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  1. Hey retard , boomers can’t do anything except microwave a fucking hot pocket or pot pie. You’d die in a week if shtf, you’re physically unable to do anything useful. Literal dead weight
  2. Fuck the USA , I hope it collapses tomorrow and faggot ass grey hair boomers all starve to fucking death.
  3. It’s a guarantee , I’d like to see some other grand plan initiated where we slit every billionaires throat except for Elon
  4. Yah , this is what anyone with a brain has been saying. Time for universal basic income and actual slavery
  5. Biden the pinnacle of ignorance.
  6. Taiwan should establish diplomatic ties with China because the worthless U.S. and its sycophants will fuck them in the end.
  7. I don’t give a fuck , if you think what she says is valid then she’s probably a fucking moron
  8. Did she just describe the entire scamdemic?
  9. Authoritarian is get this shot or lose your job , that’s fascist authoritarian bullshit and as close as it’s ever been to my personal world
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