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  1. I’m just gonna leave this here..... http://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/ontario-pc-party-president-rick-dykstra-resigns-after-sexual-assault-accusation/
  2. So if you rob a bank, but don’t get caught, you didn’t actually commit a crime? Makes sense
  3. No, the law considers it an assault. It’s not a matter of debate. As far as reporting it, I agree with trailmaker. Agree
  4. The police don’t have to be involved for his actions to be assault. They would have to be imvolved for him to be charged. Either way, both cases we know about are most definitely assault if true.
  5. By any definition, both cases we know about were assault. Go kiss a subordinate co-worker without her permission and see what they call it. Better yet, get one drunk and behind a closed door and demand she suck your dick. See where that gets you. The Party did the right thing. He didn’t stand a chance of winning an election in Ontario with those allegations hanging over his head. We aren’t the USA and Brown isn’t Trump. How would these women prove something like this at this point? How about the day after? How about 5 minutes after? It will always be a he said / she s
  6. Well Brown was the leader of the Party so that much is obvious
  7. So you’re saying the PC Party leadership and MPPs are all stupid? "In the interest of the Ontario PC Party we unanimously agree that Mr. Brown cannot continue serving as the Leader," said a statement from the caucus, issued by deputy leaders Sylvia Jones and Steve Clark.
  8. Meh, I read none of that. Do you think it would have been good for the party to keep him on with those allegations hanging over his head so close to an election? Simple answer. No essays required.
  9. Just another couple of lying women I guess They fabricated their stories a decade ago about Brown assaulting them, told their friends about it at that time - one even told her dad, and then waited until now just so they could ruin Brown’s chances of being premier.
  10. So? That doesn't mean he should get away with it without facing any consequences and she’s free to tell whoever she feels like, as many times as she wants and for as long as she wants. If he doesn’t want these stories being told, perhaps he should have kept his dick in his pants, but it’s too late for that now. Take your complaints up with the PC Party of Ontario. They’re the ones that tossed him under the bus.
  11. Doubtful that these women are. Why did the PC party bail on Brown instantly? Because he’s innocent and they were so shocked to hear the news?
  12. Soooo, women always lie about assault especially when it’s to do with Conservative politicians. Got it
  13. It’s more likely that he is lying when he says these incidents never happened. Is Jian Ghomeshi a creep or were those allegations all fabricated too? Women have very little to gain personally by coming forward. In fact, in the majority of cases it’s just the opposite since idiots like you are more than happy to call them liars and hurl insults at them causing them to be victimized a second time.
  14. It is rare that women would make false allegations such as these and the one woman has friends that have corroborated her story since she told them about it at the time it happened. He’s a douche, next.
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