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  1. I have been saying that when the bomb finally goes boom, everyone's money is going to evaporate. Most people don't understand what that means but we will all find out. FDIC only covers about 1% of total deposits. With unlimited leveraging I don't think it can cover that much.
  2. Actually what MOST cant see is that your are being controlled thru your emotions...
  3. Just show them your religious exemption! That will show them!
  4. I know at least 4 people who have had covid at least twice now.
  5. Fauci should be wrung up for lying to congress and causing this global disaster.
  6. Dripper says you can't get it twice so that is probably a false positive
  7. His Christmas posts were the best!
  8. Wasn't somebody here moving to Ireland for the freedoms?
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