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  1. Well ricky, I'd never protest at hospital. You have wrecked this entire site and if you don't realize that then you're just as stupid as people say you are. Calling you stupid is not being a internet tough guy, its calling a spade a spade
  2. Yes, I did say that. You have hid behind your computer for years and don't want people to know who you are. Thats why I said it. I've met lots of people here, you know all the good people you have made not come back to this site because you have ruined it
  3. Why make shit up man? I didn't threaten you, I said talk about it over a beer. Second where did I mention nazis? You sure have a small mind eh
  4. You are such a goof. Yeah I had a passport on my cell phone at school... oh wait. "Crisis" hahahahahaha Too bad you don't have the balls to talk about this in person cause I'd sure love to meet you for a beer and discuss it.
  5. Awesome. YOU have some prerequisite's for YOUR job. What does that have to do with a passport to get into a restaurant? You're going to support communism because your job has made you do things in the past for your employment.. Great plan bud. Thats like a surgeon saying what's the problem with wearing a mask, I've been doing it for years.. Your choice to have that job, this is taking away peoples choices. Get it?? And don't be stupid and call me a anti vaxer, I'm anti experimental vax Why spread fake information?? This kid had more problems other then covid.
  6. Wow. Here I thought you had to have half of a brain to get your pilots license.... Apparently not. Guess you didn't like that question since you didn't answer it eh... Oh wait, its none of business is it... Read yourself your posts above, do you really believe that shit? Doctors note to go to a funeral?? Mom and Dad in a retirement home locked down and no outbreaks?? Nice freedom?? Dead people may give you corona?? WTF!! I think you have lost your mind!!!
  7. You don't have my support. If its "no big deal" to you, then we have a problem. Where is the end game to this, the rona? lol ya right...... Have you been circumcised?
  8. I'll take option 1. Time is up on this shit and if you want to support, go ahead. People are mad. BTW, you have no clue if the vaccines are good or not.
  9. Yes, we have had reports of vaccines, however it was never needed to enter a public place of business. This is communism and if you can't see it, then there is no hope for you. I just got back from vacation though actually, and I have no plans of just sitting at home. There are many people out there that will not obey to this unlike what the media wants you to believe.
  10. Truly fucking pathetic you two. Get the fuck out of my country if you support communism
  11. LOL, you're the biggest loser on the internet. You and other sheep help open the economy...haha, thanks for the laugh if the day
  12. Im sure failmaker can answer that as Im sure he indulges in said drugs
  13. Anti vaxer hahahahahaha.. This proves how stupid you are. Am I a anti vaxer cause Im not taking the covid vax? Go on the government website and you will find that number of 2350. Im sure you already know there is over 14 million people in Ontario so is that is totally worth shutting down our country for a year and a half, right?
  14. 2350. No reason... Lol. You are a complete idiot
  15. Ontario was never even close to 2800 in hospital you fuckin retard. Its too bad the vaccine didn't take you out
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