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  1. yeah, love the guy, but hard pass on his cars.
  2. He’s serving time for cheating on his own taxes not trumps. And let’s just be honest here, if his wagon was not hitched to Trump, this never would’ve happened. Funny how Hunter hasn’t been investigated for tax fraud. Let’s face it, your beloved Democrats have Weaponized the government against their political adversaries, straight out of the banana republic handbook.
  3. I find it hard to believe this will ever pass. Can you just imagine? Have a few beers and you deed to move your car in the driveway, but it won’t move? Maybe even call the cops on you?
  4. Obama was who brought the practice back against Conservarives. Cuz he’s a scumbag marxist.
  5. Consumer confidence. Far superior foreign policy even if it didn't have the full support of the Washington aliens. Market performance. Stewardship of the economy. Just off the top of my head. Start there. And while we're dismissing the previous chain mail, most of it is fairly accurate. Now Republicans control the house, lets see if they can deliver on some things instead of being empty suits. That includes prosecutions imo
  6. I’m telling you you couldn’t put forth any more of a simpleton viewpoint. Your gen has the votes, do something about it, instead of pointing your fingers. And while you’re at it vote out ALL the career politicians including the greatest gen ones like Pelosi, McConnell etc, things I’ve done for 30+ years.
  7. Hey I’m all for some new blood. Term limits and campaign finance reform woul fix 90% if it but we rarely hear it mentioned. The public’s A.D.D. doesn’t help, and the msm leads them around by their noses.
  8. Yes cuz we voted for all of it and your generation fought it. Newsflash, the generation before the boomers had it even better purchasing power wise. Maybe run for office if you have all the answers, gen X is the largest voting block now.
  9. Thats your opinion, and you are more than welcome to it. What do you suggest he does, just drop out, and concede to the Democrats?
  10. Have you noticed the full court press in the msm lately? Its gotten gross. I see Jon Stewart is even weighing in, something like no one is above the law, etc.. Right. Fixate on 6+ yrs of one phony narrative after another, but pay no mind to all the bullshit from the FBI, 51 former intel agents, bank transfers from China, nothing to see there folks. And they wonder why he still draws 1000s of peoples to his rallies. It doesn't look like DeSantis is going to present much of a challenge at this point, so if it comes down to Trump vs. ANY DEMOCRAT, the choice is still pretty simple. That is
  11. I was there a week later and only saw it from the bottom, that was enough to give me an idea of just how steep it was.
  12. I wonder if the public will ever wake up and demand smaller government. 4.7 trillion in new taxes....what could possibly go to shit?!
  13. HIll is way steeper in person than it looks in many of the pictures. Curtis is the GOAT of that event.
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