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  1. We have those places popping up here yo. Don't need to go all the way to Nashville now.
  2. I guess we will have to send them a couple hundred billion then...
  3. Nobody has anything close to etec and it's been what 16 years now? Etec is still the best. And they are pretty reliable despite opinions...
  4. Nope, that would be George Dubya Bush or Biden.
  5. I don't think they put 2 strokes in sxs...ffs
  6. Well I don't ride with mooks. The guy in our group buys a new xrs every year and puts about 5-7k miles on them each year. He wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. Unfortunately because of our shitty winter I haven't ridden with him this year to try for myself.
  7. My buds with smart shox say they are game changer. Ur dumb
  8. Some guys have already shoe horned a 900 into an xcr and I think Indy specialties is making a long rod 900.
  9. I already heard smart shock system was in the works so probably. Also heard polaris invested tens of millions in injection molding equipment. Not sure what to think about that.
  10. How many of you faggots rooted for mitt in 2012?
  11. The govt is artificially keeping the economy from crashing. Rumor is they are going to let Trump win and then crash it and blame it all on Trump. ~Joos
  12. I bought a leftover 23 xcr 850. I guess it was a late arrival (Jan 2023). Fucking thing is a rocket. Handles like a dream and just pulls like a freight train. Its pretty much the same sled as my 21 VR1 but acts very different. Fucking love it. Wish I could actually ride it...
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