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  1. I wonder if they will eventually kill Julian Assange?
  2. What have republicans given you besides war and spending? Not a "conservative" in the bunch.
  3. Do you think the 400k Ukrainian graves got filled with friendly fire?
  4. Isolationist? Because I am against state sponsored murder and theft? Well guilty as charged.
  5. $35 trillion in debt and the rest of the world hates us. #winning!
  6. Who wins? What have we as a nation benefited from any of these wars? Stop being a cunt
  7. Are you trying to argue with me that govts dont lie? My argument is we started this mess and continue to fund it. You guys want to jerk each other off over who has killed more. I am against all of it.
  8. List the wars the US has won since WW2? US wars Korea- loss Vietnam - loss Bosnia - meh Gulf war - meh Afghanistan - loss Iraq 2.0 - loss Syria - On going... Ukraine - losing Israel - On going... ? Great track record! And only cost $22 trillions!
  9. The US govt has a long history of lying... Especially when it comes to war.
  10. Elon went straight "I don't give a fuck". And that's how you deal with haters.
  11. Pink Floyd Rush Dave Matthew's band Green day Might be good musicians but I can't stand their music
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