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  1. Biden campaigned on being respectful of the press. Trump not so much.
  2. Ya what Bontz said. Sure has been media blackout about this one. Gotta look pretty hard to find anything.
  3. Liberal poster boy is flipping his shit!! Wants biden to gay marry obama to get barry back in the white house!!!!???????? Calls on the fake virus vaccines. completely torches lockdowns and mask mandates. Holy shit is it happening??? https://www.foxnews.com/media/bill-maher-joe-biden-democrats-2024 https://www.foxnews.com/media/bill-maher-sonia-sotomayor-coronavirous-aoc-kyrie-irving
  4. Looks like tim jong un walz is asking for resy..... I am sure the guy will end up in treatment and will have a 6 figure pension for disability when this is all over.... Fuck him
  5. Huh wanna argue with this guy about it?? Where have I heard this story before/??????
  6. That is exactly how my new Ram Laramie drains. So fucking mad... Its got me hiring someone to change my oil from now on!!
  7. Perfect example of what the dem nazis want. Don't talk about the fact that they want to lock you up if you don't take a jab that does jack shit and argue with each other to the point where we throw insults. All part of the plan.....
  8. This here pureblood has the covid right now. I can tell you I would be working right through this mild head cold. Ya I have been doing quite a bit of sleeping but what else ya gonna do??? Had a wierd one yesterday where my hair hurt. That was different. Other than that a very mild head cold is what I would call it.... To the OP I really can't believe those people would go on record supporting things like that. Lockdowns. Bracelets? Fucking crazy. I just wanted to point out though if 50% say they support something like that publicly I bet the actual number is much much high
  9. What a stupid analogy. Our trail ran through a couple hundred acres of his woods. His new house was a small part of it. Im not miserable I just get pissed with all the work of us older guys for the youngsters to piss on it. You know when you add a can you gotta drive like an idoit so people hear you. Its a mindset. Now once again which club do you belong to and how much trail work do you do? I think I know the answer and if thats the case then you should STFU with this entire topic.
  10. Alright well thanks for making my point for me!!! If it wasn't for the cans my trails would still be open. What club do you belong to? How many landowners do you work with every year to keep the trails open???? Maybe if dudes would put the time and effort into trail work that they put into making their sled slower we would all be happier!!!
  11. Wow get down from your perch and come back to reality. Between his new house and the deer he thought were getting chased away it was purely the loud exhaust that got my trail closed. We have more problems with fucking deer hunters than hippies by far. Deer hunters think deer get spooked by loud ass punks and the BRAAAAAAAAPAPPPPPPAAAAAAPPPPPPPssssss that happen through the woods. I don't think the deer get spooked but what you gonna do when a landowner says no more???????
  12. I was thinking this when I suited up last friday and it was minus 33 degrees outside. Sleds sure run goood in those temps!!
  13. Warm up today sucks. The storm that johndee had right over the top of us is now a long ways west. Might get a half a fucking inch.... Sucks. I guess they did open our trails last weekend. Lot of tracks and lots of dirt showing. I was in Babbitt MN and got to scratch my itch. Good times!!
  14. Been in babbitt last couple days. Did 200 miles today inland and it was all great!
  15. Headed to Babbitt thursday for the weekend. Hopefully worth the long ass drive....
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