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  1. Guess the ghost of kiev has the week off ha
  2. The one that plans on a great reset and the world all being under the leadership of a few in the 1 world govenment .
  3. Guy went way way overboard on the gas. 1 light squirt is all it takes not even a cap full
  4. Pointless it dose nothing no one is doing federal time or has a federal conviction or even federal charge of simple possession. Understand what you are cheering . A nothing burger to chew on that's all empty bullshit
  5. The dems control all branches right now . Real awner just lip services for mid terms to those that don't comprehend it is just a nothing burger . Next question why in the last 2 yrs have the feds been going so hard on CA and CO grey market if they really just want pot crimes to be a no prosecute deal ?
  6. There is no one with federal charges or doing time for simple possession or doing federal time for simple possession. Only in CA are there people doing real state time for possession and that is only under the 3 strikes deal . And that has to be a felony. So it would not be simple possession it would have had to be 1/2lb or more even in the last 30 yrs in CA. But yeah it sounds good for the lemming . How about just using your pen for decriminalization of all pot past and present no matter the amount ? Then send it thrugh the house you have the votes to do it if he really gave a
  7. Like stated I get it if you are driving on just snow packed road . I don't think we can even use studded tires in MN on public roads legaly
  8. Not allowing oil drilled on public lands to be sold out of Noth America. Pretty ez to do . They don't want to do that then they don't have to apply for the permit or the lease. I am sure some one will step in and take the lease . If not it can sit in the ground till someone wants it
  9. Why is it that not allowing oil drilled on public lands to be sold out side of North America is nationalizing our oil industry?
  10. Yep and they should charge user fees . I can see free school tours etc but start charging those enjoying it . Imho cool place but the Vatican museum is just as if not more cool and not as stick up the ass
  11. I find more people wasting time on fb than craigs . But pretty close . I do same thing with home appliances cabs etc . And a lot of free curb alerts so I don't have to pay to dump the shit . Shocking how fast most of the shit is gone . Usualy by lunch then it pays for lunch for every one on the job that day . The nicer the product the nicer the restaurant lol
  12. I get alerts but have zero idea of my user name or password and no desire to figure it out
  13. When was the last time you drove on a shaved ice road? Pretty much 2 times in the last 10 yrs have I been on glare and both were Nebraska in Jan
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