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  1. Found this pic of a trip to Tug Hill back in 01 or 02. A couple characters from Trail Conditions, Witchwey in the dark Carhart overalls, Catatonic in the middle blue jacket looking behind him, and myself in the blue Reima jacket. Forget some of the other guys handles from back then. Thinksnow came out from Chicago to ride with us. Witchwey woke me up 4 in the morning to go grooming "wake and bake freaky!"
  2. I had a 98 with the Ohlins package and never could get it to ride good. 2 years later I bought an 00 with the improved motor, lights, handwarmers etc., with the stock suspension and I actually liked that better. But nothing like a modern sled. They look so low to the ground in comparison. A buddy of mine who used to ride bought and SXr and just let it sit for 10 years in his shed. Finally he asked me if I just wanted it for free. I had to go through it, replace reeds, intake boots etc., but got it running mint again. Still with no electric start or reverse, I got spoiled, and ended up s
  3. I still stay in touch with him on FB. He and Bobby come to Maine to ride quite a bit, and hook up with Denny. Denny is big into the drag racing scene and is friends with my cousin. RIdden with all of them multiple times, great dudes.
  4. I was there, and met a bunch of those folks back in the day. Remember WItchwey, Roadie, Moonie, Wriz, etc., that whole NY crew? Problem is someone who should be on that poll has keys to the back door and can change the results. I enjoyed reading how he defined "narcissist". It was like he made it up.
  5. Gloss right over the ABC/Wapo poll he posted lol.
  6. The lobster rolls we had for lunch a couple weeks ago were so good, we had them again tonight with the inlaws. Along with some dilly beans and balsamic pickled beets i grabbed this morning from the farmers market.
  7. 5 million a month for this baby for 72 months and it could be yours!
  8. Thats cool how you can edit but not show that you edited it. Like that pedo comment the other day. Hall monitor privileges!
  9. I'm in a field you have no clue about, clearly, from the way you talk. And if wondering what people do for a living is none of anyone's business, your words, neither is someone's retirement plans.
  10. Oh now its ok to ask people about their finances? I thought you said questions like that were none of anyone's business, like what they do for a job.
  11. Well I knew that, just wondered when you'd finally admit it. Just think, if I wanted to retire, I could and I would. And still not be a weirdo troll Go have a smoke, maybe smoke a big fat bowl.
  12. He retired at 50, I'm sure he's accumulated millions by astute investing and sacrifice. Or he's just milking a disability pension.
  13. I hope you're not under the impression that I actually give a shit?
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