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  1. Rode Indian Lake / Old Forge last weekend 2/17/24. It was good. 👍
  2. Polaris needs to implement an easy way to remove the fuel from their tanks, if they’re going to keep blaming it on the gas. Last I knew you can’t even get a hose in the tank to siphon it out.
  3. The first year (21’s) had great reviews.
  4. Both of mine were cold start dirty running plug fouling whores. They were 3 months apart on build dates and both suffered from it. It sucked trying to get 2 of them running at the trail head. I used drag them out of my hybrid trailer instead of backing them out to avoid dropping a plug and dying from smoke. Just fucking embarrassing for Polaris. I had no problem trying another one, but Polaris was too proud of them a couple months ago. They wanted more for a leftover 4 stroke than I paid for the 850 Blizzard. So far happy with my choice except my youngest son won’t stop harassing about it.
  5. They’ve been good so far, only around 500 miles. The engines run super clean and the r motion skids ride awesome. Everything else I prefer the Polaris. Unfortunately I didn’t have a very good experience with my two ‘22 Patriot 650’s. Sold one in the fall and kinda just stumbled on the leftover Blizzard at a good price. The wife has been on a Doo since ‘21 and had just under 4000 miles on it and we planned on upgrading hers. She put around a hundred miles on both of the Matryx’s last season (keeping her Doo under 4000 miles) and overall prefers the Ski doo.
  6. They are spot on about the Doo 600 engine, it’s so perfect and refined that it’s just boring. Oh yea they are also right , the Doo seat is too soft as well.
  7. Didn’t I read on here a while back some guy in southern NH lived like a bum and when he passed he left the town quite a bit of money? I mean it had to have been, this is my only news outlet.
  8. Wasn’t my first, but I had a Hodaka Dirt Squirt back in the day.
  9. Awesome weekend in Pittsburg NH. Was definitely not expecting it to be that good. Special thanks to the guy who threw me the twirling finger gesture on trail 145 🚨, saved me a stop from the po po.
  10. Thanks for the update. That sucks. 🥲 Guess I’m heading to Pittsburg.
  11. Just a reminder, this coming weekend is ride Vermont for $25.00 https://vtvast.org/r425-weekend.html
  12. Apparently Woodford area was awesome last weekend. Had a guy stop in the shop Monday and said they dropped at Mt Tabor and rode to Woodford Saturday. Sunday they left from Shrewsbury rode through Chittenden to Pittsfield. Said it was great both directions and hardly any traffic. I didn’t even think they had snow.
  13. With all the warm weather I don’t think they were even running it yet. They had just started running 4th lake last weekend.
  14. Wife and I got out on the new sleds over the weekend. This is my first Doo in well over 25 years. Left from the Brown farm on Cedar river rd Indian lake, rode moose river plains to Old Forge, Stillwater, over to the Pine tree in Brantingham for lunch. Back to Old Forge, where we spent the night. Next day we looped around Old Forge trails , Big Moose, back to the truck. Only 220 miles but overall good conditions.
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