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  1. Fired mine up yesterday as a matter of fact. Ariens started on the first pull and purred like a kitten.
  2. We've all tried. Look, Just call him stupid, kick him in the teeth and move on. It's easier that way.
  3. I’m not saying it’s because of the doubling of white males in your city over the last few years that has made that place a complete disaster….
  4. Hey, remember when the Dems gave the CDC law making authority? Ahh…good times! They still are!
  5. Oh, I think a lot of Cat guys would go back to the dirty zook. Poo guys don’t have anything reliable to go back to unless you hit the 90’s again.
  6. They went back to the scene where the body was several times before finally collecting it then, going home and discussing what to do next. Are these NJ mafia coppers? SMH. Stupid WOPS.
  7. Yep, I bailed on DT many, many years ago because of it…hell, I was even on my Doo back then. Fucking wet noodled idiots running that show.
  8. Damn fine lookin’ sled! If I could find a crated 17, I’d prolly grab it. My buddy still has his. It’s the last “easy” SX conversion. LOL! Fastest way I know if I’m gonna have to wait for folks if if they pull up on stockers. I don’t think I know of one person I rode with that has stock skis. We’re all trail racing retards. Or as @Doug says, “Want-a-bee” racers.
  9. Busy little bees for sure. Under this administration, they’ve apparently found an open door to the legislative branch. Gotta earn that money!
  10. We keep this laughter and mocking of the liberal hypocrisy up and, they’re gonna push for another lockdown!!!! You’ll see! We’ll all see!!!!!! Then, maybe, we’ll learn!!!!!! nawwwww.
  11. For SUV’s? I bet a white man engineered the gas pedal!!!!!!!!
  12. I know more of these types than the others and have some in my family. Yuh…..you almost have to believe they tried hard to be so fucking stupid and it got out of their control. Success isn’t guaranteed even if the path is mostly paved.
  13. By end of week for sure. And it will be touted as “another deadly variant”.
  14. I may be wrong but, Donny catches me as a selfish ass….as I see that his father was. I don’t know that he’d really give much to worthless family members. And besides, we both know plenty that “started two feet from home plate” and ended up real losers. But, I do see your point for sure. I know some that have gotten a free ride and done zero to deserve it.
  15. Yep. I chose to live and let live or, live and let die. I’ll mind my business as long as everyone else minds theirs. But, that’s not what is happening. I think segregation may just be what we all need at this point.
  16. Never gonna happen. She’ll die or, this will all just quietly go away….maybe both.
  17. She seems like a legitimately decent person too. Beautiful inside and out. The left would HATE her!
  18. Yep. Being a contrarian doesn’t make one intelligent and worth the debating effort. It’s just Google link argumentation. This doesn’t show much actual critical thinking.
  19. I don’t really care for them that much but, yes, they are ALL a million times BETTER than anything I see the left putting up. Ivanka or Don could make a solid run for it in the future. Their handicaps are their spouses. Jared is a completely unlikeable twerp.
  20. Better stock. Biden and his family are trash. Perfectly suited for career politicians. *see Bernie Sanders
  21. MC says Trump owes it all to his family and doesn’t deserve any credit for anything! Lol! Imagine the lack of self awareness it took for TwatMC to spew this out.
  22. Yeah, good idea for sure. Broke my heart to pay the outrageous amount for a new set but, I didn’t have an old set this year. I can’t wait to cuss at every “click” and “drag” they get. Damn….runners got expensive as hell!!!
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