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  1. was out 1/22/2022...put around 100 miles on. Great riding, snow and temp was crisp! Thanks groomer crew, great job!!!
  2. Opened late last night. said some trails are not groomed and some trees down.
  3. Partying in Florida, maskless at a drag bar....she's a bitch!!
  4. Saw this on the news and watched a YouTube video of it. pretty cool..
  5. this is sweet....thanks
  6. In ohio there not free....fyi...
  7. Dude has is correct....It does taste like ass......Notice how Pabst doesn't doesn't really defend themselves....Ask your mom....I called mine, she picked up the phone and said.."Pabst Blue Ribbon taste like ass" then hung up on me....My job is done...
  8. Wasn't a fan of season 4....kinda sucked
  9. Why is it the HCS immigrants? Most of us are getting tired to the BS going on over there and were directed toward this site. I got on here to check it out and see what it's all about. I could be wrong but the purpose of a site is to make it grow? Bring more good info and banter to something we all have in common? Am I correct. Hat's off from me to the gentleman or gentlemen who started this site. It is one more place I can come for info about snowmobiling and every once in a while a good laugh. I won't mention names but just surfing around there are 3-4 people who constantly spew garbage. If y
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