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  1. As we say over on arfcom...... Not today mr ATF man.......
  2. says the guy who never answers any questions on topic. Fucking hypocrite...
  3. That part was the biggest LOL for me... LOL
  4. Three bags of groceries $159 saturday. Ya thats gonna work for people....
  5. If anyone falls for this bullshit again there will be hell to pay....
  6. you're! Maybe you should work on not looking so stupid yourself!!
  7. @BOHICA you are such a one trick pony. We get it. You jerk off to EV's. I think they are fucking dumb. The whole EV agenda is fucking dumb. It will not work. Think of the money wasted on all these stupid green energy projects and for what? USA is getting left behind because of all the regs and rules on things. The auto industry is no different.
  8. First time in 3 years that I have my signing done without frost in the ground. It was a treat. Pounding fiberglass signs through frozen ground sucks balls. I do have a little tree work to do but I don't have lumberjack status to handle this twisted up mess!!! Tractor and grapple makes quick work of most of it though.
  9. Can't wait to send this to my liberal sister who lives up there... LOLshe still won't believe it even if she watches. She won't watch it though
  10. Between this and the stupid fucking opening "events" I would bet the push is on to not race here again. What a circus....
  11. The lets go brandon chants are great though. Yeah FJB. Communist trash.
  12. Thats fine. I bought the Polaris one and am very happy with it. On/off is a breeze. Like 45 seconds. Got the controller on top of the shifter. Value to me.
  13. I am glad to hear you guys are having success plowing with one of those. I just picked this guy up in August and ordered the plow. Got it installed last week and it sure looks sweet. Hopefully the added weight of the Expedition will help me. The old guy that used to plow for me in his tractor ran into my neighbors house twice last winter. I really didn't need him to run into mine.
  14. You mean like cooking babies in ovens? Or decapitating babys? Like hamas? Ya if we rid the world of every muslim it would be a good start. Ya I said it.
  15. Just another thing the left sucks at. MEMEs!! LOL
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