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  1. Krom getting ready to post another Poo Recall maybe
  2. Did the 5 year check on Cat. Lot's of fire related issues. You are blind to it. All of these mfr's have their issues. To lay waste on one mfr with your constant diarrhea spewing mouth and giving a free pass to the others shows how mindless you are. In this day and age none of these companies should be putting out product like this. Including your beloved Arctic Cat. What is also telling is that the company you pick on out sells your brand 10 - 1 in every segment. Says a lot about your brand
  3. You do a search on Cat recalls and the list is quite extensive. To lazy to post them. Of course the numbers affected are quite low compared to Poo. Could be market share.
  4. What a fucking moron you are, truly delusional
  5. LMFAO now we are into 2025 before Cat launches their new engine. Poo and Doo will be onto the next latest and greatest by then. So again, like the Ctec POS 800, Cat will be launching another out of date engine. Brilliant fucking company.
  6. Maybe looking for a new partner since they arn't getting it done with the current one.
  7. Can't be good for Cat. Where would they get reliable engines from.
  8. I hope when the new Cat gets released you will provide Cat's safety/recall notices for those owners. I would hate to think that you only care about the competition's riders.
  9. In August of 21 I ordered a Sea Doo RXT 300x. Shipped in May of 2022. Sat at dealer till first week of August waiting for the display screen to show up. The GTX 300 I also ordered showed up mid August, told them to pound sand on that one and got my deposit back. Dealer told me at time of pick up on the RXT they already had some customers bailing on their 2023 Ski Doo orders. Now with financing becoming more expensive and the economy poised to decline wondering how many more folks across all TOY (sled, ATV, Boat, etc) sectors will bail or hold off on buying till better times.
  10. Thanks for the update as always. Already received my email from the factory. Now I have 2 for the Fall. This and the coolant hose.
  11. I predict the weather by looking out the window
  12. Good to hear. We need 3 players in the game.
  13. Good step. If it's for a 2 stroke, now they need an upgraded engine.
  14. And that Cat is thriving and building to capacity. No need to change a thing, continue on with the new 2012's
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