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  1. I've barely been on here in the past 4 months or so and I still know damn well there's plenty of anti-(covid)vaxxers. Also, unless you've found help for your addiction since I was last around, you definitely spend enough time on here every day to know every active users stance on the vaccine.
  2. What is the value of US currency based on though?
  3. What backs any modern currency other than trust? All money is fake nowadays. Doge is good for messing around, bitcoin and ethereum are good for holding. The fundamentals behind it all are pretty much just basic currency speculation.
  4. The Garden State Parkway is a weird highway, no one likes it but for some reason we never change it. Not sure about the sand bars, I've never been out on a boat that far south, most of my sailing experience has been in Sandy Hook Bay and the lower Hudson.
  5. Mine still showed me as a CM when I was overdue, so I don't think so.
  6. I just paid up, pretty sure I was a while overdue so I threw some interest on top.
  7. Nah dude. Some people, like you, were born straight up retarded. Apparently there's nothing that can be done to overcome this form of chronic stupidity. My condolences.
  8. CBD is worth a shot for sure, it's a solid herbal anti-inflammatory. Life's aches and pains tend to respond much better to a mix of CBD and THC though. Agreed, the only hemp product worth buying at a gas station is delta-8
  9. You're a dumb cunt Snake. You're an intelligent guy, but holy shit are you a dumb cunt. he could have died an hour later, he could have lived for years... But the thought he would have died when he did without the police brutality is just fucking naive. True, one of the jurors minds is probably as malleable as yours. Which is the worst part about a jury of "peers"
  10. Floyd said, "I ain't do no drugs." and the defense played a shitty audio clip in attempt to twist that into, "I ate too many drugs." Except he obviously wouldn't have died if no one had physically impeded his ability to breathe for over 9 minutes.
  11. Pass me whatever you're smoking man. An S corporation doesn't pay income tax, that's basically the whole point in an S corp, the shareholders pay tax on the income instead.
  12. Yeah yeah yeah, it gave organizations the same rights as individuals, it didn't actually deem them individuals. The whole thing is tenuous, including equating money and speech. It was an activist decision from the so-called originalists. You have a corporation, by definition it is a separate entity from you as a person.
  13. I never said they were. "I am a corporation" is the most ridiculous way to view having an s corp. Unions definitely aren't individuals either, they're an organization comprised of individuals, just like a corporation.
  14. Corporations aren't individuals,, simple as that buddy.
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