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  1. No he isn't still and is probably even worse now that ever
  2. I have rode Quebec you FAKENEWS lying POS fraud. It has some of the best riding period you ignorant brain dead FUCK, Stay the fuck away nobody wants the likes of a criminal cocksucker riding there regardless
  3. No idea what this is about and don't give a fuck, and despite JT's insane flat earth shit I am definitely on JT's side cuz Cravesdick is as trolling POS, FUCK HIM
  4. Another day another thread proving once again how much of a lying ignorant POS FAKENEWSMAINECUNT is, some things never change
  5. FakenewsMainecunt is the dumbest FUCK on the planet FACT
  6. You are the stupidest fuck in the history of the interwebs,ZERO comparison and a list and a CUNT
  7. And then Bipolarhooknose encouraged the mentally ill
  8. Will be sworn in for a second term on January 20 2021, Zero question have a good 72 days Faggots
  9. One truth that came out on the 2020 election night is that CUNT Clinton didn't win the popular vote IN 2016
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