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  1. The idiots who honestly believe that African Americans are too dumb to figure out how to get IDs? Like, seriously though, that's the honest argument against requiring ID to vote? If so (and as much as I hate to believe it, sadly I do), then I can't think of anything MORE racist than claiming an entire group of people is too dumb to figure out how to get an ID. Blows my mind that that's an actual viewpoint, and failing to see the hypocrisy in calling voter ID laws racist based on THAT belief is truly unbelievable.
  2. That there are people in the US actually arguing AGAINST needing to show ID to vote blows me away. I can't understand how anyone could make any kind of valid argument about why that's a bad thing.
  3. Serious question, how do you reconcile the entire space program? Is it a common belief that it's all a hoax or misinformation or something else?
  4. The nikkor "trilogy", the 14-24 f2.8, 24-70 f2.8 and 70-200 f2.8 are all around the $2500 mark new, still almost $2000 on the used market. Got out of selling photography a few years ago, but decided to get a few of mine printed up when we moved into our new house this past fall. The one is 5 ft long and the other is around 3 ft square. Really happy with them, can see every star in the sky.
  5. Totally agree, but... Everything else equal, you get what you pay for when it comes to glass. Can a good photographer take amazing photos with a shit lens and camera? Sure. Can the same photographer take infinitely better photos with better equipment? 100%. The majority of my lenses are $2500+. I have a few that are around the $1k mark.
  6. He allowed a stupid jackfish in the boat, should have just beat it off the line with a paddle. Stupid slimy jacks.
  7. Dry ice is made by capturing, pressurizing and freezing CO2 that's produced as a byproduct of some other manufacturing process. It's made regardless, nothing new is being created
  8. I don’t know, man... according to Google, this is the largest power plant in Texas: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/WA_Parish_Generating_Station At 3600ish MW, my small town of about 900 people in Northern Manitoba (Gillam) makes the same, with another 700MW coming online in the next year. BC makes huge power, so does Quebec. And a lot of it is exported to the US.
  9. Don't get me wrong, understanding the appeal and agreeing with it are 2 separate things, and I should maybe clarify the "appeal" is for stupid reasons... I know a lot of people (mostly women) who voted for him solely because he was young and attractive. I think it's stupid, but understandable. He talked a good game first time around, and honestly, legalizing marijuana appealed to a LOT of younger voters. Again, reasonable grounds to run a country? No. But I can understand that appeal. The older I've gotten and the more time I've put into work to create a better life for mysel
  10. Absolutely not. I think my "I disagree with pretty much everything he stands for" covered that fairly well...
  11. What I don't get, and believe me I know Canada is no better, but... In a country of like 340 million people, these are the "best options"? I mean, I disagree with pretty much everything he stands for, but I can at least understand the appeal of Trudeau to a large part of the voter base. First term, anyway. How people were so blind for the second is beyond me.
  12. I run Uclear as well, just make sure you go with the pro speakers. Use the foam inserts to set them closer to your ears, and make sure they are positioned properly, and yeah, they sound great. Couldn't be happier with mine. My wife and I both have a set, and yeah I hate talking on the phone at the best of times, but it's nice to be able to warn her about upcoming hazards or forks in the trail. Usually, if we talk at all, I'm just telling her to stop riding like a pussy and speed up lol.
  13. That right there will keep your feet warm on a walk to either of the poles. Steger mukluks with -100 Baffin Impact liners, and a cut piece of closed cell foam inside for a footpad. When I’m on the sled and moving fast enough wind is an issue, or if there’s any chance of water (like ice fishing), I have a set of NEOS Navigator 5 insulated overboots, with the same liners and foam footpads as a second set.
  14. When we go out on the land with the Canadian Rangers, we can be 2 weeks+ in -40, living in tents and spending the entire day in the snow... on the sled, setting up or breaking down tents, exercises and operations. We have a “sock system” issued. There is a thin, synthetic liner (think something like a calf-length dress sock). Then, depending on temp, there are a thinner and thicker wool sock. The thicker ones are ridiculously warm. Heard stories of the guys in the high Arctic wearing all 3 layers, I’ve never had to. The liners pull moisture away from the feet and out to the sock,
  15. Wind is another “iffy” source of generation... I would have always said it was a feel-good story at best, but they do contribute a surprising amount of megawatts to the grid, at times. Our utility feeds into the Midcontinent independent system operator (MISO), and anyone can check the real-time contribution of various sources, as well as the current wholesale price of electricity, at any time. https://www.misoenergy.org/markets-and-operations/real-time--market-data/real-time-displays/ (if on a mobile device, scroll through the “pods” to see the fuel mix)
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