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  1. https://www.polaris.com/en-us/off-road-recalls/ 2022 MATRYX RMK, INDY, SWITCHBACK, VOYAGEUR, and NORDIC PRO Owners/Riders: Polaris has determined that the throttle release switch (TRS) on some models can fail to disengage when the throttle lever is released, undetected by the operator. If a stuck throttle condition occurs and the TRS fails to disengage, it can lead to loss of vehicle control, posing a crash hazard and risk of serious injury. In addition, the throttle cable in some Model Year 2022 MATRYX RMK units may have been kinked during installation, which can lead to damage of th
  2. X2 The front bolts are in a different location than when you removed the skid. That’s probably the reason your track isn’t flat on the floor. You may need to loosen the track and remove both sets of bolts. I don’t think it’s possible to adjust the front bolt position unless the back is loose, but I could be wrong. When you put it back together, make sure the track is loose enough, because in the pictures I don’t see any sag at all - that will also affect the way the suspension works and could makes things line up weord.
  3. This is exactly what I’ve been saying all along on multiple forums. I remember it from my childhood, but never had any documented proof such as this.
  4. I agree, that’s too high. Is there already slack in your limiter strap? If there is, then loosening it won’t do any good. What hole is the front pivot arm bolted to on the tunnel? You could try moving it to a lower hole (assuming there is one). I would retension and reallign the track if you do this. Is the front shock spring pretensioned to its original position? Does the rear suspension seem to have a normal amount of travel if you jump up and down on it, or is it unmovable? There doesn’t seem to be any slack in your track, and maybe it’s way too tight.
  5. I usually don’t complain about MN’s 55 mph speed limit, because nobody seems too interested in enforcing it. At 35 mph, even my wife would get pulled over.
  6. Bontz, I doubt the change in dealership had anything to do with it, probably a coincidence. If you’re used to getting a new sled every year or every other year, I could see flipping it. But, just my opinion, there isn’t going to be anything good enough in 23 to make you change your mind on what you want. It’s frustrating to wait that long.
  7. I always thought I missed the boat and didn't get in when I had a chance. Maybe now is a good time.
  8. p51mstg

    C&A Pros

    I wouldn't be worried at all. There are a lot of big Polaris names that use C&A skis and have for decades. It's rare to see racers who use any other brand.
  9. I discovered - this summer - that there was a Minnesota demo for Lynx snowmobiles last year. I whine about not being able to try out sleds and then let opportunities like that slip through my fingers. I can be such a #DUMBASS sometimes. Anyway, is there any reason to believe they'd do something like that again this year? I have no interest in buying a red Ski Doo, but I'd definitely like to ride one.
  10. Never been to an oval snowmobile race, but dirt track car racing is a lot of fun. Actual stock classes using production models might make it interesting - create enthusiasm and brand loyalty. I like that idea.
  11. He and Scott Hansen both performed at Mankato State when I was in college and I enjoyed them both. Really funny, sad to hear this.
  12. Cernovich is almost always right. His ego really gets old, but that doesn't make him wrong. Owens is just a talking head, albeit much easier to look at, at least. "Journalists" may or may not be CIA assets. But, I would say that well over 50% of what is presented as "news" is fake. Maybe a lot more. Maybe all of it. What happened to all the Trump leakers? Nobody leaks on Biden? What's up with that? When Project Veritas breaks a story, I always wonder if this is the time they completely fabricated everything. But, so far I haven't seen anything that wasn't true. The times t
  13. p51mstg

    C&A Pros

    I'm sorry I don't have any experience with C&A skis. I do have experience with SLP Straight Line Tracking and Mohawks. I don't believe either of those skis would fix the problem you describe - I think they'd probably act too much like what you already have that it wouldn't be worth it. I like both sets of SLP skis a lot and would definitely keep the skis when selling the sleds. But, I think it seems like a lot of riders prefer C&A, especially for aggressive riding. At some point, I need to replace my wife's 136" Polaris 600, and there will come a time when used sleds are
  14. Has anyone found enough snow to ride on (in SE MN) yet? By me, there might be enough in the ditches, but it's still pretty sketchy. Northern MN has been good. So good, that I'm ahead of last year at this time by about 300 miles. I was going to bring the sleds home last weekend, but ended up leaving them. I love riding in SE MN, hopefully we'll get some snow soon.
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