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  1. Who gets to ride a demo sled first? Anybody see a schedule?
  2. The snowmobile press might get a sneak peak, as soon as there's rideable snow in TRF. Unfortunately, the first to ride them might not be the first to talk about them. Regular people like us might be the first to talk, since we don't have deadlines to meet and columns to fill. I'm in software development, and we always have a list of things we want to put in the next version. There's always a roadmap, looking ahead several years and what are the big improvements slated for each new release. Beyond that, the smaller things we try to fit in when there's room. So, I'm sure they all have
  3. I don't think you're going to find more than that anywhere, with the exception of the North Shore, because they got some lake effect maybe 2 weeks ago. Not sure what they have now. I forgot about the storm that hit the Twin Cities and southern MN - we only got a dusting from it.
  4. I'm north of Grand Rapids and there isn't enough snow up here yet. Not sure if there's enough anywhere in MN. Maybe the North Shore - they got more snow than we did before the warmup last week.
  5. Anybody use the onX Backcountry app? If so, wat fer, and how you like? I wanted to try it, but just like all the aviation apps I’ve tried, it’d probably cost me money and then get ignored.
  6. I lost access to a heated shop, but did manage to put a new clutch on the Cat last weekend and a new chaincase seal on the Polaris, when the temp was in single digits. What are the betting odds that any trails in the state will be open on Dec. 1? We've got enough snow to put around the yard and the nearest lake is white all the way across. All it would take (for me) is a good 6-8 inch storm.
  7. One thing I'll say about the sleds at Hay Days: They look colder than a ProCross. I've heard that the MATRYX, in spite of the bragging from Polaris about aerodynamics, isn't any warmer than an AXYS. Maybe it's just easy to believe, because they also look cold to me. I guess, with the Catalyst, at least three manufacturers are in the same boat, and we can probably assume that none of them is warmer to ride than the others. I don't know, since the odds of me being able to put any useful amount of miles on a Polaris or Ski Doo before buying one is effectively zero. I can see both s
  8. In March 2019, I got to see the new Riot in person and ride it at a dealership. Before the ride, a rep from AC warned us that the Riots used for the demo were engineering test sleds, and things would change by the time any sled we ordered was actually manufactured. There were two Riots and each had a different rear suspension. They were clearly a work in progress, yet somehow borrowed from the factory for a public demo day. That was the first time that the curtain was pulled back a little for me to see what the typical design cycle might be for Arctic Cat snowmobiles, and it made me in
  9. I’d be coming from the Deer River area, and Aitkin would be closer. Where’s that seminar at, Farm Island? I couldn’t find any events listed on their FB or web pages.
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