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  1. Dude looks like a real fucking pant load. Only reason he gets the time of day is because he went against Trump, just like his ugly assed niece Mary. For the life of me, I don’t understand why why she gets ANY press, yet I see her quoted almost daily.
  2. Yeah phone was a little busier than normal for sure. Friggin 1200+ point swing. Jesus. At least the indexes finished up.
  3. Pretty hard to compare a crypto to a brick and mortar established company who's stock you can own.
  4. Thats the plan. Torn whether I want to keep this sled and get a fresh one next season and keep this one for a spare or friends to ride. Honestly, its set up as good as any I've owned for me, but I miss my turbo that I put the 1.75 track on. Dang, look at that Arctic Doo graphics. I like it!
  5. If I'm dreaming, give me a 146" skid with the Skidoo 900 turbo motor, some lightweight tricks, high end shocks, LED headlights and an improved gauge. Maybe a Lynx version? I'd put money down for that.
  6. Jesus guys, settle down already.
  7. More anecdotal evidence, along with the fact that Bidens state of the union speech had a quarter of the viewers that Trumps did the year before, that the public is waking up. And that no fucking way that fossil got 81 million votes. Go from 81 million votes to a 33% approval rating in less than a year. Yeah ok.
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