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  1. I look forward to rejoining the NRA when Wayne is gone.
  2. This takes attention away from gun control, which the Democrats are losing badly.
  3. Republicans are being hunted. This is the work of narcissists.
  4. This is a trial for show, put together so that people who can't be lawyers in real life will still get to play lawyers on TV. Anyone participating as a "witness" is ... 1 - Legitimizing a farce, and 2 - Going to end up in court defending themselves for something they said that incriminated themselves I'd rather end up in the clink over a contempt of congress charge than testify. I don't blame anyone of avoiding it using whatever means they believe is necessary.
  5. I thought our neighborhood was doing well, power-wise, until recently. We had a weird dimming-lights problem that acted like a circuit overloading, but happened to all lights on all circuits at the same exact time. We called the power company, who shocked me by responding almost instantly without giving me any crap about how it couldn't possibly be their equipment. Turns out, our neighborhood was right on the verge of shutting down because it was overloaded - and we don't have a single EV. They installed some new equipment to buy us time, but said there's no way our area can handle EV's in
  6. In the present, people conveniently ignore the environmental impact of mining and manufacturing, not to mention what happens to solar cells, batteries and wind turbines after their short lives. The world will be more toxic than ever in 20 years, not less. We look back now 20 years and realize how stupid it was to try to phase out nuclear, and how the media blew the risks way out of proportion. Nuclear is now the ONLY way to meet our energy needs, and it will take a decade or two to get back what we've lost by focusing on renewables. EV's are still a cottage industry, thanks in part t
  7. There's a secret sauce, yet to be discovered, to take motorized winter recreation to the next level. Given the existing offerings, this is an obvious plateau. Someone will break the mold, they always do. Snowmobiling isn't dying, only the snowmobile buyers who accept the market in its current form.
  8. I miss our 500 XC SP and still regret selling it. As much as I admire Cat for bringing the 400 single to market (I've ridden it, and liked it), I think it will eventually fizzle. I don't understand why Polaris still makes the 550. Ski Doo knows how to make money with their detuned Rotax - that could be the blueprint for Polaris and whoever is left after Yamaha moves production across town to Argo....
  9. In 20 years, everyone will look back and realize how misguided the push to EV's was, and how premature the killing of gasoline-power was. There's a song by Rush called Red Barchetta, and it's about how engines are banned and some old guy managed to hide a red sports car from the government "eyes". The guy's nephew pulls the cover off and takes it for a ride, only to be discovered by the authorities and narrowly avoids getting caught. I heard that song the other day, remembering how wildly fantastic and unrealistic the song was when I was younger, and how true it will become in the n
  10. Old 600 pound Polaris 600. Weight is not an issue for her, as long as that weight isn't affecting steering. Her current sled is that way - steering is surprisingly light for its weight. She doesn't go fast enough to notice the understeer. The Polaris liquid 600 is an excellent engine - more than enough power for her, but also easy for her to modulate the throttle and smooth response all the way from idle to wide open. She actually likes a bit of throttle lag, and so do I - the Ski Doo tbw system is distracting for me, and I know she wouldn't like it. She loves her 570 Sportsman EP
  11. Yes. It's a form of asymmetrical warfare - they have to know that they can't compete directly with 2 manufacturers that control maybe 90% of the market. Spring orders are done and nobody will have many - if any at all - units in stock by the time the snow flies. Their only choice is to make announcements at unusual times. Like, announcing a new model at Hay Days and having enough of them in dealer showrooms on December 1st for people to actually see them before buying one. The other option is they do nothing, and just squeeze every last drop of blood from Cat before closing the do
  12. I couldn't agree more. Both of them were excellent at standing up to the nastiness sent their way. I think the new Press Sec is just in over her head. She's probably more qualified than she looks, but if this were her job during Trump's term, they'd be pulling her out before the first press conference was over. She's not capable of going tow to toe with the cruelty and disrespect hurled daily at the last administration. I really, really, really wish we could dispense with the intersectionality and just hire the most qualified. Let's say she was extremely good at her job, hit the
  13. I'm a season away from ordering a new sled - finally - for the wife. Her priorities are good handling at slower speeds, silky smooth throttle/clutching and light steering. With EPS now added to the Yamaha triple 4-stroke offerings, that seems like a very good choice for her. But, she's even more brand-loyal than I am, and she loves her current Polaris. With that in mind, has anyone actually ridden the Indy 4S yet? On paper, it seems like a good fit for her, but wish Polaris would put their ATV EPS in it. Not sure what Polaris puts on the 4S for carbides and maybe steering effort is
  14. Who makes the 1025R and 2025R? As far as ATV's go, I would say that nothing runs as long and as well as a Honda, but I don't think that's true any more. They're probably outsourcing their stuff to China, just like everyone else.
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