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  1. See you ignored questions above . And you were a fool for paying them you had a yr to sell and buy somthing else
  2. Spin noted . Nothing to do with border security-related issues and the over the top hypocrisy oozing from this fence around old Joe the working man's persidents fence around his muitil million buck home . On a side not I have been finding the Biden administration is deleting as much Clinton related border policy and speech they can find . Funny how that works. Remember when Trump was the nazzi that was fun
  3. Nothing at all to do with the thread week attempt at spin
  4. From the news channel you link to no less than 10 times a week . So is he lying?
  5. What about the 100 virgins ? Not sure why any one would want them but seems popular enough of a wish to put on the list
  6. I was talking with a bud yesterday and he was saying yes it is true they are Duping containers in nearby neighborhoods. He was talking about having his driver's grab 6 and stacking them 2 high in his back lot for storage.
  7. Can't help her self . Mental health professional
  8. https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2021/10/23/truck-goes-through-ice-in-barron-county-in-dwi-sheriffs-dept-reports/
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