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  1. Yeah there are . Ya im sure ill be around . Been working like a madman lately , money is good right now tho so not complaining. Ready for Sled season already TBH .
  2. Ha good one. I shower twice a day my man but nice try. I usually wash everything with my pressure washer . Truck, Car, Bike, Boat, House , Deck hell even the driveway. I cant live without it. Just checking in , same old same old. Too many Pencil pushing deskjockey libtards here to hang out everyday
  3. I use my pressure washer at least once a week . Poor Karen . Id say my Snap-On reverse drill bits and bolt extractor kit.
  4. Ah maybe about ghey tall id say Still shorter than Snowdouche your butt buddy
  5. Dont worry Boys I am pre gaming to go out and thought id have some fun!! Sorry I ruined the circle jerk. Ill be outta your hair in a bit.
  6. You go with that! Same as your projection I'll say you are Snowrider's half brother ..but way more Gay and shorter . Damn you are ugly no wonder you cant get laid.
  7. You sure are! Sitting home by yourself stroking it to "owning" the Trumpers . What a loser lmao
  8. Where is the Ban hammer you little ugly faggot ass bitch crybaby fucking TDS homo
  9. You are so fucking dumb . bUt tHe hAtS!!! You are a white little bitch living in the best part of America . Nobody cry's worse than whit little faggots. All my Buddies that are Black think Trump is better than Biden. Only faggots like you worry about Red hats and cult claims . In White America Poor You.
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