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  1. I think its pretty clear the answer to that is no. The other thing that stands out is just how little some of these guys know about rules and concepts of the law and the constitution.
  2. You and Thteve are in a tie for that honor, lets be honest here. Used Bentleys are a dime a dozen.
  3. Well its in the Aleutian time dumbledork. So get your calculator out.
  4. I agree, and I like that new 858 Riot a lot. Their new nav set up is the best I’ve seen yet, but we haven’t seen what Doo or Polaris is going to offer yet.
  5. Of what exactly? A bunch of indoctrinated pussies and pantywaists like you? Says the guy who throat gargles MSM. He’s definitely dull normal. I’m guessing you’re the catcher in the relationship, amirite?
  6. Yet you admit to going to a theater to see it multiple times.
  7. Figures a contrarian fag like yourself hates on the guy largely responsible for outing antifa 4 years ago….
  8. You’re a slow learner, not even close. I’m hoping to shut this shit show of epic proportions down. Its become a haven of dumb fuck homos like you. My brother would have sold you his Bentley for a fraction what BJ would have cost you. But you were probably more concerned with getting your ugly inbred looking mug on tv, so you could impress your sister cousins.
  9. Christ, I bet even my daughters could probably beat you arm wrestling you Olive Oil looking skinny armed faggot. I would probably break your arm. You’re another bitch with a big mouth. List all the people you’ve met from these boards, what is that, maybe 2-3 people?
  10. Crazy good, crazy expensive good food tonight on the big island. Fresh oysters, roasted lobster….wife got the Mahi Mahi.
  11. Dreaming of making hash in the Jamaican foothills with armed Jamaicans is considered an actual retirement goal among the “leadership” here.
  12. I’d love to see you say that to his face. Or mine. Or anyone from these forums. CKFs pet no less, and protected class here. Idiots.
  13. You’re a little fucking pussy. Without your hall monitor vest, you’re shit. I’ve met all kinds of people from these forums. You’re a bitch. Get over yourself.
  14. I’m about to change my avatar to one of my favorite ex motocrossers, the beast from the east. Not in the guidelines. .
  15. Good luck with that. This will be the hill that the Biden campaign dies on if he does that.
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