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  1. I have these South Simcoe Machine Linq adapter brkts on one of my XCR’s. Made in Canada. They have worked as advertised and keep the bag off the tunnel.
  2. My 12’ hybrid Snopro is 98 1/4” inside. My Matryx and wife’s new g5 Ski doo are both 48 inches wide overall. So no worries, but add some wider skis or adjust the Ras x Ski doo skis to their widest position and it will get pretty tight.
  3. 860202387 is the Ski doo part # that I used on my Matryx. Was able to use the existing bumper mount (just a longer bolt) for the hanger. I also cut the plastic sleeve and the mount down around a 1/4” to tighten up the slop in the scratcher once mounted.
  4. Ski doo tunnel scratchers on my Polaris 136.
  5. Great riding in upstate NY last weekend. Only clicked off 230 miles for the weekend, could have done that in a day had I trusted the lakes on Saturday. Sunday was perfect, high temp in low 20’s with some fresh lake effect, but time was limited. Started in Indian Lake, should have trailered a little farther north.
  6. Wife and I are spending the night in Jackman ME. Rode over from Pittsburg NH. A little over 170 miles.
  7. Wife and I went in ‘22. They just had the show a couple weeks ago. We thought about going because of low snow to ride in NY. We ended up trucking up to Pittsburg NH to ride. Either direction would be about 4 hours for us.
  8. Yes I think it was called that even then. It was at Rolling wheels speedway outside of Syracuse, they just moved it up to Fulton NY. I had an awful addiction to old Polaris sleds over 20 years ago. Still have the family sleds, but sold everything else.
  9. Is it a bad sign when pics from a vintage sled show become vintage themselves. My son and I on my ‘76 at the Whiteout vintage sled show in Weedsport NY almost 20 years ago now.
  10. We even had an auto body/ custom painting class at our school . It was dropped just before I got up there. My older brother took it. I remember him taking in our ‘72 Polaris atx 335 hood, it was supposed to be a custom flame job but looked more like a bunch of bent up pitch forks. Wish I had a picture.
  11. Me too in shop class at school. 😂
  12. Gettin way back for me, early ‘70s. My mother giving us and local kids rides around the yard. The old Olympic wasn’t around too long, but the caboose was.
  13. Not a very good pic, but my brother and I pretending we are racing on our ‘70 TNT 399 and ‘73 Tx 400. Still have the Tx.
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