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  1. seasons done, 2800 miles, 1 deer killed, 2 a arms some plastics and prob 7 gallons of oil. fucking etecs oil use SMH. 24 BCXRS on order and old ones gone
  2. you know ts bad when hey don't wait till the weekend to take it over. in good times there are 3-4 many years so until we exceed that not any signal of financial collapse.
  3. lots retired on the back of the stock market increases and the pandemic. it will be a long time before participation returns to previous levels. given the number of kids not working and the 18-24 participation rate it may never do so.
  4. really no long term consequence to BK
  5. fuck my kids wanted their license as soon as possible. if not for sports my sons would have been the week after his 16th. my daughter was 15 days after hers
  6. who the fucks going to retire off 40k a year. fuck working your whole life to be in poverty at retirement, people need to take personal responsibility not rely on SS as their retirement plan
  7. had a bad experience on my lake. aimed for the wrong light which was never on and skimmed with my 7 year old on the back and got tossed coming off on the ridge.
  8. this is why you double tap to make sure they can't sue you. FTR anyone who gives money to him is a fucktard
  9. this place is pretty painful TBH. it's gone from being daily to every few weeks for me.
  10. same power as the 850 polaris
  11. wish that was the case here. I don;t care if prices rise or fall i just wish there was business. absolutely no inventory right now means instead of closing 4-6 million a month we are doing less than 2
  12. so got a bit over 1800 miles on, i'd know exact but my $1300 gps jettisoned itself from my sled with 1300+ miles on it. theres been some snow in the woods bu trails haven't been great outside quebec. qubec saturday was mint
  13. so 2 of 3 were on trump. Plus he was pushing the vax as his crowing achievement.
  14. bigger project i'd go air riveter although something like that would be easier than gettin the compressor going for a small job which is why i use my hand one most often.
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