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  1. You Dems have a poor track record of winning civil wars so be careful
  2. No guarantee Joe did it and it was illegal but zero democrat voters here care. There’s a reason these people become billionaires on a 150k salary
  3. Man that’s honestly grounds for a beating. You simply do not point a gun at someone and start pulling the trigger, loaded or not
  4. Yup seems stupid to alienate 1/2 your base.
  5. So the Dems and deep state were desperate to bury the laptop story because it didn’t matter?
  6. Didn’t the laptop show that Joe was taking pay to play money? And it was confirmed?
  7. Iran isn’t really a joke anymore and neither the US or Iran want to engage each other right now
  8. Still blows my mind they had live ammo on set I wish we had a 2a, and I’m as pro gun as the next guy, but these aren’t toys and they need to be treated responsibly. I was raised to have weapons but also respect how deadly they are
  9. You’re the one that likes being pegged idk
  10. Rod


    Don’t you still believe in collusion
  11. Does the government need to mandate the vaccine so they don’t spread it?
  12. Do children need to take the vax or else they’ll die?
  13. You would think that’s happy!
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