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  1. This one. As good as the engine is, it's the whole package that makes it such a fun car.
  2. Relax guys, MC is just kidding again... He knows it's a joke. Right @Maincat?
  3. The "because he can afford it" is a slippery slope. You, me and everyone on this forum could "afford" to pay more taxes. But why? Until the elephant in the room is dealt with this country is fucked. D or R doesn't matter, spending is beyond out of control at nearly all levels of government.
  4. Maybe use this as a learning experience and just buy the damn boat. You aren't taking that money with you...
  5. When there were medical ships sitting off both coasts that never saw a patient.
  6. Natural gas shortage, supply chain issues could result in rolling blackouts in New England (WFSB) - Power grid operator ISO New England is warning there could be blackouts or controlled outages if we get severe cold weather this season. It all has to do with the natural gas shortages and the supply chain issues we are seeing globally. If the weather stays like we have been experiencing recently, then they will have enough electricity for New England, but if several cold days come, they might not have enough energy to distribute to companies, like Eversource and United Illuminating. New England depends heavily on natural gas to create electricity and because there is a shortage, we might not have enough to meet the demand if we get bad weather. https://www.wfsb.com/news/natural-gas-shortage-supply-chain-issues-could-result-in-rolling-blackouts-in-new-england/article_324574c0-5c54-11ec-b193-53802f62a356.html
  7. No television... Covid spreads through cable news.
  8. Very sucky. One of only a few good places up there.
  9. This will get a good old leaving alone by the resident TDS victims.
  10. It's the best ever! In fact it's so good you can't buy anything...New truck? nope. New equipment? nope. Supplies for drainage work? nope.
  11. Serious question for you. Do you think people didn't die every second of every day pre covid?
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