning other than political science, science supports the masks used don't work. A simple rule for PPE's is the smell test, if you can smell an odor thru the mask you're wearing, you're not protected. For you mask wearers put on your mask of choice and fry up some bacon, if you can smell the bacon your mask is worthless.
  8. On the Federal aviation side we still have to ground ourselves after getting the vaccine but not after we've tested positive for Covid due to the risk of myocarditis, granted the time we have to be grounded has shrunk to a couple days but there is no talk of mandatory grounding after a positive test.
  9. This from Bosek's, Pine Lake.
  10. Aaron Christensen wins Pro-Open at Pine Lake, 2-Laps kid placed second and Re Wadena was 3rd.
  11. Well the way they treated Brian Dick when he said the Arctic Cat base wants a sled that's based on race sleds was too show him the door because he didn't see the direction that Textron wants to go.
  12. Ya that's pretty obvious, I'm a little shocked the doctor that has been talking about the Original Antigenic Sin was very vocal that everyone needed to get vaccinated, he's posted a few other articles but they're hard for a layman to understand, but the jest of all articles were the vaccines are going to cause long term problems to the immune system and vaccinating kids is extremely dangerous. At the time I felt I made the correct decision to get vaccinated, now I'm having second thoughts.
  13. If you read the article, in the long term vaccinated people are the greatest at risk due to their immune system being compromised, I got this article from a thread of doctors that when I was on the fence to getting vaccinated myself helped me decide to go ahead, now the story is changing and there are serious consequences showing up for getting vaccinated. I guess there is a reason they normally take several years to get a vaccine approved.
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