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  1. I bet this isn’t what the Founding Fathers imagined either
  2. Another idiot heard from! You fucking retards get soo offended at Trump shit you don't even pay attention to what was actually said and not said. Go have a convo with Viper since you both are on the same level. Bring Badger with you too and make it a threesome of intellect
  3. He's not very bright...go easy on him and use smaller words.....hell, less words
  4. I lived in the inner city as a kid and I am far from a youngster. Dumb and racist that supports Trump 110%.....shocker
  5. It's nice to see you start using sarcasm for entertainment. it's a nice change of pace
  6. That girl looks like she can hold her own! Pay attention to Vipers posts and you'll see. He puffs his chest and lets his KKK side out often
  7. So it either dose or it doesn’t. You’re being a weasel! I just call out the blatant and ignorant racist remarks you make. Don’t cry about it when you’re proud to make them in the first place. Stand proud you old racist Boomer!
  8. The same issues you said would guarantee Trump a win? Would only gain him support blah blah blah
  9. And then there's stories of people not even remembering the concerts. I can't imagine having to rely on some shitty cell phone video you took while wearing a soggy diaper
  10. Bye Karen! Now that you got really mad you can enjoy the rest of your day like you like it
  11. I guarantee you are more in the idiot category then I am. You're dumb and angry
  12. One of his more Presidential moments right there. You should be proud
  13. If they have to continuously show video clips of him trying to run or be athletic / youthful then you know there's a problem
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