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  1. Did this goof get beat up over here too ?
  2. Hit up Micheal Jordans for a T bone for 2 , fkn awesome
  3. Yeah well the muthafukkahs better start voting !!
  4. Maybe they should have but that ain't their call to make . I can't stomach wtf is going on in that town either but at the end of the day those imbeciles were / are just a bunch of MC's / Toolkits , ect with an R after their name instead of a D.
  5. One walked right across the back parking lot at work last fall . Only thing separating us from the cat was a chain link gate and fence . He just kinda looked at us as he walked across the lot and vanished into the swamp / rr tracks . Pretty crazy thing to see in southern NH in the city . That is second one I've seen here in NH over a 20 year period
  6. Maybe that's what happened to Momo ? The thing pried the lid of the septic tank and ate his dumb ass alive ??
  7. I agree . I have a grand that say's the Volvo and the BMW still have the Mass plates on them
  8. The example here is that you don't storm the capitol building with a bunch of inbred fuckin retards unless you are prepared to do hard time. It's a good example .
  9. I'd be dead anyways , let the bitches have it !
  10. FINALLY ! Someone with a worthwhile goal ! I've been scrolling thru this awful thread and wondering wtf is wrong with these guy's
  11. As Frank Rizzo so eloquently put it .... " This is America , baby , survival of the fittest " So you just worry about Canada and the freaks you have running the place
  12. Yeah . " Not in my backyard " isn't exclusive to either side for sure
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