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  1. All good, I really don't mind....fun to read.
  2. Sometimes your sorry about post you put up..
  3. Went to load them on trailer, pulled cord, yup you guessed it, knot came undone into the recoil it went. Pulled it apart to try and rewind it, Blannnggggg, yup there goes the spring. to aggravated to try and rewind now. Buddy coming over tomorrow morning to help. Seems like you need 4 hands to rewind. I hate this sport!!!! "F"........................
  4. not upset, just curious of how it worked and what changed it.
  5. Also whats the community reputation about?
  6. Yes they can. Been a lot of eBay etiquette explained to me the last day! I assumed (my bad) I was allowed to ask questions! Guess your a "risk" if you do! Worked out for the better. Another forum member IM'ed me they have a eBay store, matched the price, part on the way......
  7. Can anyone explain how membership works? Is it the more you post your membership moves up? what are the different members? How many posts move you? Just curious.
  8. Was on eBay over the weekend, found an item, sent a message asking how it was shipped and explained about or terrible USPS service here. Few hours later I asked if they price matched, never heard anything back from them. Waited a few days, still no answer. Went on this morning figured I'd but in anyway. Clicked on "buy it now" seller blocked me, wont accept offers or bids!! Never had this happen before. All I was doing was looking for some info about a product. Part is kind of scarce right now and they had the best price after Dennis Kirk. Oh well guess I'll wait....
  9. I use Webbs. He gives a "snowmobilers" discount. Not sure how great it is but always stay there. Rooms are clean, easy access to trails.
  10. Nope...gotta load drive to PA or Ny. unload and ride. 1.25 hrs to be on trail. Kinda sucks but, I use it as an excuse to get away!
  11. Hello all, I have an older ride on ride off 2 place trailer. Last yeas I bought a roll of the black trim to cover the screws around the door and the upper sides of the trailer. Looked great when I got it done. Stored it for summer. The change in temp made this stuff expand and contract, making it look like crap. Was wondering if anyone has used anything better? I ordered off of etrailers it was called vinyl trim insert. If you have ideas, where do you get it from? Name of product, thanks...
  12. Happy new year to you all, enjoy your evening with friends and family. Hope next year gets a little better. Be safe!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!
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