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  1. A arm lol I have driven back to base camp with ski and arms strapped to the tunnel 2 times and busted a arms at least 4 . I gave never wrecked a sled where that thing would be able to go in its wildest dream . I have been there when a guy had to pay the 2200 bucks to hook his sled to cable dangling from the chopper . We have also burred a sled with a becon under the hood so we could come back next day with parts and tools .
  2. I know. I get a new sled and first ting I do is head for the sumac to just get it over with . I get it with a Dimond princess I guess but they are still just worthless pos snomobiles in the end . If I need to work on one I will bring it to the self serve car was with a jug of degreeser.
  3. Lol I don't even wash the fuckers bark marks make em look tough and help hide the cracked plastic Lol
  4. Remember to keep strap on goggles real tight it matters
  5. Ez ryder


    Was deep north of calumet 2 weeks ago at least
  6. I run my breath box over the nose of the goggles. But with glasses not sure how you would pull it on . Once I get goggle and breath box set i really only change it when replacing goggle for a diff tint. 509 use to make a good goggle with thick foam but not they just make or have made total shit thin foam shitty glue worthy of nothing more than a dumpster . But hey they have a marketing team hitting it out of tge Park. I just got a set of 100% goggle the foam is wide and fat like 509 once was makes a full seal around helmet opening.
  7. And none report lake effect . If they do they call it freezing mist and don't give amounts
  8. He nailed last week with the dump then lake effect calumet and north . Prob in my top 5 UP trips ever. Over the hood for 3 days and only tracks we crossed were our own . Only ran in to 2 guys and after we pulled our helmets we knew each other lol then shared a bowl or 3 . Had 1 sort if newish at the deep with us see below lol
  9. I have tried all the colors . Clear is good at night dark polarized on bright days and blue or yellow when hazy or snowing or both . Really no perfect color for that overcast with snow . So hard to see definition with overcast . I have totaled 2 mountain sleds in that flat light shit
  10. My bud gets his insurance to flip the bill for a new set of prescription goggles every 2 yrs . As long as you get a good seal you should not get fog or icing . But most people don't have them tight enough or have them over there breath deflector and have issues .
  11. Found some deep pockets around the radar base this weekend
  12. We did that on the trails when I was a kid
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