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  1. Better get that Alaskan built Native invented Snowmobile ready you beta male retard.
  2. Makes bash thread Crys about rule breaking Yup he's a dumb fuck
  3. Here is the real problem..... Stop mandating vaccines would be a huge start to correct it.
  4. White Knights crying about "the system" everyday is half the problem but lets keep up that narrative it seems to be working great for black folks. Most black women don't constantly watch doom and gloom news either like White boomer Women do, the media knows their audience. But that doesnt mean the Police work less hard on a homicide or missing person based on skin color for fucks sake.
  5. Yup I am searching for a trailer now and its friggen ridiculous. Im just gonna go new I guess.
  6. Well said. Ive been in the ICU and Hospital for almost a month with my Son years ago prior to Covid. They were almost at full capacity back then. Ive been to the Hospital years ago after MX accidents and waited hours just to be seen with an open gash in my leg bleeding or a broken arm, road rash etc as Homicide Hartford gunshot victims get wheeled by one after another. Hospitals are always busy. This is nothing new but the Media and libtards think is proves something about how we all need to be so scared still. Well If I wanna play in their crazy world it must all be Bi
  7. Were these not $8300 brand new ? 🤦‍♂️🤣
  8. 👌 Black Chick and still White Male Boyfriend I believe it would be just as big if not bigger
  9. Exactly.... it is a real thing but when you are as ignorant and brainwashed as MC its just easier to call everything a right wing conspiracy.
  10. I know right , Your buddy Bathhouse Barry Obama killed more innocent people, dropped more bombs, and launched more Drone strikes than Bush and Trump combined. Sad isnt it?
  11. Redline. Lots of innovation that they sadly were never able to get right. https://www.snowtechmagazine.com/redline-snowmobiles-the-rest-of-the-story/
  12. Im tempted to post my non running 98 Grand Touring 700 triple ...... $3 grand ? Any takers. Only needs a few small things. But its got a new belt and new spark plugs. Totally mint. 🤣🤣🤣
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