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  1. Big Mike will probably get drafted at the DemonCUNT convention if it survives the riots
  2. Some serious delusional no mind fucking insane retards with extreme TDS on here now, same shit hole of fucking leftards I see
  3. Considering that never happened ever the answer is still never you fat faced paint huffing sack of festering shit
  4. Fucking ignoramus senile POS walked right into that one
  5. For this place from the "pandemic"
  6. Still same bullshit from the same brain dead shitforbrain posting here LMAO
  7. You know if FAKENEWSMAINECUNT posted it it's
  8. Those two fucking shitforbrains have posted enough ignorance and stupidity to raise some flags that you would hope the FBI are keeping an open file like they didn't on this guy. Too bad the FBI is corrupt as fuck
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