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  1. Big fucking spender. I reach down to the bottom shelf for the Sea and Snow have for prob 18yrs now
  2. Best off keeping those cable scratches down . They get a memory real fucking fast and are worthless is short order. Look around when ridding prob 1/4 of the cable scratches are not doing dick
  3. Drill a hole in the back of your ski and toss a old stud in it . Quick cheep and works I use to do it all the time when running M cats with only the fr cooler in the midwest
  4. Side note my wife still has his jersey from back in the day
  5. do you remember what north stars player got busted back in the day for spanking it under his tree in the fr yard .
  6. Mn dose and it is gay as fuck . That said I have never gotten a speed but I always ride sweep . Every one I know has gotten a few. In mn if you get 3 in a yr you have to take snomobile safety training lol. Lucky for every one in my crew we all put time in every yr to a safety training class thrugh the club so there is bo prob running to one of the instructors place to them to sign your card . That is if they are not there at the time lol . My bud has gotten out of a lot of tix even the 2am kind because he has a huge like 10 in safety training instructor patch on his jacket . Cop w
  7. Another reason to be a active member in a club. Most of the active members get a fresh groom as close to there house or right to it when in the neighborhood .we call them by the guys name like be sure to hit the Tommy trail when you are out that way it has been a bit
  8. Yep it was a requirement when looking for a house . Who in the fuck buys a house you can't sled from if you are in to sleds ? My bud sells a lot of houses just out of the metro and shows up at showings on the sled all the time he says you can see the guys smile from the end of the drive and it is almost a Guarantied close
  9. You road them with a shaving kit full of tools and a old musterd bottle full of gas . But that was only to work on all the non yammis in your crew
  10. They are heavy . And you don't know how nice a carbon lid is until you put a modular back on for a day . I only put mine on if it is like -5
  11. Yay some shitty goggles. Fuck 509 and there cost cutting bullshit . Compare some 6 yr old 509 gogels to today's not even in the same ballpark less than 1/2 the foam for starters
  12. Yep sitting in the woods on a break light snow falling the sound miles away brapping in your direction a trippel trippel running a twisty really is a treat to the senses
  13. So how do you masterbate in the fr yard with out going to jail then ?
  14. Lol we prob raced back in the day . I will keep a eye out for that pic . Gramps had me lie to officials for like 3 yrs because I was to young lol
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