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  1. explains a lot about my marriage. still haven't combined them 25 years later
  2. credit card debts risky so people need to pay for that risk so it's always going to have a high rate. That said no way someone making 40k should be allowed to go 50% of income in debt. IMO banks should require proof of income for all loans as outside of mortggaes they basically trust the number provided so people lie to get credit cards and car loans etc. Manging credit is a skill most are unfortuantely not taught and creates lielong issues. but hey we make them take art and music classes instead do they are "well rounded" Small banks are for me inconvenient, even the CU is where
  3. True they should have shunned Trump completely after 2020 not sucked his cock
  4. well James woods says. in addition to being an actor he knows all about what really goes on in the world
  5. you ae spot on. a trump run guarantees a blue wave. fuck he couldn't even enerate a red ripple with his hand selected 22 canddiates.
  6. LOL WOrk from home in the long run will be less productive. early on it worked because there was nothing else to do then it became a game to see how little one could do and not get fired
  7. nooks without guns are still safer than americans with them
  8. disgusting we would do that. don't go to a foreign country and ignore their laws. not like pot being illegal isn't the case here in many states still as well so travelling with it's retarded.
  9. i liked my switchback a lot. prob more than my backcountry XRS. i would go 136/137 track all day long over a shorty
  10. i think thats already the case across all forms of media and in real life
  11. You were happy when Biden hid for 6 months so why do you think the Republicans should do anything different.
  12. i never allowed for the hockey but by 8/9 basketball was taking up every bit as much time. i ended up selling my sons sled and would just buy him one for a trip when he was going to be able to sneak away.
  13. pubs led us down that road to be a 1 issue election for the dems. worst thing that happened to them was the SC issuing that thn doubling down on the idiocy making nationwide ban claims. while i am pro choice I actually agree it's a states right issue or needs to be properly legislated. it's literally the only thing the dems are running on around here in what could have been a swing but given quality of candidates prob won't be. Pub candidate quality was terrible, both those supported by Trump and those not. wake up call to temper the anti abortion religious whacko side of the pub paprty
  14. wasn't he the candidate before stroking out. Sadly still better than Oz IMO
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