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  1. Wildboer

    2022 Doo Lineup

    Also the Mach Z is back but we don't know anything about it.
  2. February 28th, 2020. If I took a picture in the same spot on the 26th we'd be sitting at a T-intersection on groomed trails. Lake effect is a wonderful thing.
  3. We've been running shapers on our sleds for years with no issue. Mostly on Ski-Doo Pilot skis, but also on my USI X2's. What skis are you running?
  4. Believe it or not my sled was not stuck in this pic, and they had me breaking trail for their Renegades on my shorty.
  5. 2019 XRS 600r, USI X2 skis.
  6. Generally I think hand signals are stupid. I see someone throw up a fist to signal no one is behind them when there's a sled right behind them all the time, and you should always ride as though there's an oncoming sled around the next turn anyway. When I'm alone or in a tight group I never use them. That said I do throw up some fingers when I'm out front and I know my family is a couple turns back. As much as I hate hand the hand signals, I'd hate some asshole taking off and crashing into my mom because he thought I was riding alone even more. As for people with mirrors not using the
  7. Gotta love spring... Taken before I rolled this sled.
  8. God damnit lol, I meant this: 4FCEAA12-BBAC-4B2C-924B-5468555B8C3E.MOV
  9. The Enduro is actually a pretty nice ride. Having lunch at The Milk Plant in West Leyden after getting detoured by some mud holes.
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