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  1. Got my XCR. Just in time for the trails NOT to be groomed or open.
  2. 89 - 98, lettuce and then those ones you jam under the window frame. Those are my favourite wedges.
  3. Is there any evidence anywhere that finds any truck driver has ended up in any ICU ward, anywhere, as a result of not being vaxxed? And why would anyone vaxxed be affraid of anyone non-vaxxed? How does locking down an unvaxxed truck driver who sits in a truck all day delivering goods and services for the greater good including servicing Canadas collapsing economy be a threat. It’s so painful watching Sockboy and his Liberal followers completely destroy our country….and Biden too. Good thing pot is legal. Fail and red GTA are smoking away our future
  4. I hate posting on here anymore because of Trailtards libtard love affair with Sockboy. Sockboy has achieved another goal. Highest inflation rate in 3 decades! Highest since Mulroney took over after Justin's father handed over a broke country. We are fucked…..numerous Trailtard replies coming up….
  5. ….you Liberals only want the narrative.
  6. What a f’n troll you are.....figure it out yourself.
  7. I will give one......hundreds more similar. My buddies father, advanced dementia, cancer and in palliative care. He was 87, they gave him less than week. He died, as they were told he would......cause of death Covid. Complete scam.
  8. And you believe the numbers.....lol
  9. Covidville because that’s all the media report. It’s such a small number now, just let it go and move on, but the media will ride the wave for another year. I was at the Leaf game in Toronto last Tuesday. Felt good and normal not wearing a mask.
  10. On the other part of your idiotic reply..... every Texan I met was vaxed and if not they where aware of the situation. What you read in the media is not necessarily correct. You should get out of Barrie once in awhile. Yes, I had Covid as did my wife. She was lucky enough to get it twice. The second time she was totally asymptomatic. We are down to Florida in a couple weeks.
  11. Again, putting words in people’s mouths....
  12. Speaking of TX. My wife and I just got back from TX. Had a great time in Austin and Dallas. We attended my buddies daughters wedding in Austin then back up to Dallas for a stay with them. Hard to come back to Covidville Canada.
  13. Poncho


    Gary worked in IT support at my place of business. We would often talk. RIP
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