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  1. I lasted 5 minutes. At the 2 minute and 25 second mark I kid you not i had a mouth full of coffee that partially came out thru my nose. One of the best comedies I have watched in a while, well at least for 5 minutes I could bare. You Cat guys are in big trouble
  2. First and last was my 96 Storm, as I said cold seize, my fault. I suppose if I was a Cat guy I would be able to make a list
  3. 96 800 Storm, my fault, cold seize. And my dealer got it fixed under warranty and it was out of warranty. The only engine i've ever popped. And i have owned 27 in my career
  4. Looks to me like there could be some interesting new color schemes (something new in the works) for Cat over the next few years. That should bring the flock back.
  5. The next sled after my TX was a 1980 TXL 340. Really liked that one
  6. Nice to see. So all 10 lumber wagons got sold
  7. You'll be waiting a long long time
  8. I'm guessing weight and range is pathetic, otherwise it would have been mentioned. Might be a good sled to run to the beer store on, providing it's within 10 minutes. BRP reports they will invest $ 300 million into product electrification. Doubt that is close to enough needed.
  9. Based on what Cat released this year thought they'd already gone out of business. The models I saw looked like 2012's.
  10. Brings back good memories of my XCR days
  11. Be a small bump, they were actually smart enough to limit the build
  12. I see a few XCR's in there with maybe your name on it. Would certainly be a monster step up based on what you have now.
  13. Did you miss me. Are you checking an XCR this year, I did
  14. Woody Gold Diggers, have been using them on all my sleds since late 90's. On my triple XCR's I ran inside and outside of rails and never a problem. With the twins have been just running inside the rails, again never a problem.
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