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  1. That might be the gayest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. Sweet fucking shit we are doomed.
  2. You poor stupid fucking piece of filth. You live in Lilly white deer fucking inbred northern Wisconsin . Your team has held minorities down and convinced them they aren’t qualified for anything other than their gallon of milk and block of cheese for since the esteemed Robert Byrd ran the party. How’s mentor and hero I might ad. Get your hood out and wear it proudly dumbfuck. Don’t hide who you support
  3. No , it was hitting a retard with a rolled up newspaper while he smiles and drools. It wasn’t nice
  4. Joes own words , countless quotes more racist than anything trump has ever said or done. You a shameless hack and near racer level stupid.
  5. Hey dumbfuck retard , what politician wanted to and then didn’t? What politician wanted to drain the swamp and didn’t ? What politician said he wouldn’t sign the fisa bill and then did? What politician said he’d curb spending and then spent more than any peacetime president ever? What politician said he’d get us out of Afghanistan and then didn’t? What politician said he’d repeal Obamacare and then didn’t? What politician said he’d reveal massive amounts of classified info the American public and then didn’t? what politician said he’d hold the Saudis accounta
  6. I don’t think so , I’m not talking about your fan club. I’m talking about near illiterate fucking outright retardation. Racer is the dumbest person to ever grace these forums by a wide margin.
  7. The same way the dumbfucks that vote for Hillary or Biden don’t realize those pieces of filth are the only ones trump could ever hope to beat
  8. Without a doubt the dumbest people in the room until racer strolls in
  9. You are a retarded piece of shit. Every bit as bad as MC or Snoretard or Barbiehands
  10. Did trump do anything about insider trading you brain dead motherfucker?
  11. Did you mean reviled? Fucking moron
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