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  1. Great book! Wish I would’ve paid more attention to the racing back then, was to busy thinking I was going to be a hockey player!😂
  2. I’ve had the Easymove for about 5 years now, works great for what I need!!
  3. I hit one on the bike a couple summers ago, not nearly as fun to catch air with as a snowmobile!!
  4. In no particular order, fall of the peacemakers / molly hatchet (I like the 11ish minute live version) green grass and high tides / the outlaws (don’t fear) the reaper / blue oyster cult honorable mentions, anything Boston and Rush favorite local band, Chris Hawkey
  5. ^^^^ Hey, your zipper is closed in this picture!! 😂😂
  6. .001 runout and no change in rpm when sprayed. 😎😎
  7. Towel has been thrown!! Will be checking the runout before firing it up again. Thanks for all the input guys. Hopefully he learned a lesson, if there is a vibration, find out why!! At least change the belt to see if it goes away!!
  8. They are spread a bit, maybe not quite as wide as the crack is. A different cover will go on there, but it doesn’t just bolt up like it should. Not half the hole off, but enough that the bolts won’t go in without some muscle!
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