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  1. fuck i wish i only lost 9k in the last year. I did well early this year but the last 60 days have been ugly. Fucking Feds killing Juul cost me over 50k
  2. i thought it was really cool. loved models as a kid
  3. would not be in the least surprised given how mind numbingly stupid she is.
  4. sorry to hear, nothing good happens at night. i've been lucky with 2 night crashes and coming up on open water at night on my sled.
  5. guy tweets but yet has really done nothing in his 50 years of politics. human garbage
  6. seems like all her testimony was heresay, why was that even allowed.
  7. happens all the time. Must have the latest and greatest.
  8. they got the tickets for free right before the show from his casino host. very glad they didn't pay
  9. She had to go to italy to meet program requirements so missed out on summer internship. SHe'll be fine she's only 3k in the hole so 1500 a semester should be easy to make. funny it's almsot exactly what she spent in italy on my credit card.
  10. gav my daughter her upcoming college bills, maybe she can grab one of these strip joint gigs to pay for it. got to pay better than the smoothie shop shes at
  11. coworker saw him at the casino in CT a couple weekends ago, said it was errible and just the 90's shit all over nothing new or orignal.
  12. no it's only the left. they are on a vendeta to destroy the greatest president in US history.
  13. agreed. all the weapons would have been left and the country in the talibans hands even wih trump in office.
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