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  1. at some point you may become a valued member like myself and get paid for your contribution to the site. Prior to FS i was planning on working till 70, now i am thinking this July on my 50h bday i can afford it given the giant checks from here.
  2. true story. they all make something that should please every type of rider.
  3. it's good to get you going on glare ice which is about the only time i ever regretted running unsutdded, i had a couple of times i literally could not get my 1.75x137's rolling on ice which sucks.
  4. because they are gay as fuck. People with those lights and hand signal Nazis need to kill themselves. Ride right, ride in control
  5. People get offended regardless of how safe you pass them. is ridiculous. Ive passed north of 20 sleds on a straight stretch of road leaving one of the lunch spots in maine. people tooling down a 20 foot wide 2 mile straight at 20-25 mph which is fine if that's how you want to ride but don't be offended when i go by you.
  6. i do it was kind of fun seeing them learn
  7. hand signals were removed over a decade ago from the class in NH. no kid should be taking their hands off the bar.
  8. most people militant about hand signals are the last people that should take their hands off the bar.
  9. Second pic is one of our remote fuel and food stops. Burned to the ground last weekend.
  10. The drives become a grind. 2 weeks ago I would have said I was already gonna be done but late snow got me up the last 2 weekend.
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