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  1. Welp like ive stated already this wasn't an employee . Just a Badass on a mission.
  2. Yeah we all know you agree with ever single thing Democrats do no matter what right? . Bootlicker.
  3. I give Massachusetts credit they really got their shit together and made it happen. Glad Im on the border because CT is still way behind also.
  4. Right. So is this Guy cool or not white knight enough for you?
  5. Well then settle down Stanley ... Like I said before I never mentioned employees or workers as you say need to confront shoplifters. Show me where I said that. Just admire this Guy's epic confrontations .
  6. Chicken and pasta again....fucking kids love pasta drive me nuts lol
  7. Yes . Because America is full of faggots now. So does that mean you are butthurt at this Guy being a fucking legend I never said employees NEED to do this. But even if they want to they cant. Seen it firsthand myself. This Guy isnt even an employee of those stores.
  8. HSR got into the Wine again... need some cheese? HSR
  9. Yeah No. Trump has always been sue happy but its irrelevant to what I am saying . TDS confirmed.
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