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    and now the local watering hole........my work is done here
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    I dont like trump. I think hes a an idiot. He is a narcissist just like Obama. But the daily posts from MC, iceman, slinger and the rest are ridiculous. These guys act like Russia hacked voting machines and got trump elected. They are more angry that the DNC and Hillary were outed then they are with the content of what was revealed. They also had zero to say with anything Obama did for eight years. Now they have something to say about everything Trump does 30 days into his presidency. It just smells of hypocrisy
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    Send his ass over with the troops and have him fucking tweet from there in the thick of it!
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    and just how clear was it when Obama had no less than 4 nominees have to drop out in this same amount of time ? oh have we forgotten prob because it was hardly talked about with the blowjob fest going one in the press core room but just a quick reminder in the first 100 Obama had announced less than half of the total Senate-confirmed Cabinet department positions he needed to fill, with only 10 approved -- even though the Democrats had an overwhelming majority in the Senate at the time Remember the withdrawal of Obama's pick for National Intelligence Council chairman, Charles Freeman, in March 2009? Obama had tapped the former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia for the sensitive post despite abundant conflicts of interests. Freeman had served for four years on the board of the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, a company owned by the Chinese communist government. The state-owned firm has invested in Sudan and Iran. Freeman also led the Middle East Policy Council, a Washington, D.C.-based group funded by the Saudi government. And he chaired Projects International, a consulting firm that had worked with foreign companies and governments. Obama knew all that and looked the other way at Freeman's role as a de facto lobbyist for Saudi royalty. Even worse, he ignored Freeman's Jew-bashing and tyrant-coddling record with a Blame America axe to grind. In fine form, Freeman inveighed against the "Israel Lobby" in his resignation letter. By this time in Obama's first term, former Democratic New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson had withdrawn as Commerce Secretary nominee after both liberals and conservatives protested his long record of corruption and incompetence. His political horse-trading with private businesses -- campaign donations for infrastructure projects, patronage jobs and board appointments -- was so notorious it had earned him the moniker "Dollar Bill." Richardson's replacement, former GOP Sen. Judd Gregg, accepted and then quickly withdrew after disagreements over Obama's massive federal stimulus proposal and Democrats' politicization of the Census. Tom Daschle, was also forced to withdraw from his nomination as Obama's Health and Human Services secretary amid a storm of ethical scandal, conflicts of interest, and tax avoidance. That was compounded by Treasury Secretary Geithner's admission of "tax goofs" involving his failure to pay $43,000 in federal self-employment taxes for four separate years (until, that is, he was tapped for his Obama post). At least five other Treasury staff picks withdrew before the Obama administration had reached the 100-day mark over tax problems, conflicts of interest, bad judgment and records of lax oversight of industry. yeah a crush of crisis comparison . only diff is the press core had way to much black cock in there mouth to actually do there job and report
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    that the FSCE Libtards were going to be this BH. Jesus Christ, every fucking day there's 20+ massive BH threads started on here by MaineCunt, Wince, Shitslinger, RevfaggotSTD, SpinCry/Assholefaggotjoe and Icefaggot. This is BH of EPIC proportions
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    Just wanted to let you know that I did win our bet that skidoo would have an XRS in the Gen4 chassis with the 850 in it this year when you said they wouldnt. Since the bet terms were on the old site and were deleted, I obviously don't expect you to pay, but being right is a good enough reward for me!.
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    Ok I will later on when we get back to camp.
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    "Undocumented residents and citizens" How about Illegal aliens
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    They are expecting to exercise their right to boycott in a country that they are in illegally. Is it really that hard to see the irony in all this.
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    I think your heart is in the right place Dan. @motonoggin
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    I don't have an issue borrowing to soften the blow from a grave recession. I do have one when we are spending like drunken sailors and getting nothing out of it. You seem to be worried about our kids not being able to purchase homes but not in regards to leaving them with our pile of shit. Live within your means. Why can't Tards understand this?
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    What kind of dork buys jewelery at a big box store anyway? I'd like to see the markup on that. I got a guy that will make just about anything for reasonable. Mom and pop jewelers FTW!
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    The boomers are already there. The boomers began 1945/46. Many are retired at 60 which would be 2005/06. Those that wait to 65 2010/11. Don't forget every report out there is quick to point out they are the most affluent retirees in history. Most had 25 year fixed rate mortgages and were able to realize as high as 20% ROI during 70's and longer.
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    It's well documented both sides talked to a plethora of nations..I see the news and lefties like to use the word "Intel" "spys" when it's a damn ambassador.. Only to scare us,..after watching the news,..3 different channels..it's like fucking fiction....different channels definitely leave facts out to fit the narrative of the station..it's really pathetic..anyone who is stupid enough not to see they manipulate the facts or lack there of, needs a brain scan..
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    I was talking to the South Koreans last week. I did the do diligence on a high rise in Chicago they were looking to buy. I wonder if CNN will mention me in one of their fake news casts? Fucking Idiots...............
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    How do we make aftermarket exhaust modifying decibel mufflers illegal to possess in Ontario ? I like the sound of any ripping engine but they are destroying years of dedication and commitment to this sport and access to those willing to allow access to their private property. The only exclusion would be closed competition with a permit. The noise, revelry and disrespect has to stop and it seems pretty simple to me. Accused and found with a can and you're fined and it's confiscated. No ??
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    I did some exploring yesterday n found some amazing almost untouched trails and logging roads. It's going to be deeep after tomorrow 👍
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    Good weekend about 450 miles of mostly excellent trails. Back up Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning for another few days.
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