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  1. Bob Lazar, he worked at Area 51. Totally credible but the govt worked really hard to discredit him. Everything Lazar said checked out tho. Not so much about aliens but the technology he was working on was far beyond anything we know of.
  2. I heard Ron DeSantis got an illegal immigrant pregnant and made her carry the baby full term and then after it was born he killed them both with his own hands! And since its Florida he made a law that it was legal to kill illegals! Savage!
  3. How do I get the California credit in Indiana or Illinois?
  4. So on one hand they are flying migrants to martha's vineyard and on the other they are begging them not to leave? What to believe?
  5. Don't worry, spin says that won't happen. It's just a conspiracy.
  6. I have known a couple dozen people who escaped the Soviet union. They love their culture but living there was pretty difficult and even dangerous. Several have moved back in retirement however. They are much different post Soviet.
  7. The allies used him to defeat the Germans. The land the soviets took would prevent Germany from rebuilding again like the allies tried to do to Germany after WW1 and the treaty of versailles.
  8. Stalin stole all of the private land and killed alot of his own people after the war also. All of these wars should be a reminder that authoritarian govt can only give you this.
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