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  1. Ill give credit to Trump for his efforts in trade (although fruitless) but he had one of the swampiest cabinets ever for being someone who was going to drain it. And sucking Saudi dick and whoring out our military is treasonous as far as I am concerned. Clinton got a balanced budget deal passed with republicans, that is pretty significant although short lived. Dubya can take some blame for the 2008 crash, they gutted oversight and the lizards ran wild and we got what we got. And then none of those mother fuckers got fried for that either credit Obama there too.
  2. And exclusive privileges like insider trading and other conflicts of interest like family members involved in other countries where we are sending aid money... Oh and conducting state business on private servers that are exempt from FOIA requests...
  3. The GOP is a fraud. Last republican I voted for was Dubya in 2000 because he ran on a conservative platform. Smaller less intrusive govt, non intervention (republicans were highly criticizing Clintons spending and military intervention in Bosnia at the time) pro rights and civil liberties, fiscal responsibility, etc... The very first year of his presidency they grew govt 22% and started us on a runaway path to reckless spending and military occupations. And dont forget the gas prices in the early 2000's. They were about as high as they are now. Promptly following Cheney's 2001 oil summit. By 2
  4. Everyone should criticize their own "side" first. those are the people you vote for. That is who should be working for you and the country. Dont expect the people you dont support to do anything for you, criticizing them isnt going to get you anything.
  5. Oh yeah, people think supreme court justices are about abortion and other stupid shit but really they are hand picked by corporations to be lenient about anti trust laws and other forms of corp/govt corruption like this.
  6. Trump is pretty proud of his vaccines. He expedited their development and distribution.
  7. Couple of slaps on the hand and go sit in the corner for a while and put him working somewhere else in the meantime. Justice served!
  8. I think most people see what lying thieving piles of shit we have for leaders. Problem is they keep voting for them
  9. Probably be some more grandstanding bullshit with nobody going to jail. yay murica!
  10. You havent learned anything in the last 20 years. How many trillions have we spent for oil wars so far? And what did we gain and how was that cheaper? you fucking democrats are a scourge
  11. Haha is this Abbott's way of getting out of cleaning up their plant? Do you want baby formula or do you want non contaminated baby formula because you can't have both!
  12. She is more like you, loves spending billions of our money to blow up Ukraine.
  13. Did Biden implement operation warp speed to get all of this baby formula distributed? Or are babies going to have to go a month without it?
  14. If you are walking around Chicago at 2am and see some white dudes with MAGA hats on, run!
  15. What's amazing is how many people believe it. I would dare ask anyone, black or white, when they are walking the streets of Chicago are you more nervous in black neighborhoods or white Republican neighborhoods. I know my answer
  16. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTdG1Wh3a/?k=1
  17. I'm having a hard time accepting so many are cool with us throwing billions to blow the fuck out of Ukraine.
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