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  1. lol.hell she put a 100grand more into the house then i did.
  2. fuck off lol. as far away as possible on both fronts
  3. all sold. sledless for the first time since i was 14
  4. enter donald trump quote 😄 the bestest
  5. if they are buying them through the sales/wholesale side rather then parts youre not going to get much better deal. we get 20 points off list generally.
  6. what bolt pattern/ model my brothers a service manager at a case/kubota dealer and sometimes mounted tires on rims are cheaper then just tires. lsst time i fucked a tire on the zero turn it was 5 dollars more factory installed on a rim
  7. around my neck of the woods its cheaper on insurance for chicks to drive small trucks then guys. young males in s10s have some pretty bad stats according to our insurance. was cheaper to insure a fullsize 4x4 and pay extra fuel then to drive any car when i was younger.
  8. Bought my first house with the girlfriend. 3/4 acre lot 1700 sq ft half a km from belwood lake. Be a bit of a change from living beside work.
  9. It was being sorted not to say it wasn't going somewhere in the 40 yard roll offs. In sure the insurance paying to clean up the foundation is worth more than the lumber on top and a bill to clean the mess.
  10. Landscaper owns the farm. Couple f550s if I remember correctly
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