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  1. I bought a BRP oxygen last year and its great but its fucking hot to wear. What do you fat guys wear? I like the heated shield part of things but some guys are talking about heated goggles? Thats new to me. So what you doing?
  2. Bought the BRP oxygen helmet last year and the only complaint is the fucker is HOT. I sweat like a stuck hog in the thing. Last winter was way to warm for this guy. Other than that i love love love the visibility and the guys behind me love the light on the back of the helmet. If they could figure out how to only heat the bottom of the shield on high and shut the rest off I think that would be a clear winner in all situations. Just need the shield on high to keep your breath from fogging but shit it gets so hot in there that I look like I just fucked the SI swimsuit calendar chicks one af
  3. Looks like I made my move a couple days to soon. Shit is in the shitter.....
  4. Tax cuts and an economy the likes of which dreams are made of! As a small business owner it was a treat.
  5. hooo leeee fuckkkk this has to be the stupidest thread @Mainecat ever started. thats sayin something.... WOW!! @Mainecat and @ActionfigureJoe are just completely owned in this thread. as usual. Nice try you fucking libtwats..... LOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOL
  6. How long will it take before we find out this is just another bullshit story to drive a narrative. Where have I seen this before.... Fer fucks sake....
  7. Well alright. Diversified a bit more. Bought me some chainlink. Hopefully to the moon!!!
  8. Fuck rolling stone with three big rubber dick's.... Fuckem
  9. Ribeye and shrimps... Yummy. You fucks need to include some pictures. So I get the food sweats!!!
  10. Dogs are the best. Just got done with some one on one time with my 9 year old fur ball quilla. Short for tequila. Got home from mexico and thought it would be a good idea/name.. shepard/collie cross. She's been fantastic
  11. 200 MILLION for a park in san fransico. According to a couple house members "nancy pelosi works very hard and deserves this"... Could fix a lot of roads and bridges with 200 million... FUck all them washington assholes!!!!!!!!!
  12. Aaaannnddd. That thing about nuts swelling and impotence??? Fuck off with you and your fake fucking vassine
  13. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/college-students-chant-fk-joe-biden-at-football-games I hope it keeps up!!
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