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  1. And now the Catalyst will take them to new heights. One guy on here said he never rode a sled so good. Out performed the Poo 650 easily. This after little time on the snow and not exceeding 40 mph.
  2. High interest rates, over priced product and more popular than the Catalyst running around with a trolling motor. On the bold, likely also has something to do with the low pay in Alaska
  3. And Doo (boost) and Poo (boost and 900r) have upped the game and probably already working on the next flavor of engine. This will not help Cat and their 858 imo.
  4. I didn't buy one. Or was this just a comment in general
  5. They don't sell enough to even create a spark. Thought this was a flagship new model, and this is all they sold
  6. Doo has it's own issues. Bought a 22 RXT and the steering shroud out of the box had a gouge in it which the dealer had to order. A year later one of the top side panels discolored for some reason and they wouldn't even warranty it. Of course the machine was 14 months old. First time BRP purchase and they won't honor warranty, blamed the customer.
  7. Agreed. If this was Cat, the poster would not even make a comment. His history speaks for itself. We have never rolled our sxs RZR and we go through some pretty rough shit.
  8. Worked for a large Japanese Consumer/Industrial Electronics company. One of the largest in Japan. Had a senior management role. As South Korea, Malaysia and China started building shit cheaper some of the product the company manufactured got sourced to these and other countries. It was all about cutting cost and maximizing profit for shareholders. I had to replace full time employees with offshore workers (India). It was never enough, every year I had to cut more people. Then my turn came, just a number. I was one of 50,000 employees let go over a 2 year span. Zero thanks for my 27 years of service.
  9. Like Poo RZR fire issue, Cat knew these were an issue. They knew this at the factory and now rather than fix the problem put a band aid on it.
  10. Good point, there are thousands, likely millions of vehicles on the roads today that have similar issues to this. I'm driving a 2023 Tundra with a fuel hose routing issue. Waiting for a fix.
  11. Can't be the snow division. Someone on here claimed last year's Catalyst production was sold out. Think they even said this year's snow checks went well. Maybe this applies to the Yamaha sled builders
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