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  1. Yeah thinking of going to a 900t.
  2. Nope. Trying to sell in the fall hopefully.
  3. More snow in the forecast. I bet some trails open in the northern area of the MSR and maybe a near north club too.
  4. No doubt or tripped on a fallen branch walking fluffy.
  5. The midland/penatang issues look to be resolved this coming week.
  6. Reevester

    Shitty day....

    Damn sean I'm sorry to hear this. You gave him an amazing life and a second chance and he gave you companionship you'll never forget, remember that.
  7. Sorry sean for fucking up the thread lol. Not much sled talk even in the Ontario forum anymore.
  8. I have 0. My buddies just put 72 miles on theirs today. An xcr and a 137. He said it's got better mapping then last year and more low end snot already.
  9. Stop looking, you have a sled. And change the avatar and FB picture!!!
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