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  1. If they cut loose anymore they won't have enough to do a complete shift
  2. You losing your grip. Normally you would post this same day. Still better than anything Cat makes
  3. I thought this only happened in the US, apparently greedy lawyers have spread across the border. Although there are a few sketchy law firms in the Toronto area.
  4. After all some on here have likened Cat to Ferrari, makes sense
  5. Most of them ? Who would those be that you don't feel for ? LOL
  6. The Cats were the last to be weighed and the first one broke the scales, waiting on the scale to be fixed
  7. I get a good chuckle out of how a Textron recall is somehow tied into being Poo's fault.
  8. LMFAO. I mean, that's sad. Thought this could only happen to Polaris. But you got to give Cat credit, at least they waited till end of season. So I'm guessing this affects about 200 sleds. Good on you for posting this Krom.
  9. Maybe Krom could post the recall for his little buddy 6000. Might start up another pissing match
  10. You mean like the upgraded Cat gauges on their $ 20,000 sleds. LMAO
  11. MSRP, some dealers charge less, mine did as I am a volume repeat customer. Maybe 6000 pays full price for his shit
  12. For a $ 20,000 sled, $ 850 for an upgraded gauge is peanuts. And for something I wanted it's cost effective. Having to wait for others to figure it out, Catalyst owners next year will be in this boat, having to figure it out. To each his own
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