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  1. Test more, you get more cases its what happens WRONG AGAIN FAIL you fucking retard
  2. Is this the thread where WRONG AGAIN FAIL gets and posts and all day every day
  3. Wow the lunaticts have taken over the asylum
  4. Shut the Fuck UP WRONG AGAIN FAIL everyone knows you are an ultra idiot and hack just SHUT THE FUCK UP
  5. Like every post you post one-sided mostly made up or exaggerated
  6. Did you know Tory was behind the Kim Campbell shit show when the PC's were reduced to like 6 seats or something like that
  7. Momorider


    Could have made a 2hr tv special put of that
  8. What 1981 when pot was 3% THC
  9. What's that off brand shit ditch weed?
  10. When are we getting Pharmacare, I want free medication Go TrueJet you fucking POS
  11. 4 years of this imbicile and world wide embarrassment is going to be a struggle
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