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  1. Sledless Bontz... Man what a ride we are on here.... You and @Zambroskisipping wine with your pinkies sticking out??? Sledless ladies... I got 230 miles on mine and other than adjusting the handle bars its been great.
  2. Put almost 300 miles on my new VR1 hypersled!! I sent these pics to a skidoo bud and he said right color wrong brand. I said my Polaris is kinda like a skidoo except for the amazing dash and the LED headlights.... Didn't hear back from him...
  3. What is Zam the only guy that can get drunk round here??? LOL ya well I got close to 300 miles on my VR1 and I either need to put the knee pads back in my bibs or need some on the sled.
  4. doesn't have to be a snowmobile does it?
  5. Me and the Mileage Man Nick Keller.
  6. I to have to keep it set to max. Did they change something on the later ones that you don't have to keep it on max?
  7. Starting season 2 with my Oxygen. Its almost to hot. Have to have shield on to keep from fogging but then whole helmet gets warm. I am hot blooded anyway. My buds call me prime rib when we stop cause how red my face is. Never even had to wear a balaclava with that helmet yet. Hasn't been terrible cold though either. I had mod 2 helmet years ago and couldn't handle that suction cup on my face. Its not for me.
  8. Same here. Same deal. Hope I don't need them...
  9. Orrrrrrr. Tell Polaris to figure it the fuck out and make your dealer fix it. Unacceptable. Unacceptable.... Come on poo!
  10. I was really hoping I wouldn't need the knee pads on the vr-1. I have had them on every sled for the last dozen years or so but thought the draw to the new plastic was more room to get your knee around. Damn it. I hope I don't need the pads....
  11. So you are drunk again?? Is that what you are tryin to say. You are runnin out of punches in your man card....
  12. A guy by the name of Pit Grunt posted over on Johndee and I called him out on it. Asked if he was the same pit cunt that ruined HCS. Told him he was a snowflake and that he better not ruin JD as well. He PM'd me this "The Admin ..George is the guy that went and screwed HCS. He has a problem and got caught.." So this is how it went down eh??? LOL Fucking coward!!
  13. Its the new gear ratio. You actually probably lost some MPH.... The speedo reads off the chaincase /brake rotor now not the track drivers. Change the gears changes the speedo....
  14. Ya you didn't get to 118. The speedo is set for stock gears. If you ran ricks setup he put you to a 1.74 ratio. You maybe hit 98 mph. Maybe. I run 300# with gear and with ricks setup and my gps I hit 100 mph tops. Us fat guys cant' win races.... Your speedometer sure made you feel good though eh??? Have your dealer set your speedo to the gear ratio and report back. I just leave my shit stock now. Its 850 though not 800. THere is a difference....
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