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  1. two days later and still here. You are a glutton for punishment
  2. Nice, not even close to ice on our lake. At least with ice and a couple of inches of snow you can ride
  3. What QC, Poo has none. If they do, then they are in far more trouble than they think. Heads should roll. Just pathetic
  4. I can ride right from my door. Pickup groomed trails going north, south, east and west within 2 minutes. Also have a large lake right in front of me. Won't trailer anymore, can't be bothered. If I can't ride from my door sled is up for sale. Saw an article a few weeks ago that stated the average age of a snowmobiler is 54. If true, not good for the future of this sport
  5. Seems that little fellow has disappeared, did you guys scare him off. I kind of miss his antics, he gives me a good laugh
  6. Could be based on the in depth analysis provided by the fellow who tested the 600 Catalyst back to back with the Poo 650.
  7. Would not be shocked to see POO and DOO cut back as well. I can't imagine that based on the economy, interest rates, extremely high prices and poor snow conditions that their products are flying off the shelf.
  8. What does it mean for the greatest sled ever produced that's drive belt will last forever, is far superior to the Poo 650 in back to back test rides although neither sled was pushed past 50 mph.
  9. Don't forget, it is heads and shoulders better than the Poo 650, someone on here rode them back to back and said so
  10. Nice, thanks for the update. See leave it to the pro.
  11. That's all you got, where I post my reply. You seem to have found it no problem. Cat is the only one with anything new coming out to talk about. New chassis and maybe new power plant next year. Thinking there's going to be many more Cat posts coming. Garbage, really, 95% market share between the two, sure that points to garbage. Ya, ok bud. Flame away.
  12. Guess Poo doesn't care or possibly saving money by not going. I'm guessing they may all be hurting economically now. Local Doo dealer has sleds stacked to the sky right now. The past 3 years you couldn't get one
  13. It looks to me like the folks who want the latest and greatest (perceived anyways) have bought in and the rest (majority) don't have any interest. At least not for the high cost to purchase, high maintenance cost, low range and 10 year life span on expensive batteries.
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