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  1. I'd put money on the Biden family, I think the Lawfare against Trump is over.
  2. It was the summer of violence by the left that led up to Jan.6th, There’s all kinds of video evidence of Trump asking people to protest peacefully, but go ahead and ignore that since it doesn’t fit your agenda, Hell even Nancy admitted she was to blame , for her it was just a political game.
  3. Well you’ve proven to me, you’re just a shit stirring idiot.
  4. My take is the people that control the media also control the politicians, Trump knows that and is willing to stand up to and try expose them, along with Elon Musk. President Trump get’s belligerent but I feel it takes someone with his fortitude to be willing to stand up to them.
  5. The media has lost all credibility, pure propaganda for the socialist liberal elite.
  6. Like I said, it was nothing more than a show for people like you.
  7. It wouldn’t have mattered in that Kangaroo court, which is why it will be overturned in appeal. It was nothing more than a show for people like you.
  8. Are you saying it wasn’t paid to an attorney, It was billed as attorney fees so shouldn’t it be the attorney that was charged with falsifying records?
  9. And what is the crime again, listing a payment to an attorney as a legal fee? And each time the same payment is listed is considered another felony, it’s pretty simple to see why sane people see this as lawfare.
  10. Yes everything you’ve continually said he didn’t accomplish. Pretty simple, to go back thru your previous posts. The things that stand out he was able to accomplish were re negotiating NAFTA, starting to downsize the Federal government, and he tried everything to secure the border he was bringing jobs back to the US by eliminating a lot of regulations along with the NAFA renegotiations and you can add in getting other Nations to pay their fair share to NATO.
  11. I’d say that would apply significantly more to Biden supporters, I voted for Trump the first time because I disliked Hillary, almost everything you accuse President Trump of Politically was actually done by the Democratic House and Senate. I will be voting for Trump again this time, not because he’s the lesser of 2 evils but because I think he did a job considering how tight his hands were tied by the Democrats. You like to point to January 6th, but you ignore it was a summer of violent protests by the left that were encouraged by the left and their media, I believe January 6th was a result of all that violence and was much more peaceful than any of the lefts protests.
  12. What does your hiding behind multiple screen names have to do with Vietnam?
  13. You do know if if he doesn't know the answer, Spindry will jump in and help him out.
  14. I think this is a silly thread trying to make something of nothing, he has a longtime friend and gets invited on trips, the guy was going to fly anyway and asks Thomas to go along, each trip they're calculating $10,000 dollars an hour for a private Jet, if they weren't trying to make an inflated case and would make a realistic value it would be per seat mile. Our company has a Jet so do I have to claim income anytime I'm invited on a trip? I've also got my own private plane, anytime I invite someone to ride along should they claim that as a gift, I think it's been stated before the individual and Clarence enjoy each others company, it's like they're trying to make that a crime. What a stupid whiney thread..
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