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  1. On "The Five" yesterday, Jesse Waters said that the crowd size in New Jersey was about 30,000. (He then said Biden would have drawn 29,500 fewer people.)
  2. District Attorney Sandra Doorley, the subject of this thread, is a Republican.
  3. Thank you for the updates this season. Is the "PRO Points Winner" information that you posted based on the Duluth weekend only? Final standings for the season -- PRO 1. Harr -- Polaris (352 points) 2. Lebel -- Ski-Doo (311) 3. Pelletier -- Ski-Doo (310) 4. Yurk -- Arctic Cat (281) 5. Peterson -- Polaris (265)
  4. $50 million in April is a big step for Trump, even though he still has some catching up to do. The next seven months will be interesting. These are the stats at the end of March: Trump: $66 million raised in March; $93 million on hand (total) Biden: $90 million in March; $192 million on hand (total)
  5. Since wet weights are being used, are any of the sleds heavier due to bigger gas tanks and/or more coolant capacity than what their rivals have?
  6. Is that the sled that caught on fire when residual/spilled fuel sparked within seconds of a fuel stop? If it is, I think the team removed the panels, re-started the sled, and then kept racing. Supposedly the team was averaging 77 mph on the current part of the race after the fire.
  7. I am a Mainer. Which school? If you PM me the name of the school, I will call the school and report my findings back to FS. In the meantime, I googled your claim and found nothing but debunked stories. I myself have heard coworkers say, "It happened at School X," or "It happened at School Y." Regardless of which school is mentioned, the story always involves a janitor who works there and verified the story. As I said, none of those claims have been true. Unlike a lot of modern folks, I don't believe partisan stories unless there is actual evident to support them. (And, no, I'm not a Democrat.)
  8. I'm a Mainer. Usually Jackman, Rangeley, and the County are rideable by now, but this winter has been a bust so far. If you ever decide to come to Maine, I can take you to the border cut trail, which would impress the heck out of you. If you want scenic riding, Rangeley and the areas around it would be a good choice. If you want slot-car racing trails, Jackman is where you'll find them. If you want to cruise at 80 mph-100 mph for miles on end, The County is the place to go. In my opinion, the border cut trail is better than anything else.
  9. According to the Catalyst 600 specs in the post above, you need to use 91-octane non-ethanol fuel. Is that correct, or is there more wording that can't be seen in the photo?
  10. Wrong. The Pol 600 held its own against the competition. Check the numbers closely.
  11. According to SnowTech and SnowGoer, the answer is a big "no." It's not a close race.
  12. That's a good question. The Bush daughters liked to snort a little coke during their party years, but nothing happened to them. Don Junior is also rumored to be a fan of the white powder. If you're talking about being prosecuted for using crack, I'd say Hunter will probably do no time. If there is evidence of other crimes, who knows?
  13. It's been a while since I checked out this thread. Now that I've had a chance to catch up from page 5, I'm amazed at how certain people act when they get busted for lying. To them, it's no big deal. They must think they still have credibility after getting caught, but I don't trust anything else they say, and I hope I'm not alone in feeling that way.
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