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  1. ^^^^ Hey, your zipper is closed in this picture!! 😂😂
  2. .001 runout and no change in rpm when sprayed. 😎😎
  3. Towel has been thrown!! Will be checking the runout before firing it up again. Thanks for all the input guys. Hopefully he learned a lesson, if there is a vibration, find out why!! At least change the belt to see if it goes away!!
  4. They are spread a bit, maybe not quite as wide as the crack is. A different cover will go on there, but it doesn’t just bolt up like it should. Not half the hole off, but enough that the bolts won’t go in without some muscle!
  5. Clutch has been apart more than most I think. Was on my sled when I bought it (junior class USXC ice racing sled, 400 miles on it). He knows how to assemble a clutch, just a bit at a time! Stock Polaris bolt Will be checking crank and seal for sure! Thanks for the responses guys!
  6. I will look closer at that when he brings it over this weekend, we were on pretty good trails? Could be bits of frost and belt residue? Thanks Doug!
  7. My son had a vibration last weekend, kept riding it and exploded the belt. He said the vibration went down when off the throttle. While changing the belt, noticed the clutch was broken. Did the clutch blow the belt, or the blown belt break the clutch?????
  8. Heard it’s hard to get pistons for those sleds! 😁
  9. I’m more of a 60 guy than 58 though….😎
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