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  1. I forgot to mention that Bridget Ziegler's Moms for Liberty group helped DeSantis craft his "Don't Say Gay" bill. Zielger loves going down on another woman but helped create a "Don't Say Gay" bill. Weird, eh?
  2. Moms for Liberty (part II) Bridget Ziegler, co-founder of Moms for Liberty, and Christian Ziegler, her husband and a GOP chairman in Florida, enjoyed having threesomes with a woman. On one occasion when Bridget was not involved, Christian allegedly sexually assaulted the woman. According to the non-partisan Florida Center for Government Accountability, police are investigating. Bridget is know for wanting to put Bibles in schools even though the Bible features scenes of rape, sodomy, and incest. She is also known for wanting to prevent other people's children from reading any book th
  3. Add yet another sicko to the list: Breaking news 20 November 2023 Philadelphia PA Pastor Phillip Fisher Jr., who plays a large, active role in recruiting new members for Moms for Liberty, sexually abused a 14-year-old boy. The abuse happened a while ago but is being made public now.
  4. You are correct. Experts on other websites are pointing out the same thing. There's only one person who refuses to acknowledge the truth. (Fill in the blank: AK44__). Desperation mixed with obsession is a sad thing to behold.
  5. If it's the same "AK440" who was on HCS, I remember those days, too That AK440 LIED about owning a Rush. Someone who knows him actually revealed the truth. To make matters worse, the same person revealed AK440 owned an early-model Nytro, the worst handling stock snowmobile ever created. He lost the microscopic amount of credibility he thought he had and ended up being the laughingstock of HCS. .
  6. Those guys are good about ripping on everyone and everything. Here's a MAGA one they did that's pretty funny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC0Wml8t33U
  7. At some point while reading this thread, I got lost. I thought it was about Tim Ballard being accused of sexual assault, but now it seems to be about someone named Fabian. Are the two connected? (serious question)
  8. The new issue of SnowGoer just arrived. The test crew liked the narrower cockpit and lighter feel of the Catalyst 600 compared to the previous chassis. Here are some interesting observations from the testers: best power / favorite engine -- Polaris best handling (front end)-- Polaris best stutter-bump absorption (rear end) -- Ski-Doo Cat's 600 is described as having a "rowdy" engine with a bit more mid-range than the Doo 600. Handling is described as "good" but "falling short of great."
  9. I don't know why Liz Crokin would create that ridiculous conspiracy theory. Boebert herself referred to the hanky panky in the theater as a little "me time" that she needed.
  10. Kid Rock still drinks Bud Light. Fox News story about a concert he attended yesterday: https://www.foxnews.com/media/kid-rock-spotted-drinking-bud-light-months-after-shooting-up-cans-protest-dylan-mulvaney-partnership
  11. Here is a list of Republican senators who voted against providing aid: Rand Paul Josh Hawley Mike Braun Marsha Blackburn John Boozman Mike Crapo Bill Hagerty Mike Lee Cynthia Lummis Roger Marshall Tommy Tuberville That's more than 20% of Republican senators. Your claim is clearly wrong.
  12. Here's a list of 70 House Republicans, which is more than 30% of the total number of Republican reps, who voted to cut off aid to Ukraine:
  13. Hmm. When I researched economies a few seconds ago, the sources said the same thing -- California has the biggest economy in the U.S. Here's one sample: "California is by far the biggest state economy in the U.S. at $2.9 trillion in real GDP—and when comparing its nominal value ($3.6 trillion) with national GDPs worldwide, the Golden State's GDP would rank 5th overall, just below Germany and Japan." -- visualcapitalist.com
  14. According to the New York Post, which is a conservative newspaper and website, Robertson "described himself in his social media posts as a “MAGA TRUMPER.” (direct cut-and-paste from the website. I did not add capital letters.)
  15. The only problem with those "facts" is that they come from the Washington Examiner, which is a far-right outlet. The owner of the site is billionaire Philip Anschutz, a conservative Christian who despises anyone that is not a Republican. According to Media Bias, a non-partisan organization, "editorially, the Washington Examiner is 100% right[-wing]. It is virtually impossible to find a single editorial that offers balance." I don't trust sources that lean extremely hard to the left or to the right.
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