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  1. Hold back vaccines and allow thousands upon thousands of international travellers in from Jan 3 to Feb 21 to Pearson alone with no possible way of tracking and checking them is a complete and total betrayal of 11 months of dedication and sacrifice by Candians. Compounded with his insane ramblings about the perfect opportunity for a Global Reset while millions of Canadians are struggling is just plain deviant and malicious. I'm really starting to think the misplaced Cuban blow job is out to destroy Canada.
  2. If you're trying to impersonate Joe Biden, you're job a great doing Holy Fuck Man
  3. The entire Forum is abandoned because of him, Ontario used to be 2nd to to CE and General. Every time you open it the no life loser has almost the entire page covered with last posts. It's like waking up during a fucking Colonoscopy.
  4. Get this fucking idiot off the keyboard, what a total waste of time n effort
  5. Yeah well Pigmies and Midgets are short and their faces are closer to the germs on the countertop and it's not fair that their lunch boxes are so big. Crocks aren't waterproof and neither was your father's condom so lets blame Ford for everything. There's no fn way you'll ever grow up to be a carpenter cuz you miss the fucking point on everything. Maybe try hockey or teaching Math to Special Needs, you're pretty good at deflecting and going off on a retarded Tangent
  6. Charged with 32 Million counts of Negligence
  7. If ever there was a Village Idiot...
  8. The budget will balance itself The vaccines will create themselves "As Canadians we all understand the right other people have to bring Covid-19 into the country and as Canadians we have all worked together through Isolation and Lockdown and Sacrifice we understand that we must restrict our ability to bring Covid into other countries." The other strains and variants are here, that useless negligent piece of shit should be removed from office and everyone responsible for allowing it to enter OUR FUCKING COUNTRY should charged and put in group custody.
  9. That and he's a pathological liar, he's wrong and a fucking idiot. I dunno what triggers my inner Elvis more, Truchebag or Fukfacefail. Either way it's all I can do not to trash my PC over either of them. This entire Forum is completely abandoned and avoided because of the spewing sphincter. A total waste of bandwidth.
  10. Doesn't look like snowmobiling is the issue, it's the Essential Travel Order. Sled from home but you are only allowed to drive for Food, medication or medical care. No Hotel reservations either. https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/59922/ontario-declares-second-provincial-emergency-to-address-covid-19-crisis-and-save-lives No I do not mean to speak on Sean's behalf or represent this Thread in any way.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/190177309436724/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined
  12. I've seen a few ads from Richmond Hill but can't get anything to come up now
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