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  1. I think less than half of that is actually for infrastructure to boot.
  2. Were your parents brother and sister?
  3. The swamp didnt run on draining itself, you know what you are getting with them. derp
  4. When you are boxing at that level, especially heavyweight it only takes one good shot to change the fight. Not too many people can take a shot from Wilder and get up and keep fighting.
  5. Deontay Wilder isnt a very skilled boxer and is kind of a mental midget, he is just really big and really strong. He may be the most devastating puncher in heavyweight history. Fury got in his head and out boxed him. Like Muhammed Ali used to do. Nobody thought Ali would beat Sonny Liston. Nobody thought he would beat George Foreman. He out smarted them and out boxed them.
  6. Biden will still be president long after he is dead
  7. The ref makes the count. Every boxer knows you take as long as you can when you have been knocked down. Especially if you got rocked.
  8. An independent president without representation in congress and senate would be a disaster.
  9. He didnt do any of that shit while he was president. Think McFly THINK!
  10. yeah LOL. So Trump running for president threatening to do all of this stuff to the deep state didnt worry him about getting "suicided" eh? So he gets his chance and totally avoids it and you think he was trying to do good things. too much.
  11. Whats the difference? Biden is a talking corpse so who is behind the curtain? Hitler, thats who. We need to reduce govt dramatically not expand it, which is what both parties have been doing. The bigger it gets the less free we get
  12. I call skeedoos Trudeau sleds now that I am riding polaris. Cuz Polaris is the MAGA sled...
  13. that means there is going to be alot more boomers on facebook bitching all the time!
  14. You cant teach emotional reactionaries anything. Prove me wrong...
  15. We need to get another republican in office so he can spend and grow govt some more and make some new authoritarian policies so when the next dem president gets in he can fuck us with them. Lather, rinse repeat. Who is finally getting it?
  16. Is there anything swampier than pedophiles? Trump had a chance to take down some prominent pedophiles and didnt and now nobody is even talking about Ghislane anymore...
  17. I just heard that Biden is going to grant citizenship to 25 million illegals. Dayum!
  18. Everyone here was scared of it at one time. And probably will be again when the joos need us to go steal some more oil and stuff.
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