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  1. Poncho


    I laughed at that….after jacking the fans for another year….must be a fan payback for Jacking us for another season….
  2. Poncho


    Yep. Again, over and over. When will the corporations just shut them down????…….never they make millions every night. It’s an empire. It’s not about the win.
  3. Poncho


    As I predicted the Leafs will lose. And they did.
  4. It really doesn’t matter who wins the leadership. The world order is done.
  5. As far right as I might be....I doubt that will ever happen.....on both counts. Trudeau’s media are making PP out as an antivaxer, angry white man who supports anti-Trudeau demonstrations. That is the current media narrative on PP. PP says what everyone thinks.......unfortunately no one thinks anymore. It’s a Canadian and American thing now, dumb followers in Toronto la la land..... As I’ve said for years.....we are witnessing the downfall of western society and Sockboy is leading the charge. Jughead is blessing the collapse. It’s what the Liberals and Canada deserve. They want it and so
  6. Poncho

    Gas Prices

    That is a stupid attitude. There is the problem right there your willing to except the status quote....all wrong
  7. Poncho


    Yes they gave it all in game six and lost. Tampa won’t roll over and it’s game seven on Saturday. I’m not saying anything.
  8. Poncho


    Three game series now…….Soupy missed some but after goalie change they clicked. The open netters are a gamble you need to take. Game five…….First goal wins the series.
  9. Agree. Dr (Steven) Evil is a complete fuck nut. I’m not sure anyone vets anything he says. His policy proposals are completely insane.
  10. Poncho


    Yes we know, but we are talking about hockey…..
  11. Poncho


    6 or 7 game series. If the boys continue to work as a team they will advance. Supporting Soupy is essential to the win. It all depends on the back checking and shot blocking. The big boys should not try and be fancy. Shoot at any chance, it’s not about personal records, it’s about the team advancing and breaking the previous history.
  12. Currently the gas tax is used to fix the roads. If we all go electric where will the money come from to fix the roads?
  13. No more and no reason to go there. The woke left and the media will drive more and more. It’s a business and about control
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