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  1. Well at least you know who the A team of fsce is...
  2. That's why we ride Sunday thru Wednesday. Riding faggot free...
  3. You are getting more like Momo with your responses. That clutch was glowing red it was so hot. No rollers would have stood a chance. You are better off with the 2 strokes.
  4. Looks like beaner trailers are pretty fashionable now. I remember when they were to object of ridicule.
  5. Can tell you that with that seat and me moving the steering column forward it is the perfect seating position for me. Only thing that sucks is I had to take my high windshield off and put the medium back on.
  6. I knew it would be, the pro s is so good with the new rear suspension on the assault I knew they finally got it dialed perfectly. Have fun boys. We will be shredding first thing Monday morning.
  7. I just got this text from Western UP 5 minutes ago....
  8. that is the spare jackshaft! the clutch exploded on that trip too.
  9. The trip we were on when that pic was taken we actually got snowed in while riding it was snowing so hard one day. Couldnt see shit. We had to leave the sleds in Chatham and a local drove us out. Wish we had some more winters like that.
  10. Alright I'm getting the itch. Heres some pics of seasons past... Sleds on a boat. Found it! Epic riding on this trip. Copper Harbor
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