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  1. Gotta brainwash em young, wife even brought the dog out.
  2. Was just packing up for the day and heading back to the shop when I got over a little to far to let a transport buy. Worst fuck up I've ever had at work. Luckily the thing was in the last 5% of its usable life. Why's it always 4pm on a Friday... Edit-floated our excavator in to upright it and drag it into a neighbours harvested field, it's getting cut up for scrap in the am.
  3. I just put the autosteer harness in this tractor last fall, borrowed a reciever for the spring off a shared combine. Wasn't the issue of an itc reciever not working anymore for us at least.
  4. John deere gps auto steer reciever ordered in December for March deliver, this is the text from sales earlier this week.
  5. Sold the snowmobile when we bought the house. Be interesting to see how long the wife tolerates 70-100 hr prime season work weeks now with the boy.
  6. Wife had our first child on Wednesday. 8lbs 4oz boy. First time I've not been at work on the farm in the month of April since I was a child. Dog isn't enjoying all the crying but its interested when he's quiet.
  7. Was set at 65 in winter and 75 in summer for ac. Pregnant wife has it turned up to 67 now and seems to be wanting it warner as she gets bigger.
  8. I miss those days, driving that truck for more then 6 months was hard, had to clean it twice. Fleet deal tanked 6 grand on 20s so I skipped and then with the crazy used prices I flipped into a 21 for half of what I was quoted on a 20 a year ago with that many more km(and time) on the trade. If the CAD $ keeps going up the trade value will go to shit in a hurry.
  9. 95 list Paid 80 plus accessories and tax, They gave me 74500 for my 19 , I paid 70.xxx something for it.
  10. Farm fleet deal. $5600 plus hst and accessories (cover and mudflaps) difference. Old truck was on a transport to the US the next day. The 19 I got rid of cost me about 400$ to deal from a same spec 19 I'd bought earlier that year. Fleet deal isn't what it was on the 19s(went down about 4 grand when they switched to the new body style), I got one 19 for 22500 off list
  11. How do you like the front seats? I'm having a hard time getting my 21 into a comfortable spot. Found them much nicer on my 19. You get used to them. Dealt my 19 denali with 25km to a 21 denali with the heads up display for 5600 plus a bed cover and mudflaps, didn't think that was too bad.
  12. Tim i got a full bosch package i. The winter when I did the kitchen reno. 36 wide . B36ct80sns. Been really happy with it. Dead quiet, ice maker has stayed working, has 2 compressors ,1 each for fridge and freezer. Only thing I mght change is to get the 4 door version that has the same layout inside, just allows the main vegetable drawer to be opened without opening the doors.
  13. Yesterdays task, 14 hours of trucking high moisture corn to a mennonite cattle barn. Finished the fireplace last weekend and hung a 55" Lg oled c9 over it.
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