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  1. Also from the vintage national last weekend. The first Ski Doo and first front engine Cat made.
  2. Looks like an attempt to draw you into a “against site rules” kids response to me.
  3. Went up to the vintage national show in Old Forge NY last weekend. Thought this Unrestored ‘78 RXL was kinda neat.
  4. I hear ya, but it looks like she’s thinking,“voicing my opinion at an abortion rally is one thing, but I ain’t giving up cock”.
  5. Female cop gettin in some “manhandling”, I like it.
  6. Through out the nineties, during bike week we used to camp up back at the track in Loudon until the AMA stopped racing there. Think the last year for the Superbikes was 2001. Those were some good times.
  7. https://trumpbundle.thekidsguide.com/m-gdrtv.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImszyodvG9gIVdebjBx1uvADVEAAYASAAEgJ_i_D_BwE
  8. Wife and I were up there this weekend as well. We stayed at the Seymour lodge in Morgan. Only rode Saturday but pounded out a little over 200 miles. Took advantage of the free New Hampshire weekend. Ran over to Pittsburg quick, then back to April’s Maple in Canaan for a snack. Hit the border trail back to Derby, gotta eat at the Cow palace. Made a long loop heading back to Island Pond then trail 2001 back to Morgan.
  9. From the Whiteout vintage show last weekend. I’ve seen this sled many times, but never heard it run. IMG_1910.MOV
  10. Yes, the only difference is the person on the assembly line this year wasn’t lining up the pre determined marks hose and case.
  11. IMO checking the coolant line is a must do. The hose has a white stripe on it at the water pump mounting end, lining that up with the line cast on the case solves the issue. The cast line is between the 3 to 4 o’clock position. My hose was installed with the stripe at the 1 o’clock position and hose was slightly rubbing the starter brkt. Lining up the hose with the cast line gave me a 1/2 inch of clearance on the starter brkt.
  12. Wife and I went out of Shrewsbury (unloaded at the groomer shed) last Sunday morning. We had plans later in the evening, so just went for a few hours. Took trail 4 across to 12 north to Bridgewater. Stopped at Ramunto’s brick and brew, we were early they don’t open until noon. Headed back up 12 to 125 over to S. Woodstock general store. They have inside seating and make an excellent Bfast sammich. Took trail 4 straight back across, made a couple loops in Coolidge state forest. Around 70 miles, all in all trails not bad. Hopefully they will get better this week.
  13. Exactly ^, I just made sure the throttle safety switch is working.
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