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  1. Just laps. They took 6-7 riders at a time and gave us 10 laps. I didn't realize they have a snow cross track at the Eagle River WCDC (until today), and that's probably where the demos next weekend will be.
  2. Excellent point! If I were Trump, I'd pay the fine and immediately appeal (in NY, you have to pay the fine in order to appeal - guilty until proven innocent). But, then, I'd sell all of my holdings in NY and leave. They're playing games with him and he's one of the few who could walk away and be better off.
  3. 1 - It wasn't fraud, the bank agreed with the valuation during their testimony. 2 - The same process is used by all real estate developers. There's no crime here. 3 - Banks don't loan money against collateral based on what the buyer says it's worth. They get their own appraiser. 4 - Kevin O'Leary is right - NY is no longer safe for business. They're no better than China right now. 5 - Good for the truckers, I hope they make their point before their lives are ruined by the establishment who squashes all dissent like a full-blown dictatorship.
  4. Yes, it's hard to keep track of events when they keep changing - even this winter. The first group was definitely the best. We had the chance to socialize a little while we waited for the groomer. Our "guide" also gave us a chance to switch sleds at the half-way point, something I didn't see during any other group. I'm glad I went as early as I did, even though it meant getting up at zero-dark-thirty to get there. You should go anyway. There won't be another opportunity for a member of the public to be able to stretch the legs on an 858 this spring. Anywhere.
  5. I envy anyone that can attend that demo - might be the best place on earth this year to ride the new 858's, all models. On the other hand, I kinda wish Cat could keep the schedule they set - moving venues confuses everyone.
  6. I think it’s someone with a great imagination. It’s well written, but if it’s true then he was at a different event than I was. I was there at 9:00am, when the dealers were riding. I was in the first group of 6 after the dealers. The track was groomed right away in the morning and then not groomed again while I was there. I left around 1:00pm. The only time the line wasn’t very long was at 10, when it officially started. After that, the line got progressively longer. By 11 or so, wait times were probably an hour. That’s about how long it took me to get off my first ride, get back in line and make it around again for another ride. I never saw anyone adjusting shocks in the middle of the ride. There was very little time to adjust anything before the ride, but it’s possible - they were refueling and checking machines between rides, so maybe one of the riders could’ve played with settings then. For that guy to be able to ride everything, he’d have to either be a complete asshole and cut in line after every ride or be there all day. They ushered riders in - it was like musical chairs. If someone decided to stay on a sled and ride again, someone in the next group wouldn’t get to ride and the Cat employees would’ve heard about a guy who refused to leave. Finally, his claims are too good to be true. I think it’s a great story, but it belongs in the Amazon fiction section.
  7. I saw that on Facebook and think that’s a fake post. Nobody did what he claims while I was there.
  8. First of all, on that track, the corners are so tight that the 129 make a huge difference over the 137. On most trails, I probably wouldn't notice. I also may not've noticed if I had to wait in line to ride again. However, on the first ride of the day, our "guide" stopped mid-session and let us swap sleds. I went from a 137 to a 129 on the track. The 129 was a big improvement in the handling department on that track. Never saw another group stop on the track to switch sleds, and there were only 6 of us in the first group. There were a couple groups of dealers who got to go before us, then they officially let the public ride after that. The groomer came out in between and I never saw them groom the track after I left about 1. ERX was making snow on their long straight and the shorter straights felt really short, especially with the 858. It seemed like as soon as I was on the gas, I had to hit the brakes. Not ideal for stretching the legs of a new big bore, but still a great opportunity to ride it, and only the second time all season that I've ridden a Catalyst (with the first ride being my own 137 ZR 600 IFP). The 858 idles much smoother than the outgoing 800, and low speed was also much better. My 21 Riot is a bit ornery at speeds below 25 or so - it just doesn't like it. The ADAPT clutch helped quite a bit, but there's still something about that engine. The 858 had none of that - very smooth and linear power delivery. I rode an 850 Assault once, and the 858 is similar (from what I can remember, that was several years ago). There wasn't a chance to get more than a crack at the throttle, so I really don't know much more about the power delivery. The engine harmonics felt like a big bore, I'm not sure I can describe it more than that. It's not silky smooth like the Thundercat, it's obviously a twin. Sound is very reassuring - like a big-bore version of the 600 Catalyst. I think the ergos and seating position of the Catalyst have been covered well, and I've said a lot about it since last spring. However, it was just plain fun to get aggressive on that track. It seemed like the tighter turns really emphasized the strengths of the Catalyst. Hope that helps. I'm still working on my overall impressions to add that to all of the video footage I have.
  9. I was a freshman in college when Cat went under. Even though I was riding Polaris at the time, I was always a fan of both Cat and the Cuyuna miners, so that was a big deal. When Textron finally let go of Polaris around that same time period, there was barely anyone left to make snowmobiles. The number of models was what... 5? That was a rough time for snowmobilers. It's easy to forget how bleak it was.
  10. That's the best part. The face cards are wearing snowmobile gear.
  11. I still have my 21 Riot. The Catalyst was intended to replace my wife's sled, but she hasn't been able to try it yet. I figured if she took the 137 ZR, then that would allow me to trade my ProCross Riot for a Catalyst Riot.
  12. Even though it would be cool, I don’t JD would need the dirt side of AC in order to make it worthwhile, and I don’t know why Textron would give that up. Argo, on the other hand, might want the snow side without dirt.
  13. I bought a Plain Jane ZR 137, but one of the other guys from the photo shoot bought a Riot. He likes it so much that he wants another one for his wife, but that's about all I know.
  14. ERX is now listed as Saturday only. I’m planning to go, unless they bail completely at the last minute.
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