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  1. This was years ago. My buds idea of theft protection!!!! LOL
  2. You Jerry, Bigfuse and Krom have some damn fine avatars!!!
  3. Nice to split up a steer each fall. Know where your beef comes from and much cheaper than store bought garbage. To the OP: I will add you to the ever growing list of brain dead liberals. I just can't believe how stupid you people are.
  4. Im guilty!! LOL I think I have posted that chick with the huge tits 3 or 4 times. yep guilty!!
  5. I have never studded my sleds. I think I will give it a go. Can always trade it next spring.....LOL
  6. Oh and 5..56 isn't? 300BO subsonic supressed is fantastic when you don't need neighbors hearing what you are doing. I can tell you are ignorant to this topic.
  7. Wasn't going to buy a new sled this year with two dismal milage years but I fell in love with an XCR. Only thing it has that I wouldn't have ordered is the 1.6 Cobra. Coming off 3 sleds with the 1.35 cobra what am I to think of this? If we get snow round home its never very deep. Rode in 2ft of fresh pow in N Sconnie last winter and no complaints with the 1.35. Debating having dealer swap for a 1.25 ice ripper. IDK.....
  8. Couple pics from my handheld thermal. Thats about 150 yards away. Deer and a coyote. Coyote was doing as they said above. Sending a scout to try and get my dog out to the field where the rest of them fucking rodents were.
  9. just bought a 300 black out with a thermal scope and put my 30 cal suppressor on it. That is gonna be a coyote killing machine!!! Thermal is where its at!!!
  10. Ya they call him "The Merchant of Death" I am sure he got that name for selling kittens..... Fucking retards here. Shoulda let that bitch rot.
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