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  1. If I lived in a swing state where my vote might make a difference I’d vote Biden just to keep Trump out. Considering Biden is basically guaranteed to win NJ I vote 3rd party.
  2. It’s pretty hilarious if you ask me.
  3. The storm brought a little over 3 feet of water in the shop I work at overnight. Fortunately we were prepared because this isn’t our first rodeo, the brook behind the building comes up a couple times a year.
  4. Wings. 6 buffalo, 6 honey sriracha.
  5. Explains why I never got it
  6. It’s really bunching up some panties lol
  7. Nothing like this will take him down, nobody cares.
  8. Classic album right here.
  9. Pork tenderloin and broccoli cheddar soup.
  10. Exactly, they’re good for multi vehicle families where you can also keep an ice around. Yeah, they’re gonna miss that mark for sure lol
  11. Tons of em doing just fine around here, they’re just not for long trips.
  12. It’s not, I’m not knocking him for it but his jokes were a bit basic and old.
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