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  1. Have you seen the updated correction on that false claim about the pallets? The pallets have NIDO on them, not baby formula. NIDO is powdered milk made by the Nestle Corp. It's not for babies.
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^ This is the part that interests me the most. Here is my attempt at an "adult conversation," as requested by Badger. Hilary, a candidate that many people hated, still got 66,000,000 votes, even after Comey revealed the "Hilary's email" letter to Congress a week or two before the election. Did fifteen million additional people vote for Biden four years later? It's possible, especially since votes for Trump jumped by eleven million over that same span. Based on my own circle of friends, relatives, and coworkers, I suspect lots of people who did not vote in 2016 decided to vo
  3. From my own experience, the '17 Assault 800 and the '20 Assault 850 have more motor than the 2019 and 2020 Doo 850s. Did Doo up its game with the '21 and '22 models? <edit> The '19 Doo 850 was a belt blower, but the motor had over 10,000 trouble-free miles when the owner traded it toward a '22 850.
  4. Whether he was claiming Cat was second in sales or that only a handful of 2012 Cats that his dealership sold had belt issues, krom was far from a trustworthy source on HCS. I used to have fun using actual evidence to bust all his lies, but then I received a private message from someone who knows him, telling me to go easy on him for certain reasons. I stopped replying to his posts after that because it was the right thing to do. Part of me is impressed that he's now slinging BS here and probably expecting people to believe his every word. Part of me is also impressed that he STILL spends 98% o
  5. Wrong as always. Wes Selby and Micah Huss, a Cat team, could not finish the race in 2019 because their engines failed. And before that -- back when more than just a few people chose to race Cats in the Iron Dog -- a bunch of Cat's new crossover sleds suffered engine failure and other component failures during the race. (I'm not sure what Cat's crossover model was called then, but it's the one that Cat created by copying Polaris's Switchback.) Cat defenders said bad fuel was to blame, but oddly enough, Poos didn't have any issues. It really comes down to engine quality, doesn't it? "O
  6. Let's see. Do I believe a BUNCH of people who provided actual evidence that Cat's 2023 models are not sold out, or do I believe the only person who says they are? Decisions, decisions . . .
  7. Who's the real idiot? (I bet you won't be able to grasp the irony.) Check out Country Cat's inventory: https://www.countrycat.com/machine-inventory/snowmobile The pattern of lying continues . . .
  8. Don't forget to include the Pro Lite finals for the enjoyment of us Polaris riders: 1. Evan Christian -- Polaris 2. Ryley Bester -- Polaris 3. Korbyn Anderson -- Doo <4. Nick Lorenz -- Polaris> With Friday's Pro win and last night's Pro Lite win, Polaris racers had a terrific weekend. Doo did as well. Where's ZR600RR? I can't wait to hear his spin on the race results from Friday and Saturday.
  9. My nephew and his army unit are patrolling the border at this very moment.
  10. Bontz said, "LOL .. Zambo had his feelings hurt, and took a sabbatical from here." I give the little guy credit for sticking to his guns. This place is (was?) his life. He had 40,000 or 50,000 posts his first year (before the post count was reset), which tells me he spent all of his time on here instead of doing typical stuff with friends and family. With that kind of devotion to a website, I thought he'd be back by now.
  11. Since you got caught lying about buying a sled for 11K and selling it for 12K, I think you'll understand why I do not believe your "I was talking to a guy on the Poo line" story. (No, the "12K" was not a typo. The rest of the wording in that post makes it clear what you were claiming.) Unfortunately, you've established a pattern with your countless "convenient" stories. BTW, have you seen any Poos and Doos on the trails this year, or are you only seeing Cats still? Oh, wait, I forgot -- you conveniently saw two burned-down Polarises on the same day.
  12. I saw THREE downed Cats on the trail today. (Making up stories is fun. It's too bad everyone knows when certain posters are lying, though.) FWIW, I put on 111 miles and lost TWO scratcher tips. My temps never went above 116.
  13. I was surprised to learn the speedometers on both machines are wildly inaccurate at top speed. Doo speedos have always been extremely optimistic, but Cat speedos used to be pretty accurate.
  14. 51-year-old Robert Lamay was nationally known because of the way he quit his job. https://nypost.com/2022/01/29/washington-trooper-who-defied-state-vaccine-mandate-and-told-gov-to-kiss-my-a-dies-from-covid-19/
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