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  1. Hey, we still have our ace in the hole Scott Baio. Take that.
  2. Finally got a confirmed repair date of Dec 27th for both of my sleds.
  3. Yes the 1100 frames were reinforced and heavier than the 750. Also the 1100 wheel base was longer making them less nimble.
  4. My brother had a black/silver ‘89 1100. I think I rode it more than him. Lol I Bought the ‘86 used in the spring of my senior year of high school back in ‘87. Beat the piss out of it, bike made a lot of trips to Laconia/bike week. Restored it in the early 2000’s and don’t run it more than a couple times a year now. pic from back in ‘87
  5. Yup, pretty warm here in upstate NY. Decided to put a battery in the old ‘86 and take it for it’s one and only rip this season.
  6. Discipline a child in public and see who starts spazzing out. The end.
  7. Well of course there are, once liberalism forced them to stop disciplining there children.
  8. Those FZ-MT09s are a freekin blast to ride. The early ones suffered from an extremely snatchy on/off throttle, but so did my z900 before the Ivan’s tune. Was able to get out for a little ride on my home built street fighter over the weekend. It’s a ‘77 Suzuki gs750 with a 2000 Suzuki bandit 1200 engine, front end and rear swing arm married to it.
  9. Damn...That’s a beauty. Yes, those integrated quick shifters are awesome. Even the aftermarket ones work great. I installed a Healtech one on this Z900RS, works flawless.
  10. I’m seeing this right in my own circle of friends. 4 cancer diagnosis sense spring of this year. The latest a 27 year old girl, stage 3 rectal cancer. Wtf.
  11. Just as long as they ticket those fuckers doing 45 in a 55 on my way to work as well.
  12. See, it’s working already. Thank you EV drivers. 😁
  13. No more questions, that’s a wrap, stick a fork in it. https://publichealth.jhu.edu/2022/origins-of-sars-cov-2
  14. That quote will be in the book of Ron4seven. It’s going to be in the book of Ron4seven in a couple years.
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