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  1. Ahh no you fucking moron. Just kill yourself .....you know less about this topic than you do about not being a faggot
  2. The new age of turbo kits are all pull the rope and go for the most part. You can rent them all over out there. You’ve been owned on this before
  3. It’s a fucking 850 on 3 lbs of boost. It would get absolutely gaped by any actual turbo sled and costs the same. Kill yourself
  4. Not very well for the added price and complexity
  5. The sled isn’t turbocharged .....it’s turbo normalized and it’s literally beyond the gayest thing I could ever imagine a sled manu doing. Leave it to Ski-Doo to exceed my ability to imagine absolute faggoty nonsense
  6. Great pics everyone......they got another 9" of snow in Northern MN yesterday. I wish I was home ......I finished up with 1600 miles.
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