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  1. It’s no longer freedomsledder. I just wish it would go dark so I’d quit logging in. A near 20 year habit is hard to break.
  2. Youve been owned every time you’ve opened your stupid cock holster. Dumb motherfucker. You were 100% wrong on clutching and you jumped right in and got pounded over the last turbo debate. Brain dead sister fucker 😆
  3. JOE IS DOING GREAT!!! MICHAEL SAM WAS A PIONEER!!! KIDS CAN CHOP OFF THEIR DICKS!!! TRUMP COLLUSION DERRR DERRRD! It’s fucking amazing you show your worthless face around here , have you zero shame you dumbfuck?
  4. There has been zero proof Trump was to the island. If there was any your pathetic government would have been having their media air it 24/7
  5. It’s called capitalism retard
  6. How many times can you absolute brain dead fucks fall for this shit MC? What’s this , like 500 times?
  7. You realize there are multiple options for executing every play that gets called. Also there’s this thing called audibles. Not sure why you’re hung up on play calling as an example of on field leadership either way. It’s almost like you know less about football than you do about turbos or clutching. Dumbfuck
  8. He won’t answer the simplest questions and has made some really stupid statements. Don’t know about the rest
  9. You’ve done nothing but get pummeled and you drug Tommcat the retard over here to get the same. Pathetic retards
  10. How about Glen Halls tunes where he adds 80-90hp to the stock turbo clutching and the sleds run just as hard as any pump gas trail sled built by anyone with any clutching? How about that?
  11. Idk man , I’m just here for talking about how turbo normalized and turbo charged are two distinct things
  12. Holy fuck , two dumbfucks arguing points nobody was trying to make you can’t even come close to making this shit up
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