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  1. Quack quack mother fuckers . I am still waiting for that affordable part of the Healthcare plan ti kick in . Any idea of timing on that ?
  2. What part ? What date did you get in line for your test shot?
  3. Funny how in less than a year you go from parroting every ingredient must says as you feverishly finger your self to jumping on the Musk is bad and must be mocked bandwagon . Good thing you are a free thinker and not a idiot lemming ha
  4. So then why do you think the media is ignoring it ? Why would they ignore it when what is going on there is only going to make the random shortages we have been seeing for over a yr look like the good old days
  5. What exactly did he say that seams far fetched to you ?
  6. I already happened. They will try again someday and loose hard
  7. And for the record your stance on this is what ?
  8. Oh we all remember you fingering you self over and over on this fourm about the ghost of kyiv propaganda . Spin away now
  9. Well there it is pampers prefiction we can now be 100% positive . Twitter will be the most powerfull social platform in the galaxy
  10. Because they refused to listen to Trump when they had the cance to close off travel and urged there lemming to go to China Town go to a parade. Fucking idiot
  11. Yep the dems were doing what they do . I still 100% stand behind states rights and cutting off the long are of federal reach. The fad has way way way to much power over the states and we the people now . Military Fed highways That should be there only power
  12. Yep no one could fill a teleprompter rebuttel with more umm and uhhh and mmm than Berry Excellent speaker my ass . Just goes to show of some one says it enough people will buy it
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