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  1. Some of these people are raising a whole generation of misfits, who will forever be saddled with mental illness, depression and more.
  2. Ben made up his mind and thats that. Rush is a pedo! Never charged with any sex crimes mind you. Not like thousands of people vacation there regularly mind you. Just run with the narrative and have that define the guys entire life. No one says you have to like or agree with him, but the pedo bullshit is nonsense, particularly when we’ve never heard who the rich people were going to an actual pedo island..
  3. going up and hugging Liz Cheney after the hearing concluded was a nice touch. Impartial. Yuh. Hearing and Saying….
  4. Ben must be off his meds…. 😆
  5. Diesel was $5.69/gal on the water today in CT. Down from $7.29 a month ago.
  6. Ben is a fucking drama queen of the worst sort. He almost even called me a pedo. Guy runs his mouth constantly, and why some gets shoveled his way.
  7. You’re comparing him to a guy who funds antifa and blm and has caused death and misery. Because you’re a fucking dope.
  8. The left doesn’t see things that way. By any means necessary. Kind of like Stalin.
  9. Way to ignore his career of charitable giving, he raised more during one commercial break than you have in your whole life. He was an advocate for conservative causes, limp wristed liberals like you have been indoctrinated to think that he is spewing hate. He did nothing of the kind. But you bought into the narrative so there’s that. Why don’t you do us all-a solid favor today and take a long walk off a short pier?
  10. You actually think your posting style is any different? Jesus Christ guy put down the glue bag. You and Smales chase away a lot of good posters. Pro tip, not everyone is entertained by you telling them to kill themselves all day every day, or that they are retards.
  11. One raised hundreds of millions of dollars over a 25 year career. And one is a lesbian liberal with fake grievance. Great comparison, not. I swear Ben gets dumber and angrier by the day.
  12. whew guy it’s become clear where you get most of your news from. Invasion of the Iphones! Answer one simple question: Why did Pelosi and Bowser refuse Trumps request to station 10,000 national guard troops in Washington on J6?
  13. You sure the fuck can. In fact it tells the tale of what the left has been trying to pull off for the past 6 years. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter what you think and when you’re caught flat footed come November, perhaps you’ll start to get it.
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