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  1. I’m not sure this group understands that. So stop the posts. Let’s see where the vax shit goes.
  2. Yes I saw that the Toole dodged and spun on the question, like the current leader Trudeau on every question. It’s pointless now, the media has been bought and paid for by the Liberals……you see it everywhere. Even Global TV reported there was only ONE hospital in Peel….Brampton Civic Hospital…..It would nice if the media did their homework. There are TWO Hospitals in Brampton, Civic and Urgent Care Hospitals. Complete left wing bullshit. Terrible media reports. They are not to be trusted
  3. The media will load it up….Cons are evil…..Trudeau is good……. It’s done….the left media are paid off, Justin will get his majority. If he doesn’t he will align with Jughead.
  4. Yep, agree flippers are an issue. Moreau was good, he saw the writing on the wall....the Liberals really need to pull back and get a grip on the spending.....it is quite terrifying for our future.
  5. Cookstown??? I work for an aircraft manufacturer, and support the investigation as the manufacturer expert. I do not investigate parachute accidents and neither does the TSBC (Transportation Safety Board of Canada) unless it was an aircraft systems failure. Cheers
  6. Exactly, as a result of the vax they are no longer locked down and as a matter of fact, no resident is required to wear a mask. It worked for them....
  7. Add to pilots licence, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence, and certified aircraft accident investigator. Yes, dead bodies scattered in an aircraft accident can infect an investigator, with Hep A, B, C, HIV, SARS (Covid), yellow fever and so on.....it’s called Bloodborne Pathogens....read about them. If you want to grow up and be an aircraft accident investigator you will need some education to see the big picture.
  8. I’m not sure. This issue has been on the table since 2016 with the Liberals. The current restrictions are on house flippers during the first year of ownership. Justin would need a majority to drive it through and if he does there wouldn’t a Libtard that would support. But Justin doesn’t understand economics and the real world.....
  9. I’d never give up hockey for a vaccine when I was young <50. >60 if I could still play….vac me. Loved the game
  10. So what are you going to do…..
  11. Double post.....double vaxed....get it....lol
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