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  1. 1993 not enough that a body shop guy cant fix. New England Car all its life.
  2. Wife's 2021 Honda gets 38MPG beating on it. Fucking thing will last 30 years too just like my Prelude sitting in the garage. Tesla will be burnt to the ground by then.
  3. i was exaggerating but "come on man" 50% https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/05/business/biden-electric-vehicles.html
  4. Easy search you lying dumb fuck retard asshole Dinner came out delicious
  5. haven't you heard ? we all will have to buy one by 2030?
  6. what does the Four Wieners have for propulsion ?
  7. Actually some Guys camp every year for the past 15 in Southern Vermont at this place I launch the sleds from..... It looks retarded and miserable but they still do it
  8. Just another one for the racist comment Democrat douche. this guy hates Asian's clearly. im doing baked chicken and pasta salad tonight.
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