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  1. It was 1990, I had a 500SP I forgot about that one.
  2. I forget what year Bunke's brought their SOO sled to Pine lake, everyone was blown away to see an actual Mod sled, the Mod class up till then was always used as a pre-run to get their stock sled ready for Pro-Stock. But now instead of the Pro class it looks like the Sport class is the most important, I wonder if Herf will move down?
  3. Back in the 80's it was 56hp racing, 90's they moved to 440's, as the 440's disappeared they went to 600's in the 2000's and finally to EPA compliant 600's.
  4. Then how come last year you didn't know his kids were racing Doo's?
  5. I've heard from so many people here, that all they did was change the plastic and called it a Matrix.
  6. But last year the totally stock Catalyst was outrunning even the Mod sleds, and Jimmy won't answer how it got slower..
  7. I just don't understand this, Jimmy said it was so dominant, that even stock last year it was cleaning up in the Mod class, diid it suddenly get slower or did the racers get complacent thinking they had it in the bag and not do any setup? Did they give the fast one to the sport guy?
  8. I'm thinking he should have a White Pit coat with a fur lined hood, then the glasses would be a great fit.
  9. It sounds like Lil Hollywood pulled off the win in Pro-Stock, did a Catalyst even make the top 10?
  10. Typically on a turbo-normalized engine zero boost would be rated at 29.92 in/Hg at 15 °C (59 °F) which is considered zero altitude on a standard day, so any decrease in barometric temperature adjusted for 59 degrees would start adding boost.
  11. All insurance seems to be going crazy, I've had no claims and just damaged the tailgate on my Pickup, I was told if the repair is under 2 grand don't turn in a claim, the increased cost of premiums wouldn't be worth it.
  12. Too much talk of zero boost at sea level.
  13. It's been an interesting conversation, I've considered Turbo- normalizing my Bonanza almost since I bought it. Granted airplanes don't have the sophisticated electronics that a snowmobile has but in aircraft turbo-normalizing really underperforms compared to a NA plane until you get a little altitude, so for a flatland sled it would make me question if the complexity would be worth it, other than a cool novelty. I had hoped to get some time on a Polaris Boost just to see if the Lag would be noticeable in the trails or lake but Mother Nature didn't comply.
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