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  1. Seems a little excessive to keep a guy from leaving the parking brake on!! 😁😁
  2. "Dat is all da people need to know!"
  3. You might have to step up to the VIP plus package for that....😂
  4. VIP’s get 2 brats this year!!
  5. Herf is hard to beat unless he breaks down!
  6. My ‘19 XC 600 was a junior class ice racer, it has some extra tunnel and rail braces that I think were supposed to make it to the XCR the next year, but didn’t? Seem to remember people complaining about snow check info that said it was going to be there but then wasn’t?
  7. Now it’s time to start beating up the machines in the ditches! Although the track this past weekend didn’t look like it was groomed by a Zamboni!
  8. And 12 seconds away from another $10k for winning the Pro Stock on Sunday!
  9. Just saw that! I know Herfindahl and Revering broke, hadn’t heard about any others but just trying to follow along from 4 1/2 hours away!!
  10. Gunner Arlaud (cat) won the pro open, Evan Peppel (pol) won semi pro improved. 50% dnf rate in pro open!!
  11. Great book! Wish I would’ve paid more attention to the racing back then, was to busy thinking I was going to be a hockey player!😂
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