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  1. I own 2.....2002, and a 2004...Live in Ohio so It's hard, winters have sucked here!!! Trailer to NY but winters have sucked there also (western NY)
  2. Jungle monkey.....boot lip.....blue gum slappy.....
  3. I noticed this first thing this morning...No flag? No Red White and Blue? Shame, yet they cram gay pride, black history month and what ever else u can think of down our throats....Good thing I don't use them anymore. Well very little
  4. I don't think DT gave her money to keep her mouth shut!!!! Oh your talking after.....OK yeah I got ya know!!!!!
  5. 267 miles today. Planned my own route on my GPS, stayed off the main roads (which I usually do anyway). Had a great time. New bike ran phenomenal!! Me and my g/f go for a week ride every year. I live in Ohio, been to Maine, all over Tennessee, did the Kentucky bourbon run, Blue Ridge parkway. Never an issue. We take all back roads, way more fun, more people to meet, and you can run faster there than the freeway. Oh yeah, up around the outskirts of Michigan (hold your hand up, yes we did the whole outer side around the thumb and all!!) Up into the UP, down thru Wisconsin and around. We do aroun
  6. God bless that family! I can't imagine how tough that would be to have a family member born helpless. I'm sure it's tough. Pretty cool story, pretty cool bond.
  7. Happy Easter to everyone...
  8. my vote................NO
  9. Funny coming from a bunch of guys who talk shit all day but never post a pic of themselves!! this is not a direct hit against you steve from amherst!! I just think its funny, you go to facial book and people post everything, but here were a "tight knit" group, but if I passed you on the trail I would never know...shame....
  10. Great race today. My drivers didn't win, but still fun to watch.
  11. good for you man, great to see the pics.....me this year.....haven't even took them off the trailer.....
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