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  1. Please post the monetary restrictions the Russian federation has placed on its citizens to “stabilize its currency”. While you’re at it, also post up what restrictions the Russian federation has placed on investors.
  2. Only an idiot compares attempts to hijack the general election by a billionaire to a hilljack with an AR15.
  3. Russia (USSR) doomed itself. Corruption, incestuous government promotions, military adventures, vast pension programs, no foreign investments. The Cold War had very little to do with its collapse. The same thing is playing out with Russian federation right now. Except they’re using NATO as a scapegoat. It’s a broken and sick autocratic government.
  4. Your arrogance and high and mighty level of self importance is a true anomaly. It’s actually quite impressive.
  5. He’s the guy who claimed the gold in fort know was fake. Speaking of backing currency with gold, some of the idiots here don’t understand that the American government posses enough gold to literally render gold worthless if it flooded the market.
  6. I don’t really care to hear how big of a man you claim to be.
  7. Fox News and several others are being sued for billions over the damages caused to Dominion and it’s employees by your ilk.
  8. Trump took it to an entirely new level and it’s celebrated by you fools.
  9. He’s not smart enough to do a proficient job at either one of those tasks.
  10. True, got half the downtown ripped apart too. Helluva deal. How many million in damages?
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