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  1. My 12 yo daughter who is a straight A student, almost straight A+ got sent to the Principal office and was given lunch detention this year for the first time ever. Want to know what for ? Not wearing her mask properly over her nose. When I called and bitched they told me "well she was warned multiple times and its the school policy". Its fucking insanity with these Schools and teachers.
  2. Maybe you should flash ur Mach ...get a few more ponies for those 80+ mph pulls
  3. Not even close to the same but I hope you are right.. These teenage kids nowadays already cant look you in the eye when they talk to you or have no idea what to do when confronted in real life. all from internet and phone life......throw in more internet and isolation thru workforce and it only gets worse..... And this is coming from a 36 year old with 3 kids. You obviously enjoy living life isolated and alone but sorry it aint how Humans are designed to be. We are social animals.
  4. Working from home is great until it isnt. Interactions with people face to face is beneficial to Humans. So is exercise, and for some thats just putting something other than your pajamas on to go to work, having to walk to and from a Bus, Car, train etc. Otherwise these fat fucks never move. Its not normal to work at home and only interact with co workers via Email, phone , or skype. I saw a difference just in my kids when they had remote learning. It fucks people up. Not a good thing for society one bit.
  5. I agree ....and all on purpose. When Amazon and Wal Mart get to stay open but small business forced into closing...its all by design
  6. I dont even know how anyone can watch that or any 60 minutes episode nowadays for more than a minute or two..... Only some of the older Generation still actually sit down at their Television and watch that garbage and think its good. They know their audience thats for sure my Mom is one of them.
  7. To lefties it is their religion...regurgitate the same nonsense over and over. Somehow it makes them feel good.
  8. Except he wasn't talking about rockets
  9. You can definitely make good money waiting tables in the right restaurant. I had a buddy who use to kill it before moving on to selling Cars. I know people right now barely making minimum wage from Big Corporations working a lot harder.
  10. He wont even answer what he tips just childish deflection...... Because he knows I am right and hes a lousey tipper yet blames the Restaurant owner...and wants immigrants to serve him food ...cant make it up.
  11. Exactly......My Wife was on the phone this morning fighting with CVS who owes her over $7k at this point from their ridiculous backlogged system from "covid" leaves....alot of her staff is in the same situation. And this douche @Mainecat is blaming restaurant owners FFS. i guarantee he is a terrible tipper and then leads on he wants immigrants to work those "low wage restaurant jobs"....typical Liberal racist Elite mentality .
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