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  1. I can't help you out here but my god that thing looks fucking rough for a 2020. Looks like he does a lot of burnouts with it as well. I'm guessing it has sat on the limiter for most of its life
  2. If you have instagram, follow my buddy (nickscathouse) he has some nice cat mod sleds that he collects.
  3. Good to see some of the old names in here now from HCS
  4. i am about an hour and a half north of Toronto It is a good looking machine. If I have to tow anyone, will slam it in low and away we go
  5. Thank You. Will be a big change from what I use to ride but looking forward to this one.
  6. Got the call that it was ready to go. A big change from what I normally ride but having young kids that I can take on this and groom our trails will be my next sledding chapter.
  7. Oxford University study finds fully vaccinated Healthcare workers carry 251 times viral load compared to the unvaccinated proving the Covid-19 jabs make you worse – The Expose
  8. I'm interested to see what happens with him. Looks like he got two less seats than Scheer did
  9. My sled is in at the dealer as I type. Just waiting for it to be put together...........
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