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  1. Ok..read the topic of post and 1st and your response...people stand up and DEMAND this is wrong. My kids 16 and 19 both know, this is not natural and not right....where is this world coming to? I won't read any further unto this thread...because it is wrong...if U agree with it, shame on you...buy a scooter and get off the snowmobile forum. I will not bend or change my stance...WRONG. ...complete crap....
  2. He's a POS to.....lotta abbreviations here...POS, POTUS....notice the same letters are used!!!
  3. Crap thought u meant Lebron James!!!!!
  4. Oh man...I live in Cleveland...he is a POS here.....racist...only helps the blacks....hate him....
  5. minus the president thing.....he's just like you!!!!
  6. Who? You? sweet!!!!!!!
  7. LOL so your just 3 more seconds away from getting nuked???
  8. Haha...whole new meaning to " Let's GO Brandon!!
  9. Come on really! I can get on my computer and make fake graphs too...he hasn't created anything except a bunch of laughs for us, and other countries. Dude is a babbling joke.
  10. I can like and thanks at same time!!
  11. I can but dont really want to get into a huge project....figured if i can get key it will be plug in fill with beer!!
  12. Cant be that old....it has the dollar bill accepter on it...
  13. I do, but its a normal key, not the round style. I have been trying round style random keys for quite a while, nothing has worked. Company wants it gone so now I gotta find one
  14. I think these pop out and you unscrew a long mechanism to actually open it? Not sure drilling will do it.
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