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  1. I was working for the cable TV company at the time. Was hooking up some dudes TV and he commented, wow the movies and shows these days are so realistic. Took us about 3 minutes to figure out it wasn't an upcoming movie.
  2. Our leader/government doesn't lie.....thats nonsense!!!
  3. Here in Ohio (I'm sure everywhere) they are hard to find. Yes you can go buy some junk but thats not me. I'm not just gonna buy to buy. I have my eye on certain things and if and when they pop up I will be purchasing. I have a few friends who work around the local shops, they have my list. Once it gets there they call I go.....
  4. Why do you even answer MC? You could agree with him/it and he will still argue!!!!
  5. Pull out......bomb them....be done with them.....
  6. Agree.....get our troops out......smoke the place.....💥💥💥💥
  7. First I would like to make clear I'm not hear to bash, cut down, or make fun of any manufacturers. I know you all will have something to say, good, bad, or just because. Not here for that. Had a 2008 F-150 I bought new. I never drive my trucks, thanks to my work supplied truck. Babied my f-150, kept her clean and was surprised after 13 years she never developed the ford rust, living in Ohio thats the norm around here. Developed a problem in my motor that I was being told by lot of people that it could get pretty costly to fix it. So 2 of my well trusted mechanic buddies told me, trade it and
  8. I can only hope all the pro athletes get something where they can't preform.....
  9. Shame.....Nothing like a few beers and some ZZ Top....love the spinning guitars....
  10. Fuck Abby Wombat.....know what, fuck them all. we pay for them to play sports for this country....You slap us in the face with your stupid "trying to stand out BS" how about come home, get a real job. I was in a 1 ton dump today, never knelt...Just did my job, went home had a beer, called it a day....
  11. There are about 7-10 maybe on a good day native Americans who protest every game......They caved...BS!!!
  12. Yeah...hillbilly in crocs and overall shorts.....priceless.......
  13. Guys gotta have a huge tire bill every time he goes riding!!!!
  14. I live in Cleveland, been a Tribe fan for years....They will always be the "Tribe" here, Chief Wahoo will still be worn all over Cleveland.
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