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  1. I just spent the last few day's doing just that , John and the problems here are right at the feet of your right hand man. That's a real pal that you have there , kissing ass in this thread and all " Rah rah rah" " I feel bad about your heath " and all of that , then at the same time , the piece of garbage is running around in other threads picking fights with random people who have said nothing to him. Nothing at all. I've never once had a cross word with that guy .... to the contrary actually. That's quite the little helper that you have there , he's great for business and your blood pressure . Maybe because I ride sleds a few time a year with Mark that he feels it's necessary to attack me out of the blue ? You know , like a cat bringing home a dead mouse to prove his loyalty What happened to that guy , he always seemed like a decent dude ? That guy is trouble , John. He's fucking you. Lose his ass. At any rate , I'm out, Bud . I wish you all the luck and I'll still look forward to seeing your posts on the book . I hope you kick the shit of your health issue. Take it easy , man, over and out.
  2. Wow . Why would you think that I was referring to you ? Your obviously spoiling for a fight here as I never mentioned you or anybody else . You are not that big of a deal , get over yourself , good luck in your retirement. And I'll say anything I want. You don't like it ? I live in Nashua NH area code 03060. Come shut me up.
  3. Well not for not and I ain't looking for a pissing match with you but if you consider me to being able to go to any site , anywhere on the internet at any time and not be in a massive pissing match in 10 minutes, " Lame " , then maybe it's time for a little reflection ? You seem pretty quick to jump on anyone who posts a random thought on here ? It's strange to me as I seem to remember you as being a really laid back fella who posted a lot of positive stuff and was always helpful when u were a mod at HCS .
  4. If this is what retirement is like , then I think I'll forgo the whole thing and keep working
  5. I'll aim for the pillow but thanks for the offer !!!!!!!!!!!111111
  6. In a room full of so called adults carrying on like 6 year olds......... yeah ...... I'm watching from the fence till I get bored and wander off........
  7. We're waiting the idiot out till he looses it over the lack of votes and adds more choices. He's very predictable and you never answer Ben the first time
  8. No doubt. Once Cus died and the white guy's didn't wanna train and keep him on the straight and narrow anymore , that was it , he was finished
  9. Actually , there has been a bunch of them in the past and from what I've read , they've all turned out pretty good for the most part I dunno about in recent years. Actually , come to think of it , the entire crew that I ride with and the group we all hang with all met on this site and or a few other similar sites , HCS , TBP , and here . I most likely would have retired from sledding probably 10 years ago otherwise Pretty crazy come to think of it .
  10. Years ago I remember we had a little discussion about what someone would think if they ever found this place out of the blue and started reading some of the back and forth I guess we know now
  11. Now we have completely inept imbeciles in charge who either have no idea how this happened or actually wanted it to . I'm leaning towards both because you know they do but are really too fuckin stupid to pull it off
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