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  1. joe should do the world a favor and kill himself so the Dems can flush him and Kamala and run someone who will wipe the floor with Trump whcih would be pretty much anyone besides hillary.
  2. you must be as mentally incapacitated as Biden. the dems should have pushed him aside jsut like the Pubs should have pushed Trump aside. Both are pure garbage.
  3. not the first system outages we have ever seen in either wireless or landline. but with pfull on retardery in full effect these days it must be some consipracy.
  4. had trump behaved with any sense of civility in the wake of losing in 20 i think he would beat Biden this time with how mentally challenged Biden is. But most will not drink the kool aid and excuse his behavior. I will only goi to the poll in November because of our governor and other state races. FUck every person running at this point for president and congress in NH. they should all kill themselves
  5. SMH at the fact you think he's in charge of anything right now
  6. LOL LBJ and Obama make that list laughable. kennedy isn't top 10 either but at least could be in the conversation
  7. i rode NH 1x in the last decade. ridiculous where they set up. quebec does some similar shit.
  8. you do realize that thought process also nullifies all the R votes in states like Cali, NY, MA, IL as well Reality is with modern tech we should be having a popular vote decide president. still have thesafeguard of the senate structure to suppoirt the small states.
  9. so now MSNBC is a reliable source. Fani fucked the case up but it will still continue even though its generally bullshit. there is only 1 legit case against trump right now and thats the documents case. they should have put all their eggs in that basket as he's basiclay admitted it vs the rest of the shit which is a witch hunt
  10. they stand zero chance of winning but thats a ticket that i couild actually vote for. Manchin has done whats right for his people in WV not the party which I give him a bit of respect him for and I can't say that about many in COngress even though i think the world would be better if all 535 of them were vaporized.
  11. putting them together makes for some interesting combos. tacos and the mashed potato bowls pretty good
  12. hope your doing well. wife's finally been getting some decent news on her liver issues although shes pissed shes going to be yellow and tired for 2 more months until things stabilize back to normal
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