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  1. That's quite a bit lower than I thought. But, maybe it's like the bad injector problem, where it's a subset. Doubt it, but I don't know how they calculated the total affected. With all of the recalls, I'm selling all my newer sleds and go back to the 70's, when things were much more reliable...
  2. 1 - You can't compare hard numbers, year over year, because the value of the dollar is constantly changing. Past or future value of money needs to be calculated and then the converted numbers compared. 2 - Debt will never decrease. That ship has sailed.
  3. Worse than what? Deaths from guns in the US have been trending down for a long, long time. "Gun" deaths are the only kind we blame the tool used and not the person. Why? The "war on drugs" isn't designed to eliminate drug use, it's designed for continuous and unstoppable conflict and profit. The deflection of TikTok data privacy purposefully ignores the real threat (brainwashing kids). Gun violence conveniently ignores the root cause of violence. All of this is by design. Nobody (in a position of influence) wants these things to end.
  4. p51mstg


    I'm missing pieces of the story... the group split into two groups, and this was important to the story, because.... why????? Who did they sue and who was ordered to pay? Wasn't this just an insurance claim? If the stump was located on the trail, what liability does the club itself have? Who conducted a risk assessment, to determine how "risky" snowmobiling is? How much responsibility falls on the snowmobiler to see and avoid? I feel bad for the guy, and none of us wants to either know someone in this situation or be that guy. People die or suffer catastrophic injuries every year
  5. Holy shit, 240+ mph! I haven't seen an Indy race in a long time. Indianapolis used to be a Memorial weekend tradition, but I skipped a year and haven't watched one since.
  6. Just look at the cancelling of orders for Catalyst sleds this year. More people ordered sleds than Cat could make. As far as Textron's ability to shoot their own assets in the foot, it's probably the only thing a large corporation is truly good at. As far as the racing program goes, I'm not sure I can connect the dots between what happened with All Finish and what Cat people are thinking. Does someone have a mind reading app on their phone, or something?
  7. That's a bummer. The Catalyst would be a massive home run, if it wasn't for their inability to execute the spring order process. Demos, too (but that was organized by Marketing, not Sales).
  8. From not far from Bontz's area of MN to the 3 Old Guy's area. We're still trying to track down all the entities who need our new address. I'm not sure it's worth telling Arctic Cat, I'll just have to call the dealer and find out what's going on.
  9. Wonderful. I moved, wonder if I'll ever see the notice. Knock on wood, no problems with mine so far.
  10. The 129 is fun. I rode mostly the 137 ZR's last January, but what little saddle time I had was good. You might get lucky with a cancelled spring order.
  11. I had to drive to the "big city" to pick up my wife at the airport and missed the meet and greet - anybody on here make it? I've ridden for literally 50 years, but feel like I need training wheels next to these guys. I'm awed. Well done!
  12. The latest videos are really good.
  13. Yup, Arctic Cat didn't put "anything new" in the Catalyst. It's really, really, really easy to criticize something before you know all the facts. The hard part is knowing all the facts first. People who argue from a position of ignorance are weak.
  14. Is that the full 2024 brochure I see in the picture? I think that's the best brochure they've ever created, especially Page 6 - a work of art.
  15. I've been following their trip, incredible journey!
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