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  1. One thing that hasn't been discussed here is the Copy Cat aspect of these shootings, how much of this is media caused, I was just watching this morning and I blame the 24 hour news media. Her note saying she was about to die but soon be famous is almost fully blaming the media.
  2. Fixed it for you..😂 I heard he fell off doing 30..
  3. You're famous, Jimmy will now worship you, you're the best friend ever, no other friend is even close, in fact all his other friends now suck....
  4. If you studied history, (I know you're normally just full of shit) You'd know there were a great number of slaves that didn't want to be freed, they were actually taken well care of and liked their life. As far as the second part of your ridiculous reply, what was stated was the people responsible for raiding the villages should have a higher responsibility than people that had no connection. My ancestors didn't come here until the early 1900"s so they would not have had a chance to be descendants of slave owners, why should I be responsible for reparations over the people that led the raiding
  5. The ugly truth is it wasn't free labor, slaves were purchased under a free market for a price based on what they may be capable of, housing food and medical was taken care of, the people that should be responsible for reparations should be the countries that allowed traders to rip people from their homes for profit. I think all our ancestors suffered coming to this country and I've yet to talk to any African American that would like to go back to their country of origin. Now if you want to have a serious talk of reparations then let's talk Native Americans, the opposite is true, I've yet to ta
  6. As much as I pick on "HOLLYWOOD", I have to give him credit for how well his kids are doing, it sounds like Wes and Herf have taken both of them under their wings and helped them a lot.
  7. I didn't take his response quite that way, but you can be sure some engineering was cost reduced out of the final product, now would be a fun time to sit down with the ARGO crew and the current Cat crew and get an honest perspective of the final product.
  8. I know 3 people that snowchecked new sleds, I haven't been around lately because of work, but I was fielding questions from them about my XCR before they put down their deposit.
  9. You're wrong on so many items here, Joey didn't want to retire, when he was let go he went on the road selling trailers before getting picked up by ARGO, also when he goes to the races now he's decked out in Ski-doo yellow, both his kids are racing Ski-Doo's for Christian Bros. So it seems you're the idiot blind to facts.
  10. Brian Dick was fired, he was told his view of where Arctic needs to be headed didn't fit Managements view, Joey was head of Accessories before he took the position of liaison too Yamaha, he was let go by Textron. I think there were around 12 from the engineering department that were let go about the same time.
  11. And yet you still avoid the on topic response, maybe one of your aliases will reply.
  12. I was referring to your posts in general, but like the previous question states, I find that a Jeep enthusiast questioning quality issues hilarious.
  13. Double post. Spin, do you just google "what should a liberal be offended by today" every morning? 😂😂
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