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  1. Spinner is a stand up guy, a buttplug maybe, bat also a reputable individual. I went up with the family Memorial Day and it wasn't to bad then, but I save my time off for the winter so I haven't been back up since this summer. Things are good in Jersey though. Really enjoying my job and I see it working out long term, rocking a bitchin 1988 Toyota 4runner rock crawler as a daily driver, I can't complain.
  2. 2.4l, I imagine I'll swap something else into it down the road but this works for now. First thing I did after I bought it was drive it to my buddies house so I could do donuts in his field. Other than the head unit the stereo is stock, it gets the job done around town but you can't hear it for shit on the highway lol
  3. I'm gonna try not to hurt it, but I already had to re-attach one of the lights after my second trip into the woods.
  4. I'm doing pretty well, installing snow plows in the winter, fixing and maintaining trailers in the summer, mixed with installing hitches. It's an odd shop but it's a stress free work environment and the pay is good enough.
  5. Proud new owner of a 1988 Toyota 4Runner boys! I know I'm not around much nowadays, but this called for a check in. The second pick is with my RC rock crawler than I have modeled after my old red Tacoma. Solid axle swapped with a Toyota trussed axle, Chevy 62" leaf springs all around, 4.88 gears, ARB air lockers front and rear, roll cage, 9,000lbs winch, 35s... 22re 4 banger with a 5 speed, no rot to speak of on the frame or body.
  6. I most definitely never said "less fortunate nations" because I'm not a fucking libtard, and you clearly missed my point on the booster vs. getting shots to unvaccinated areas.
  7. Sorry I didn't assume that you're an absolute retard. That was clearly naive of me.
  8. It's the only norm you conform to Zam! No problem dude, I got the vaccine for myself. Honestly, the fact that my immunity is keeping idiots like you safe is probably my least favorite side effect. Big pharma shouldn't exist, and all vaccine development, testing, scaling, and distribution should have been open source... But it's not, so what should I do? Ignore the fact that getting vaccinated is helpful to others and harmless to me? It's not heroic because I'm not taking on any risk.
  9. Stop going full retard Zam, you're never supposed to go full retard. I'm 31, I'm not worried about the virus or the vaccine personally, I took the jabs because it's the only thing I can actually do to slow the spread of this shit amongst you retards.
  10. Of course you're not, it's unethical to throw someone in prison just because they're retarded. I'm just saying it'd be nice to ignore ethics and lock people like you up for being too dumb. I'm not a big fan of the booster shots because I think the vaccine they're using for boosters should be going to poor countries that haven't gotten a full first round of vaccinations yet. Unfortunately so many smooth brained schmucks have refused to get vaccinated that I just said fuck it and got a 3rd one just so I could be a even firmer ground when I tell people who are scared to get vaccinated th
  11. It sure is, because you belong in one. I'd pay to watch you two become cellmates in a world where all the retards get sent to jail.
  12. It's definitely one of those HBO shows that gets bizarre and dark, but and the characters and story are super compelling. The premise of the show is fitting for the times too, it's not about a pandemic, but it's a doomsday kinda thing with so many parallels to our current situation.
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