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  1. Same thing happened to me, also the invoice said 2400.00.....I sent an email back and asked them to correct it. They did, shipped fast, nice packaging, I just removed the new ones, put old ones back in box closed, taped and shipped back. In my case, it was cheaper to use his return shipping and then he just deducted it from what he credited back. If I had to find a complaint I guess the only thing I can say is I had to email him about my refund. Return package showed it had been there for 3 days. He quickly responded and said they do a lot of mail order chroming, maybe 2 days later, refund was
  2. Impress Chrome and mine were about the same price. I have used him before and the finish has always been great.
  3. Picked her up end of November, 2018.....Threw a pair of 14" apes on her, chromed out the front lowers, went with the mustang solo eat, with the option of passenger when I want it....
  4. I saw this title and thought it was some spoof on "Smoking in the boys room!!!"........This worlds screwed........
  5. This is cool...thanks for posting....
  6. I think my girlfriend does this!!
  7. Are they in his office? If so....there safe.....who would go in that shit smelling place!
  8. Seems like an every other day thing here. Think they call this "swatting" pulls are SWAT teams to places they don't need to be. The local law and news was reporting maybe someone is drawing SWAT to a place so they can cause issues elsewhere. But nothing has really happened when they do go to the schools. So maybe the kids? Who knows. I would think with surveillance now a days they could see if it was the kids.
  9. O-H...............Go Bucks.....Browns fucking blow so we gotta route for the Bucs!!!!!!!!!!
  10. They had a Diablo at the stealership....I didn't care for it. Ues paint is sweet, but the over all look...wasn't a fan. My glide is piped..camed...scoots pretty good.
  11. Not a special..just regular street glide....Special has the stretched bags...hard 2 find in this color. Next summer it will have stretched bags, air ride, apes...and a ton of miles!
  12. Thank you. I have been thinking about this for about 3 years. Harley sucks! they throw out black, white, and maroon bikes all day long. Then they get crazy and throw out flat black, flat white and flat maroon, even think they did a flat blue that year. Wow Harley aren't you creative! Any way been eyeing this blue for a few years. Found 3 of them (which is rare) within 4 hours of me. Long story short.....I bought my superior blue street glide. 2004 Heritage is up for sale, man will I miss her. 55,000 miles with not 1 issue. many states and a ton of good times....Pic 1 ...day I bought it....
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