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  1. i can only imagine how uneducated those kids homeschooled by the FS right wing brain trust would be.
  2. lots of maine and NH needs a foot. Amy was in tuftonboro Sunday though and said there were people riding. her friend just spent almost a mil and will be well over that after reno buying a place to turn into a corproate retreat for her events business and the trail runs right through. told her to shut it down like MC did JK it's away from the house so as long as people aren't stupid it might be OK.
  3. might be common sense but no one really did it and spread colds for decades. toughing out sickness being some sort of badge of honor.
  4. i'll ride below zero. i am 250 miles from where i ride. both my helmets are in the trailer along with extra coat and heavier bibs for when its real cold. Cold days the BV2S is the go to, i've actually been running it 90% of the time now.
  5. they can be helpful but over the years they give less and less attention and started requiring appointments even before covid.
  6. no thanks, over zero to start with hopefully teens to 20 for me to choose my Fly CF.
  7. the issue comes if you ever split trying to figure that out at least in a divorce the judge does it for you. ive seen some nasty battles over houses and who gets what. In an upmarket they fight for cash/equity both real and imagined.
  8. buying a house with someone you are not married to is just fucking retarded and a legal nightmare in the waiting
  9. yes it will be awesome when their is split control and biden can do even less to destroy the country
  10. sounds like a bunch of retards to be that worked up and chanting at a restaurant.
  11. those are some of the best shocks ever made, retard should have had them revalved, prob too stiff for him as Lynx are meant for cross country riding. I am sure doo took them down a bit from whats sold in scandanavia but not by much. i had not rode my XRS in harder trail conditions till last weekend(warm and soft the weekend i bought it last year) and i was softening it up on the compression, need adjust the front skid shock for more bite next time i have it off the trailer.
  12. i don't believe so they listed them as HPG shocks believe only the HPG+ are rebuildable. Doos fucking crazy on their shocks to push the X/XRS sleds.
  13. how anyone listens to him at this point it beyond me. Going from shock jock to complete beta is kinda strange
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