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  1. when? He was wrong when he said he outed Epstein. He was wrong about sandy hook. When was he right about anything? He makes his living off of retards.
  2. I really don’t care. I’ve never been a consumer of twitter.
  3. Everyone should have the ability to make up stories. AC wouldn’t have a life without Alex.
  4. Probably true. Typical of most billionaires. They allow others to hold the bag knowing that the little people will pick up the tab. America’s military hypersonic program has been hidden in sight for several years. It’s called SpaceX. For this I applaud Elon.
  5. Elon is lock step with the MIC. He needs the government money to bail out the twitter debacle.
  6. I’d say a cease fire would be in order if there was some type of solution that could follow. Neither side is willing to give into the demands of the other. So a ceasefire is rather silly.
  7. It’s just window dressing. The middle eastern money from Saudi Arabia weighs heavy on these schools. They’ll be hard press to clamp down on pro Palestinian marches.
  8. While I see em in passing, I’m talking about having a conversation in length. Like with most sub groups of people, it only takes a couple to make 100 look bad. Much like AC and other conspiracy nutcases. Or SR and other liberals.
  9. What about a tranny that makes $400k a year? Are we forced to use the proper pronoun?
  10. I’ve encountered 4 in my 6+ decades of life. One was a jerk and the other 3 ok. About average for people. I’ll refer to them what they want me to. Its just not that important to me.
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