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  1. No argument from me I have stated for yrs that the budget needed to be cut 30% accross the board then start making the real cuts needed to get to a zero borrowing budget
  2. Well fox News is the msm now has been for about 5 yrs now .taking thete orders like the rest . Just a reality
  3. Got to do somthing after loosing the rail worker vote for the next decade
  4. The only laughable thing about the harmful effects of the vaccine that is not even a vaccine is the efforts of all fourms of media to silence any one speaking to there harmful effects on them personally all the way the hospital administrators. And the willingness of a lot of people to just nod with there mouth open and then go on the offensive and even defend this shit on a level as low as a obscure snomobile fourm
  5. Oh the self awaness is off the fucking charts with this one. Beond snorider levels
  6. He was a massive POS I can understand why you would see him as living a good life
  7. You understand how manufacturing works right? Let's take argo as a example. Any idea why a fiberglass tub and a V twin brigs with some shitty chain and gears costs 32k ?
  8. And why are the taxes less ? And that temp argument dose not fly with CA
  9. Like some ukrain wag the dog type shit conspericy https://twitter.com/RueDaungier/status/1595018987875737600?s=20&t=lpoxyxGsih32d5E6EIgytA
  10. https://wwmt.com/news/coronavirus/pfizer-moderna-researching-heart-inflammation-side-effect-related-to-covid-19-vaccines-coronavirus-pandemic-dr-jeffrey-singer-cato-institute-mrna-myocarditis-muscle-young-people-signs-symptoms-shots-cardiac-issues More conspiracy stuff to chew on. That even msm can no longer ignore . They did there best to discrete the tinfoil hat club
  11. Yet you fully support those leaderes that do and take up there fights on a obscure snomobile site . .
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