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  1. LOL! No, this wasn’t it. Quality thread.
  2. Zambroski

    C&A Pros

    2x4(s) work also. I just use the 2x6 and have to stack them because I have deep keels (XTs). You raise the sled and put the blocks under one side of the ski then lower the sled and insert bolt, then remove and do the same on the other side of the ski. It’s a bit of a wrestling match with a new mounting kit. Much easier the second season. If I’m not mistaken, there’s a video on it. YouTube?
  3. Zambroski

    C&A Pros

    It’ll take a bit of intestinal fortitude to get them on for sure. A couple of 2x6 boards cut to about two feet works as a nice trick. Follow the instructions on the rubber and toe out which runs a bit wider than normal skis. Giv’r then adjust ski pressure from there.
  4. Respect? No. But I’ll try to ask him to explain his viewpoint or, answer basic questions about his threads and posts to enter into an intellectual debate though. I expect no difference in the returns. He comes here to troll, admittedly so, and then cries when he is trolled. Why are we all of a sudden deciding that’s not the case and the at he’s actually here for discussion?
  5. Hell, I grew up on the lake and even when it was clear there was a sled trail/track running in a few places. Somebody always plowed a fucking road through it. It’s hard to believe but lake running has proven to be more dangerous than the trails.
  6. I followed my buddy over one at idiot speed at dusk a few years back. I just saw his tail light launch and gripped my bars. Fucking unreal. Smh. Lake riding doesn’t interest me at all anyway.
  7. He showed up with a ad of hundos at your dealer and you just showed up with a yearning look in your eyes. He walked away with it.
  8. Lots of traffic this year. Good and bad to see.
  9. LOL...man, he's certainly getting his money out of that Cat. Don't see many hanging on to their sleds that long. It's kind of refreshing.
  10. I'd think the same but, maybe not. Most just want the looks and some mild performance adds I think. No reason to cut into those golden egg line ups. In fact, I'd bet most riding a "replica" think it's the same as a race sled and couldn't tell you enough differences between the two. I remember one guy telling me my RR stood for Race Ready! Well, I guess they are all that and out of the Replicas, I'd give Cat the best chance to make it to the checkers. The rest would be track yard sales and twisted tinsel foil. What would be fun is to have a non-race sled race. Both SX and XC. Now
  11. Must have been #3 rebar...or really poor form. What a shame. He should have been left for the rats.
  12. You are in a whole different class of riding sled. There's not much to compare in those two. Welcome to the "sports" side of motorsports. BTW, if you find yourself frequently lining up with other sleds for a drag race or start to brag about your mileage for the year, you have the wrong sled.
  13. That pesky fucking Constitution!!!!!
  14. Days long gone. I no longer take the high road because of it and I can lay out some bumpy god damned highway. Blatant repugnance needs to be addressed again and not ignored any longer.
  15. This shit has always been around though. It’s fine. I don’t bother with it. Social Media has just given a louder voice to repugnance that is otherwise slapped in the face for acting like this in the real world.
  16. It was an infringement on free speech. It should have been tossed. gold.
  17. Interesting. I think it’s worth a watch. My better half isn’t a fan of westerns either. Or, really, any real violent movies.
  18. Is 1883 worth anything? We’re debating…
  19. Zambroski

    C&A Pros

    Just forums mostly where they tend to talk about slumdogs or curvera or snoslides or any other ski I’ve never heard of. Most don’t seem to talk much about CA’s? I also don’t know anybody in a Poo that uses them. If I had a Poo, I’d have them.
  20. “Stop trolling me while I troll!!!!!!” It’s his therapy.
  21. Zambroski

    C&A Pros

    They aren’t a forgiving design, none of them but, If you take a little time and adjust accordingly, they are the top ski out there. I don’t think they do well on Poo machines. I only have experience with the Razors and XT’s though. Had razors for two years then went to XT’s. Never looked back. 7 years on XT’s now. No reason for me to try anything else.
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