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  1. Well.... mine are Zep - No quarter Tool - The pot Megadeth - Tornado of Souls not in that order or maybe they are
  2. No lol , Dripper is Drifter. He’s an OG and maybe the most retarded person I’ve ever encountered. He’s also a good dude and liked by all.
  3. No you don’t understand Dripperese HE SPORT FUCKS HIS WIFE!!!!!
  4. That’s how inflation works , prices never really come down
  5. there has been 1000 Trump retards per day making some idiotic comment about gas being $ .99 under Trump at the height of covid like it’s some gotcha.
  6. Yes Russian Nazis from Ukraine!!!
  7. With significant side effects and meant to treat a disease that most people were never at significant risk from. Fucking morons
  8. It was never a vaccine at all and they knew that
  9. Little chewy but with good beef flavor I’m guessing lol
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