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  1. Because your luck is terrible, you went to the big city once and claimed to get the Covids. No wonder you're scared of a needle, it might kill ya.
  2. You telling me or anybody anything about anything is fucking funny. I've always presumed I'd already had Covid, I still did everything to reduce spreading it and when my doctor said antibodies weren't enough I got my shots. And now look at the numbers !!.... Oh yeah we don't look at facts here BTW I got Shingles twice, once at 16 and again around 28 so you're wrong about that too. Go figure
  3. No. Over 90% of the the hospitalizations and deaths are non vaccinated now. Fact
  4. The data that clearly shows 90%+ of the hospitalized or dead are now unvaccinated ?
  5. I believe that too but the stats are clearly showing that 90% of the sick, hospitalized or dead are not vaccinated.
  6. LoL You calling your opinions science is hilarious, ignore the facts believe whatever you want.
  7. You mean laugh at a fn Retard on a sled site ? I clearly stated to look at the infection statistics now, NOT ANYONE'S OPINION ON ANYTHING
  8. Simply look at the statistics for spread, hospitalization and death from Covid now. It's over 90% non vaccinated tbh holy eff
  9. So the ENTIRE PLANET agrees on the vaccination requirement or you can't travel because you will spread the disease but you disagree with nothing but ignorant uneducated opinion and declare the entire planet is the Retard. Gotcha
  10. Hey Fact Boy, you might have wanted to checkout the FACT that Sweden is vaccinating just like the rest of the planet LoL. Herd and natural immunity is great with closed borders, no international travel but that can't last forever.
  11. Don't bother with facts and statistics, they know better LoL You're just making shit up again Uh, no it's not. It's spreads on human contact, nothing more. No contact, no spread. The big city can be scary I know. I read about this 1 guy who went to the big city 1 time and got the Covid... 1 time !! LoL. I'd be terrified too with luck like that but that has nothing to do with Provincial facts and statistics.
  12. Absolutely: 640 cases drops to 1/4 it's peak to 160 (that's 640/4) over 6 months during restrictions and it then rises to 30 fucking times that over the next 6 and 9 months to 4800... 4 thousand, 8 hundred... and you had to have symptoms to get tested. Then 4800 cut to 1/30th (4800/30) of the highest it's ever been in just 90 days (1/35th today as we're down to just 135). Just look at numbers, it's 35 x times better since vaccinations. 4800 to 135 and restrictions have been lifted during that time, this argument is beyond asinine the answer is so obvious.
  13. You're seriously going to compare going from 640 to under 200 in 6 months to 4800 to under 200 in 90 days ? I must be missing the sarcasm cuz that's fucking retarded. No they did not tbh
  14. So just to clarify, did the imminence disappear or is the disappearance imminent ? There's no way he have time to be a Russian Spy and eat all them caged Mexican babies either
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