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  1. not a huge surprise last year people were social distancing and wearing masks and in some states things were pretty shut down. Now things are open and mouth breathing antivaxxers keep getting themselves sick and spawning variants that attack the vaxxed
  2. F1 might be the least interesting motorsport out there. how it gets the money invested it does is beyond me but it's also biggest in the areas that like soccer more than better sports. race is over most of the time after 2 laps if that. Maybe with their new rules there will be better race to race competition rather than lead changes being among 3 drivers unless there was a mistake or engine change.
  3. TBH i thought it was decent at 270 with regular springs but yes long term you will def want them.
  4. Parent on their kids account, OMG he should be in jail SMH
  5. snotty is actually funny FJ is human garbage.
  6. issue is way to many save nothing so the safety net is needed. I certainly would have been better off investing but I am a saver. Shit is see clients in their 50's that don't have 6 figures in retirement savings and have no pension. those guys are fucked IMO at having any sort of decent retirement.
  7. its how a lot of people get wealthy. TBH i hope my parents spend every dime they have and have fun doing it.
  8. SS should not be tapped for anything but SS. But at the same time i do not think people should be able to opt out. While some would be far better served because they are responsible the average American is shitty with money and a safety net it needed. I am also not a believer of taxing all wages for it when there is a limit to the benefit. I've contributed max most years since 96 when i first capped out so maybe it is selfish but giving me nothing more would be unfair.
  9. jesus thats cheap. I am usually in the 2-3k range with nat gas.
  10. He wasn't ratted, he was unlucky enough to have the person he sent them to investigated. All emails sent to/from a business are backed up. when there is an investigation or lawsuit they are pulled and reviewed. I was involved the the wrong side of a lawsuit where the emails were used against us it's why you don't put shit like that in writing esp in corporate email.
  11. yes they should be paying $30hr clearly for what's really a 10-15/hr job in a normal economy Will be interesting when the job market tanks and lots of jobs had tech replace them. not going to be good for the middle class or the poor IMO
  12. i've seen a fair amount of Cunts at places whining about slow service and prior to the vax mask rules etc. I can see why places who are still doing retarded shit liek vax cards and masks are having issues with patrons whose patience wore thin.
  13. Bernies a complete POS like all of the rest. Sold his soul to the devil
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