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  1. Exactly ^, I just made sure the throttle safety switch is working.
  2. Yup, I got the dreaded email. Going to call my dealer today.
  3. Very accommodating, clean, friendly. The layout of the place seems more secure than others. We will backpack there on sleds over night and have no issues. Also the ride down of the hill there (either way) is faf.
  4. Tug hill last weekend with the wife. 150 miles on Saturday and 65 Sunday before hdg home. Awesome trails and spirits. Just under 500 miles on the new XCR and it has been perfect. The 650 is as good as all the reviews I’ve read. IMO the suspension is a little on the soft side, but makes for an excellent all around trail sled.
  5. Looks like a good time. I had a bunch of friends and family up there last week/weekend , they had one of the bigger log homes rented on 114 in east burke.
  6. Wife and I got back out for over a couple hundred miles this last weekend. Rode out of the Ridgeview motel in Lowville NY again. Trails were good to excellent.
  7. Well, our trip got cut short. Took an hour to get the truck started. It’s just a 6.0 gas. Jump box and jumper cables, still just a click. Tap on starter a few times, finally cranked. Ain’t shutting the fucker back off for 3 1/2 hours.
  8. Yup, cold all day. Wife and I stayed at the Ridge view in Lowville NY last night -18 this morning. She’s a trooper, throw on the gauntlets and she’s good to go. Only did 120 miles though, they need more snow.
  9. Not sure what happened to your ecu, but I had an 09 600 and the voltage regulator failed and fried the ecu. Polaris did have a service bulletin on them back in the day. Not sure if it pertained to the 08, but something to consider.
  10. Grandma thanks you Jt for not being selfish and wasting a home test on yourself. Saving them for the more vulnerable, especially while there is a shortage because we have an idiot president.
  11. Seemed like a pretty straight forward question, 3 years in, she should have been able to punch Bret in the face with facts. Not blubberIng omicron data bla bla bla. Another perfect example of why there are so many COVID threads.
  12. Well it looks like Vermont should be running out of people. Over 76000 total cases and only 90000 out of 630000 left unvaccinated
  13. Anybody got a link to these free snow tires?
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