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  1. Got that on my 2018 Tundra tail lights. Told the service guy that i was very impressed that Toyota had introduced water cooled tail lights. Got em replaced FOC
  2. 2022 XCR 850, oh wait a minute I'm still waiting on that one. 2000 XCR 800 would be the one for me
  3. You set the bar pretty low here. You missed the grey Cats
  4. They were the only ones smart enough to not waste there time with this, although smart and Polaris don't go together these days. Or maybe they couldn't get back one of the 5 snow checked sleds they delivered this year.
  5. LMFAO. What is that, 5 sleds. Most Cat riders have left Cat for Doo or Poo. Ya, I know sales don't count. All sales mean is that the percentage of riders prefer sleds other than Cat. There is a reason for that.
  6. Maybe with him back i can get the Poo recalls quicker, if i ever get my sled
  7. Fired up the Husq two weeks ago and the Sportsman with plow are ready to go
  8. One thing would be nice with a 900 Cat based on that 800. The flames would be bigger and light up the night sky better. Is their 800 even right yet, or still suffering the EPA woes. Agreed on the parts shortage issues, Cat should have no problems obtaining parts for the hundred 2022's they are building
  9. Milwaukee. Makita was the choice in the past but they seem to have gone down hill in my opinion.
  10. I didn't get an email from Polaris either. Checked with my dealer who had no information. Now I'm wondering does Polaris have my order. I called their support line and talked to a customer rep who couldn't help me. She created a case # and within a half hour I got a call from a rep in the snow division. With the information i gave on my initial call the snow division guy had my order up on his screen and went thru all the details of my order (129 XCR 850). Said it would arrive at the dealer by Dec 15 either complete or with parts to be shipped later. You could always give them a call, pretty i
  11. Don't see your vote on this poll Crnr. A while back you were were debating an XCR. Nothing here you would like to slam in that
  12. I like your "Current Sled" description, got a good chuckle out of that. And i have to admit this fellow is a little more polished than the lady who did the Cat Promo you posted a while back
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