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  1. We used to wait until all the snow had melted off the ice on the lake here in the spring, take a buddy's old car (diplomat I believe), almost max it out, crank the wheel and see how many 360s we could do before straightening it out again. Did roll it over a few times, but all in good fun lol.
  2. Admittedly a small town kid from rural Manitoba, but our options were bring your own lunch, go home if you live close enough, or go hungry. Pretty sure my wife who grew up in the city was the same.
  3. What baffles me is that most can't see that "equality" and "diversity" are 180 degree polar opposites, yet they still somehow try to advocate for both.
  4. Honestly I’ve taken my camera gear out like 4 times in the last 3 or 4 years, so I’m not in any rush to invest in another system. Back to “hobby”, so I can’t justify to expense right now. Even back when I was shooting more regularly, I was pretty impressed with the mirrorless systems. Last major interest was firearms, went a long ways down that path, jumped into fly fishing this fall and currently investing heavily in ice fishing gear lol. Just got my Eskimo outbreak 850XD yesterday. Picked up one of those Chinese diesel heaters and today’s project was making a fire blanket pane
  5. I did this somewhat professionally for a number of years, and this was also with about $5-7K in camera equipment. You did just fine. I was using a full frame Nikon dSLR (D750), with a nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 lens. F/2.8, ISO between 4000 and 5000, and between 1 and 5 sec exposures. I also ran them through lightroom mobile to adjust a few levels.
  6. Haven't gone out taking pictures in quite a while, but I was keeping an eye on all the forecasts. Decided I'd throw the battery on the charger after getting home from a 12 hour work day returning a generator to service. Relaxing on the couch enjoying a nice cold beverage, and my phone rang. Work calling, problem with the unit and I needed to go back in and troubleshoot. Motherfucker. It was kind of an expected issue, adjustments we make during maintenance contradict adjustments required for running online, but we need to calibrate everything to spec for our testing, then usually go back a
  7. Friend put her mom in the ground yesterday. Mmmm....K?
  8. Posted in a different thread, but friend's mother died last week following second shot. Principal here in town is off on indefinite medical leave, had a stroke during the mandatory waiting period following his second shot, rushed to ER, been in steady decline since. This was early summer. Friend's uncle had a stroke following second shot, confined to a wheelchair now and is essentially a vegetable. I don't know of a single person first or even second hand that has had a negative reaction to having covid.
  9. About a month and a half ago, Prince Rupert (north) was 1.62, and North Van was 1.71
  10. 1 US gal is 3.785 liters, an imperial gallon is 4.54 liters. In either case, your math is wrong. By a lot.
  11. Everyone is going to have different experiences and points of reference, I know this. Saying that, yesterday a good friend's mother died. Deteriorated rapidly after receiving second shot, otherwise relatively healthy before. Over the course of a handful of days (like 4?), she developed inflammation of the heart, multiple organ failure, and yesterday she passed away. Friends are in a bit of a fight with the hospital because they are trying to classify the death as covid-related, despite testing negative. Principal at the school here in town (wife's boss, family acquaintance) had a stroke d
  12. Was out trying to chase moose last week, but temps were in the mid 20s C, so what like 75ish F? Not cold enough to trigger rut yet. First frost was yesterday morning, but most of the leaves (and tamarack needles) have dropped already.
  13. The idiots who honestly believe that African Americans are too dumb to figure out how to get IDs? Like, seriously though, that's the honest argument against requiring ID to vote? If so (and as much as I hate to believe it, sadly I do), then I can't think of anything MORE racist than claiming an entire group of people is too dumb to figure out how to get an ID. Blows my mind that that's an actual viewpoint, and failing to see the hypocrisy in calling voter ID laws racist based on THAT belief is truly unbelievable.
  14. That there are people in the US actually arguing AGAINST needing to show ID to vote blows me away. I can't understand how anyone could make any kind of valid argument about why that's a bad thing.
  15. Serious question, how do you reconcile the entire space program? Is it a common belief that it's all a hoax or misinformation or something else?
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