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  1. Like I said. I have never heard even one farmer who don't like it. So they must keep it under control
  2. The quota I believe is controlled by the Milk marketing board. A group of people voted in by the farmers
  3. There is not a Dairy Farmer I have ever met that don't approve of the system they have. So it must be working for them.
  4. Stick to subjects you are knowledgeable about. Like homosexuality
  5. For the amount it costs me in the run of a week I'm willing to pay it.
  6. With Governments record of estimating that translates into a hell of a lot more than that,and for what? A wall they will either climb over or tunnel under.
  7. Doubt he seen conflict there either.
  8. I would have thought anyone who served would look down on anyone who dodged the draft more than anyone. Back when the draft was in place draft dodgers weren't to popular to say the least.
  9. I agree it should go to victims and not the US Government. I'm just fishing for momo and I got a bite bottom line is anytime the Government profits off of forfeitures it opens a very slippery slope no denying that. They might seize momo's helicopter and sell it
  10. The US Government is going to do whatever it wants. Same as always, after all they are basically the biggest crime syndicate in the world
  11. The President of Mexico said he wasn't paying for no wall. Guess he was right.
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