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  1. Are you liking the switch back to tucker? We are talking about dumping 1 Tucker and getting a 140 to 180ish hp tractor with 4 tracks . Mostly so we have the equipment for all season maint not just yanking a drag
  2. Bigger pilot and a bit of fiddling with the air screw gets it some what under control . It just sucks you need to do so much fuking work just to do a 10 buck job and hope you get it right the first time lol . Also found out this yr they moved the jug studs just slightly on a few different yrs of that sport mid build 15 was one if them . Took 3 different tries to get the correct base gasket just a cunt hair off on stud placement. Why ? Zero fucking idea
  3. Wrong they are always fucking with them You go ridding with any one who has them they are constantly fucking with the tunner They are changing reads all the time . I know people who have had a frew tubo sleds and just quit buying them because of so many fucked up days ridding on there limited days of ridding they het a year . And theses are kits installed and tuned by one of the grandfathers of those things at alpine motor sports /vohk. And your rental units are pushing about the same boost as the doo 170 180 hp max at 9k feet . Just telling you what a few guys I know th
  4. but reports from the guys who have been using them at altitude say they are running flawless no lag no endless fucking around with tuners just gas and go with 165 at 9kfeet instead of the normal 130 at best.
  5. I don't drink that shit but my buddy put down 5 30 packs in 7 days . not sure the air has anything to do with that though lol
  6. wjat do you want to know ? in more trashed out conditions it is the best .in fresh fluff the pro is best . I did just a recoil this week . have busted arms off both sides a few times no other issues . I will be getting a 3 in next time I am buying a new sled . I put a bit of time in on the 18 m 153 3in cat this week and it is sweet but then so is the 18 pro 163 3 in . cat deff feels best to me but I know that is because I have spent a lot more time on them than the pro
  7. I have only seen 4 sleds all week other than our crew . great in some ways . then in others it sucks fucking ass. like when you have to drive 2.5 hrs 1 way to buy 2 new arms and a shock shaft for a Axis and a recoil spring for a m8000 .
  8. it has been a few yrs my self. lol last time I went we walked out of one and our buddy was passed out cold using a fire hydrant as a pillow .lmfao not a young buck mind you a mid 40s man .
  9. that is my pussy. still in the flat tops been here since sat rolling back home Sunday
  10. I have been sick for days after every trip to Hurley. I need to go in with a case of Purel to hose down those skages before letting those this any place close to my face
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