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  1. Poncho


    I think the Russia game was Canada’s kiss of death. Either way USA has a good team and we lost again.
  2. I guess Pierre must resign too....money he gets away with it https://globalnews.ca/news/7546401/pierre-arcand-vacation-barbados-coronavirus/
  3. I guess you forgot in April when he told everyone to stay home and he took the family on a ski holiday. Regardless of where you go, out of country, or in, his message was clear, stay home, but your hero took his family on a holiday. You can twist it your way.
  4. He really had no choice unless he was Trudeau
  5. Trail you must be spanking your lil’libtard stick over this one. As you should be. Complete asshole and deliberately mislead the public through negligent posts. I can’t believe a gent so educated did this. Rod Phillips.....shame
  6. Poncho


    Will the CBC Weasel host?
  7. Poncho


    Terrible. Boring.
  8. There is no reason anyone needs to, or is required to check the OFSC prior to riding. I know plenty of riders who don’t have computers or even know what it is. Just ride forget the restrictions....
  9. Ontario's COVID-19 restriction levels Ontario's new framework classes public health regions into five levels, including lockdown Lockdown Red (Control) Orange (Restrict) Yellow (Protect) Green (Prevent) Riders in orange and red zones urged not to use trails connecting into green and yellow zones I guess it means if you live anywhere in a red or orange zone you pretty much can’t go riding. Lol
  10. Poncho


    The only thing NOT clear is your dope filled 🧠 extreme troll....
  11. Poncho


    What hockey? Are you stoned again?...I mean still? I’m not sure why you so are hung up on Brown people. But you leftards like to twist the racist card if no one agrees with your agenda
  12. Poncho


    I only watched CBC for Don.
  13. Poncho


    He always was, I never liked him.......years before the Libtards fired Don.
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