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  1. What about your stunning hypocrisy?
  2. I just can’t warm up to the vr1 looks , bad ass sled but that beak just bugs me
  3. You probably shouldn’t call names
  4. f7ben


    Yup I make lots of 7-10 mile trips for small stuff , would be great
  5. That’s what my nutjob buddy says all the time
  6. f7ben


    I’d buy one today for $7300
  7. Trump said he’d get us out , he failed miserably. Moron
  8. Sending someone off to a war for no other reason but greed and imperialism and corporate profits is worse than leaving them on the battle field.
  9. Complete pieces of shit and they are the reason it will happen again.
  10. Because when a trump ball bag gargling retard brings up Biden and admonishes him for the same shit trump did you can’t let it go.
  11. Remember when Trump was gonna bring all our men and woman home from their worthless Middle East endeavors? Yah , he didn’t do any of that. Just another lie.
  12. Just shut the fuck you mindless retarded faggot , die in a fire already you god damn near brain dead fucking idiot
  13. Did only 13 us soldiers die in that hell hole you fucking moron? Who put them there?
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