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  1. And that Cat is thriving and building to capacity. No need to change a thing, continue on with the new 2012's
  2. I'm betting since it's a ski-doo trailer that those Polaris sleds won't fit.
  3. $ 2.02 per liter in Fenelon Falls (central) Ontario. Problem for me is this grade of fuel i only use in my truck. Premium $ 2.26 per liter for the riding lawn mower, push mower, weed wacker, blower, hedge trimmer, ATV, 300XS, Sea Doo, and winter the sled and snow blower. And I see the leader to the south of us is raising the ethanol content in fuel. Getting harder and harder to find ethanol free fuel. Today it is at $ 2.10 for regular and $ 2.34 for premium.
  4. Seems you missed the point, not surprised at all
  5. I just spit coffee on my keyboard, LMAO
  6. And probably as current as Cat technology, LMAO
  7. It's just a video and proves nothing at this point, but what if the boost is faster than the Cat. What's left for Cat to brag about. Maybe a new chassis in 2027
  8. Late arrival for my XCR limited riding to 525 miles. No issues, needs to go in for coolant hose debacle. Supposed to have a new Sea Doo coming end of May, who knows. Ordered a new Tundra no date on that one. At least I have the boat to entertain me. All in all a decent year
  9. LMAO, we actually pay a premium. Not all of us buy Canadian
  10. LOL, I sure miss this bull shit. How about posting up some recalls on the Poo 22's , I'd hate to miss any. I have the coolant line scheduled for replacement in the Fall, anything else
  11. This is one of the funniest posts I have read in a long time. Several Cat guys bashing Poo for introducing new products to the market. Regardless of Poo's past performance on new product, at least they are in the game with Doo. This post would be tolerable if it was Doo guys doing the bash, at least their brand has something up to date. Looking forward to Cat's new sticker release. BTW I have had no issues with any of my 800's since my 2012 Pro R nor my 840. LMAO
  12. Ordered a RZR end of January, supposed to ship end of April. Expecting mid May for receipt of unit to dealer. Also received an email from Poo that because of material cost increases there is a 5% price increase on the original MSRP. Dealer is soaking up half of the increase. Also have a Sea Doo coming end of May, supposedly. Dealer won't give me a price on the trailer as supplier won't provide pricing till the product is built. This world is seriously fucked up.
  13. You must have been looking clearly in the mirror with this comment
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