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  1. sell it ,i had one, direct drive and it sucked
  2. i had to call my brothers wife to say we would be late,he sunk his sled in the cove at the camp with andrew shaw,s (chicago blackhawks)dad on the back lol
  3. First openly transgender rep. in New Hampshire arrested for stalking woman with protective order for the second time since August November 22, 2022 No Comments Stacie Laughton, the first openly transgender representative in New Hampshire, was arrested for violating a protective order that had been filed against Laughton. The 38-year-old, who was born Barry Charles Laughton Jr., was arrested on November 12 for violating the protective order by allegedly trying to contact the victim, an unidentifi
  4. Israeli-made infrared lenses, along with over 200 other components from the US, Europe and other allied nations, have been found in Iranian drones used by Russia in its invasion of Ukraine, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Mohajer-6 UAV with serial number P071A-020 seen during the Eqtedar 40 defence exhibition in Tehran.© (photo credit: Mehdi Bakhtiari/Fars News Agency) About three-quarters of the components of the drones were American-made, according to Ukrainian documents shown to WSJ by the Kyiv-based nonprofit Independent Anti-Corruption Commis
  5. my daughter took the ea course and tacked on a 3 rd year speech therapy,took a job in ottawa starting at 60.00 hr and until her client list builds up she works part time at a daycare and works a cafateria at a car dealership,,,, lol,,
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