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    I imagine some fathers feel uncomfortable around their gay sons and just let it be.....
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    Got a bridge stripped of the rotten and soft planks today. Good day weather wise to do it.
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    Lack of even the most rudimentary knowledge has never stopped you from commenting on any given topic in the past. Why the change of heart?
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    Going in for first round today. Thanks for the advice everyone. Just so you know, if you're in a rush, there's a 4 dose program. (Which I'm doing) Otherwise it's three doses that you have to start months in advance. Im self employed, and signing contracts now. Can't risk being incapacitated the next few months. (or ever for that matter). Plus, I've never been shit on by a German chick, so I look forward to that.
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    Had lunch with my dad today and we talked about the amount of three engine ferry flights he has done during his career at Trans Canada Airlines/Air Canada. I had an old picture he took, late 1950's out the window of Vickers Viscount he ferried home from Cleveland on three engines.....that is the number four engine shutdown and feathered.
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    So got out today , finally . And my boy picked it up real quick . This would be his first time riding solo . Ripping around on the lake , even started to ride standing up , was leaning , doing everything right , was absolutely amazing .
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    Looking out my front window. Trail runs down the lake
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    All, As in the previous FS I am willing to lend my expertise like any others on this forum. I will attempt to answer any and all relevant question you have regarding sleds, ATVs and general enforcement. Be aware..this is not official OPP communication nor is it legal advice. Its simply my opinion based on experience as a police officer. For those unaware I've spent the past 10yrs working in the Snowmobile ATV Vessel Enforcement team (SAVE) and have built up a lot of experience, met many of the original members and I think we all had benefitted from the questions shared on here. Hopefully the mods will pin this thread. All I ask is that this thread not turn into a police bashing thread... If that happens I will not be able to continue. Feel free to bash away, just not in this thread please. Sean
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    .... and Happy New Year from me and my family to all of you and yours! Be safe and have a great holiday season!!! Sean
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    I had a friend with one. His wife drove it, throttle was a bad design, especially loading on a trailer. Ugly for sure, but the new 850 Doo takes the title for the ugliest sled ever.....but sometimes the ugly ones ride the best......especially at closing time...hey now!
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    New addition to the house
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    Quitting time, see yah in the morning.
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    You do know they called it Kinmount because nobody there could spell incest!
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    Pic from yesterday. For some reason it would not load .
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    She's home, just need to put on the studs, tunnel protectors, knee pads, tank bag and trail permit and we're good.
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