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  1. No it's not. The last several winters have been less than ideal. No rideable snow in the southern parts of Wisconsin and Michigan. At least not more than a week or so.
  2. This is a reach. Everyone knows if Trump was on that island there is nothing he could do to hide it.
  3. Alot of those conspiracies are turning out to be true. Time to eat some crow now. You know who you are...
  4. I think that happened to dripper also. But the worm ate ALOT of his brain.
  5. Yup. They think minorities are too poor and too stupid to perform the basic functions of society so they need special help and special rules. Who is the fucking racist?
  6. Pritzker and Soros are joos. The only reason they would fund it is to pass their anti Israel laws which the house just did. Basically making it a crime to criticize Israel or anything any joo does ever... MoNeY wElL sPeNt!!!!
  7. There are lots of gays in the republican party, just not openly gay. Lindsay Graham for one. And he isn't really keeping it a secret.
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