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  1. You fucking libs are so worried about DJT that you just can't let it go. More lies and BS about this jan 6th stuff. Don't you realize that everyday Americans could give two shits about jan 6th? What do you think matters more the pain at the pump, grocery store, shopping mall, meat counter, heat bill, electric bill ect or Jan 6th? Figure it out dumbasses!!!
  2. So I keep getting these notices to only use my washer and dryer at night so I don't stress out the power grid. Turn up the thermostat because I am stressing the grid. Don't wash your car so much because you are stressing the grid. But but but lets get everyone a fucking electric car and the grid will be just fine. You fucking hippie liberals and your electric cars are the fucking stupidest people on the planet. Look up how much energy it takes to make your fucking temporary batteries. You fucks are worse for the environment then millions of diesel smoking semi tractors. Fucking hypocrit
  3. They opened a fucking theme park for that crack head??? WTF?????
  4. Then people wonder why I won't give up my guns>......... FUck all that.
  5. You do realize that 80% of the elected assholes in the senate and the house were 100 percent against Trump correct? Non stop anti trump stuff everywhere. how the fuck you supposed to get anything done with the deck stacked against ya like that?
  6. You complained that trump played 150 rounds in 4 years. Obama played 300 in 8 years. Calling someone a low iq moron when you can't do 1st grade math. 300 divided by 2 is???? Your intellect is on point of most liberals I know
  7. And Barry obummer played over 300. Dumbfuck. While taking his salary. Oh and now he is an evil multi-millionaire.....
  8. You are a fucking cuck you worthless fuck...... You don't deserve meat. Cuck.
  9. Ya cause thats what we need. The guberment to fix it....
  10. On topic now. I will give up my guns the day that all the celebrities and politicians give up their armed security. These fucking hyprocrites and the guns they have surrounding them is so fucking insane. Fuck all of them!! Otherwise you can have my guns bullets first!!
  11. Fuck you HSR. You can take that shit and go right to hell. Why do you feel like you always have to jump in when the Lord is mentioned. I don't say shit when you talk about your godless ideas. But not a comment about the Lord goes by without you spouting your anti christ bullshit. Keep it to your self asshole.
  12. HUH cdc and abc news. I think I would rather belive the peoples republic of china before those 2 sources. Another thing is what a shitty out of context poll. Look at with an open mind you fucking lemmings!! Would be like saying the retirement home has a higher death rate than the preschool..... Clueless fucktards....
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