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  1. They are fucking junk why would they have ever been above 30 after the 2nd yr of production is beyond me
  2. You to fucking fool . She is still a China spy that us a fact . And he was fucking her . This is fact. But yeah it's all OK lmfao . We'll unless we can tie it to Trump then we have a real problem
  3. Yeah fucking enemy spies for a few yrs is all good in today's world I guess. Fucking idiot
  4. Don't know why don't you ask your fucked grandkids . Keep cheering for the mental disorder crew
  5. No only because the whole system is in on it every fucking one of them. If it was a outsider fucking right they would have been up on the wall and shot already.
  6. Well I told them they would not get the money until that prosecuting attorney was fired. I told him go ahead and call him . My plain takes off in 4 hrs . No more looking in to hunters dealings in ukrain after that one was there ? We did have a impeachment trial over it though. How dare he bring that old shit up . And here we are with special forces on the ground . You must be so fucking proud .
  7. A lot was posted on line for all ti see but bing and Google put a end to that in a fucking hurry . Banking records matching up to to laptop data but yeah all good perfectly normal stuff to have 3 members of your family getting millions from there own shell corps that were funded by govenments dealing directly with old Joe when he was sitting vp . Yeah just move along
  8. Care to expand on why you think the information in the lap top is irrelevant? Would you be blowing it off if it belonged to Ivanka ? No need to awnser Russia Russia russia
  9. Those ruthless Russian chick's would have all your money with in the year .
  10. I dont know . I would feel sort of bad completly trashing clasic cars . Now trashing modern production cars all good
  11. And creating more pollution in the prosses than NG could ever dream of . Now swallow hard you have swooshed Musk jizz in your mouth long enough for today
  12. Lies Why was his request for the nat guard refused ? Why were there so many undercover fbi agents on site ? Why are Capitol police refusing to release all the footage ? They did not want it stoped the powers that be wanted the distraction
  13. Lmfao like Trump should have done after the Russia allegations right? Go fuck your self you old hack
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