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  1. She should’ve got Africa to pay for the navel blockade.
  2. Red curry chicken, coconut cream, basmati/bay leaf rice. Just simmering away.
  3. The prospect of nuclear war was a lot cooler than a school shooting by a transitioning transvestite. Kids today are kinda fucked.
  4. Part of the facility I worked at had a skilled nursing home. The CNAs and staff were exhausted and worked to the bone. They were losing several residents a month to COVID. That takes a tremendous toll emotionally. They didn’t get shit for additional compensation. The director of Human Resources had stated in a closed door session with dept heads and county exec that these line workers should get bonuses from the COVID money. I don’t have to tell what they did with her position.
  5. I like watching GOP’ers practice their well known double standards. Most two faced people on the face of the planet.
  6. Ron Desantis is a personal friend of the GOP chair. He’s asking him to step down even without knowing the details of the case.
  7. In most districts in Wisconsin COVID money went to management and administration. Be it schools or public health. If she didn’t know that then she’s dumb. Teachers and line level employees got nothing.
  8. Of course walker never addressed the real thieves. Police and fire. Padded overtime, continued collective bargaining, lawsuits against cops costing tax payers millions. Retirement by age 50. SMFH.
  9. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C0MCxokRXfw/?igshid=ODhhZWM5NmIwOQ==
  10. Too many emerging oil markets for this to have any real effect. I paid $2.78/gal yesterday.
  11. $150k/300k is high income for 80% of the US. It’s almost 3X the median wage.
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