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  1. The way the media is carrying on about her, would it be safe to assume she wasn’t last seen in a white Toyota in Kabul?
  2. What's it cost for a flight to save your life right here in the US? $6500 sounds like a bargain to me.
  3. Seriously? Here's over a hundred in one state. https://www.nbcboston.com/news/coronavirus/100-fully-vaccinated-people-have-died-from-covid-in-mass/2463080/
  4. Just left a Harbor Freight in upstate NY. Every employee was wearing a mask. The employee said they got the call this morning to mask up, fully vaxed or not.
  5. Sometimes wish they offered a no gauge option, when comes to there ability to display proper fuel tank levels.
  6. I’d also like to add my 2 cents on the snow check. Aren’t dealers like dairy farmers now? For the most part, Dealers are only allocated so many sleds each year. There spring orders go against there allocation. Usually dealers are fighting the manufactures that they can’t sell as many sleds as they want them to take. This way Polaris knows ruffly how many sleds there going to produce each year. Again, I’m not making statements, just thoughts.
  7. Same as everyone else, got the email by the time I left the dealership. Reading the top line, it looks like I still have until the 15th to make changes?
  8. Just finalized my order tonight. XCR 650 136, triple black, 1.35 cobra, electric start, standard gauge. Wife listed our '17 XCR 600 on marketplace this afternoon, sold within 3 hours. WTF
  9. I do... do you even own a sled? I have both brands!
  10. Polaris’ base 129 sled is over 2 grand more set up like Doo’s standard painted tunnel, rails and e start. 2 grand more. Less efficient. Fox QS3. (Who gives a fuck, most of the posers I see on the trail give up quicker than the standard HPG’s do). Doesn’t look like leading to me.
  11. Side note on our last weekend trip. This 1500 mile ‘19 850 Doo only made it 15 miles before going down. Anti freeze filled the pipe.
  12. Don't know how this all works, but I paid $25.00 a month ago.
  13. Rented a cabin in the NEK over the weekend. Trails and weather held up better than expected. Rode a little over 300 miles.
  14. Hoping the weather holds out. Supposed to ride up there this weekend.
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