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  1. Yeah I probably should have specified, Jackman is kind of considered northwestern Maine, not Aroostock county, which is what really is northern Maine.
  2. I don't know if they changed them or not, but they should have. 1 or 2 bars on mine is pretty useless.
  3. I still have an old Mickey Mouse rotary dial phone from the kids bedroom years ago. How much am I offered?! I'll start the bidding at 1000 dollars!
  4. Put 100 miles on a couple weeks ago, but it all melted away. Looks like by Monday, there should be 12 to 15 on a frozen base. Enough for this flat lander.
  5. My only knock on the Oxygen, and maybe its because I got the first version of it, is that I have to have it set on 3 bars to keep the shield clear, and sometimes it can get warm in there, but only on days over say, 25 degrees F. I may just start wearing it without a balaclava on those days. I rigged up a velcro set up for the cord/heat adjuster, and have it stuck to my riser, so I can readily see it, without having to fumble around for it going down the trail.
  6. Brother just got that same exact sled. I niggered up my 20 BC base model in the offseason, pretty happy so far. Things a little billy goat.
  7. 69? Dad got us into the game in 1970 when he bought 2 Nordic 399s. Very similar, just had the black vents cut into the side of the hood.
  8. Getting ready to head north a couple weeks ago Togwotee about 10 years ago... One of my fave sleds ever....14 Freeride Mt. Valin Quebec on my old REV. Screwing around, and pitched it right over the side of the trail and about 30 ft. down into no mans land. Some French guy came along and we had to winch it out... Gratuitous speedo shot on my 01 ZR800LE. Hard to tell, but its wrapped way past 100 on the rail bed in Quebec Quite possibly the biggest piece of shit I've ever owned. 12 XF1100 Turbo LXR. Went through a 200 dollar belt almost
  9. I really like my Oxygen. Starting season 3 with it. The LED light on the back is awesome to follow in a snow storm, its heated and a lot lighter than the BV2s, which is also a great helmet. Wore one of those for a long time too.
  10. A couple 400 plus mile days, a 3 day 1180 mile rip, lots of 300 plus days. These days, unless the trails are fast, and there is a big steak at the end of the day, I generally like to be parked after 8 hours or so.
  11. I got asked a few years back, got some killer swag including a monogrammed OGIO gear bag. Plus got to hang out and ride with Levi which was cool.
  12. This. If its convenient, I will often throw one up if I'm last as a courtesy. Throwing one up, when there are 4 guys behind you is rather silly, but I see it all the time.
  13. The 900 ACE turbo confirms my seat of the pants when I had mine. Friggin things are faster than most 800s and 850s. All while not using injector oil and using less gas.
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