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  1. if i needed them for more than reading I would have done the lasik 20 years ago. Fortunately i could boat, jet ski and sled without.
  2. i thought that way for years through 3 other helmets that all together cost me more than the BV2. I have both sitting in my truck/gear bag so i can choose based on the day.
  3. funny i had a similar issue with the new tailgate for my truck. looked for shipped quotes from 4 places. Ended up calling my local breaker yard and they are getting it from one of the others for the same price and no shipping cost
  4. get Joel to pull out the ban hammer. we have enough douchebags here.
  5. same. although after i got the BV2 i have been less and less using the Fly MX on trail days.
  6. Those are nice helmets. the fit of the mask is good and covers more of your face than most. goggle fit comes down to a combo face, helmet and goggle. Some people setup will be terrible for others with the same helmet. I have a fly helmet that fits goggles different than my HJC MX. Ended up buying a new pair of 509 X6 goggles this weekend as the backup pair of scotts i had the foam was fucked up when my son went to put them on. My favorite were triple 9's which are made by WPS like the fly helmet. followed by the scott. Get yourself some clear lenses if riding at night.
  7. Goggles stay fine unless it's in wet snow/rain then you use the wiper on your glove to clean them. SNow dust and dryer snow blow off just like on your full face helmet, prob better since the heated shield sometimes melts flakes hitting your full face. Fortunately I don't have to wear my glasses to ride, i have a few times with my BV2S and it works decent just not worth the hassle to me to wear them
  8. i don't usually go shapers because of that but i have them for the new sled because they were in stock and the woodys i like were not.
  9. we posted that for awhile and it never got old. cause they really are gay
  10. i had a few 80+ mph pulls sunday in Pittsburg/errol but for the most part the rising is in the 40-70 range. I will agree that a steady 60 is very efficient in NH I just don't like the fact they are typically writing you were speeds are safe while ignoring corners. In NH i could be very happy on the 650 i rented even riding with a group of guys on 850's, in Maine not so much I'm just not that good of a rider to try to keep up on it even with 30k miles of riding.
  11. buddy is getting the R4, his wife has the R3. Impressive that 509 stepped up and realized what shit they sold in the early R3's and they replaced hers
  12. 2020 and hand signals are still stupid and stacks are still gay. @racinfarmer
  13. at some point you may become a valued member like myself and get paid for your contribution to the site. Prior to FS i was planning on working till 70, now i am thinking this July on my 50h bday i can afford it given the giant checks from here.
  14. true story. they all make something that should please every type of rider.
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