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  1. Nothing. They were based on bullshit and propped up by corrupt politicians, a willing media, and almost half the population being in a coma.
  2. Now plug this event in with Trump being the president scenario. I can see the breathless headlines already.
  3. Fighting age young males. Look at them all.
  4. No. I can't. I can't imagine the shit storm. Joy Behar would be pulling her wig off on live tv. Rachel Maddow would break out in uncontrolled sobbing. Schumer would be calling him Hitler....oh wait, he already does. Smales would probably have to finally quit the internet from his panties being so knotted.
  5. You know how I know you're nothing more than a broke ass niggah? Cuz you check your account balance daily and feel the need to tell everyone about it.
  6. Mines better on those secondary roads than it is on the highway, probably because I’m usually going 75-85 on the highway. 50-60 seems to be the honey hole for economy.
  7. oh nooooo that uranium one deal was perfectly legit. I fear that we are past a tipping point of what our media and crooked politicians can sell us, i.e., as in almost anything.
  8. Do yourself a favor. Get yourself today’s copy of the Wall St Journal and read the editorial on the top left of the page. It spells out what you are suffering from cognitive dissonance over.
  9. You really need some new material.
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