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  1. Good stuff, and sorry for your loss.
  2. Even page one was full of prophecy..... others..... not so much. :)
  3. Quiet in here! 'tis the soggy boat season..... Didn't Fail say Doug would never get elected? Lol
  4. Abrams would tow that, no question.
  5. A girl I know got service dog status assigned to her 6 pound purse dog. She can now bring the little fucker into restaurants, onto aircraft, etc. A couple places tried to refuse, until she produced documentation. lol
  6. Wait...... didn't Poncho look over that Polaris flower planter to buy, if memory serves? The Rottweilers, the Polaris hull in the yard, washer/dryer, wife beater with spaghetti stains...... it all fits.
  7. C'mon...... aren't Poos of comparable vintage worth at least $900?
  8. Illegal to discriminate. That's like saying "No Asians".
  9. That place has Brampton written all over it..... likely new Canadians.
  10. Puzzleboy


    Why is it that all the gun control proponents, are not demanding that vans be banned?
  11. A fence blew down from the wind? Maybe you'd better hire a pro next time.....
  12. Nope, just correcting posted errors.
  13. You're talking about a different company. :)
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