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  1. Cant wait till he wins . You're gonna lose at least 3-5 years off your life
  2. Steak Quesadilla's
  3. Masculine toxicity has no place in the Military!!!!
  4. Sniffy Joe doesnt even know what year it is SMH
  5. Have you learned how to replace a fuse yet ?
  6. Making a Sausage and Kielbasa pasta
  7. Limerock is 40 minutes away for me, fucking sweet to watch some races https://limerock.com/history/
  8. Hey for once we can agree . I fucking hate it man. Here in CT they just waste the shit its so frustrating
  9. Yeah well I agree Steve Meade seems like a doosh the couple times I interacted with Him . I just love that old Tahoe he built back in the day.
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